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Neon City is a large hub located in the Volii system that players can explore early on. Starfield. Located on the planet Volii Alpha, Neon City is a large, vibrant city with a distinctive cyberpunk aesthetic. The location of Starfield Neon is approx. 22 light-years from the early system of Alpha Centauri.

Key takeaways

  • Neon City in Starfield is a cyberpunk-like area located on the planet Alpha. System of willquickly accessible through exploration.
  • The Starfield Neon location is approx. 22 light years From Alpha Centauri.
  • In Neon City, players can join factions such as Revgen Industries and do questionable quests.
  • Shops, Merchants, and companion Like those available at Mickey Caviar. Astral Lounge.
  • The Xenofresh fish aurora drug, sold only in Neon, draws crowds and is not illegal in Neon.
  • Neon Volii sits next to a in the system. A low level 5 recommendation in Starfield.
  • use Olympus As an intermediate point when jumping from Alpha Centauri.
  • Early travelers can reach Nyon quickly after departure. Alpha Centauri in the Starfield.

Neon’s location in the starfield

Location of Starfield Neon City
Neon is located in the woolly system.

Neon can be found relatively early in the Starfield before the main story takes you there, as it is located in the Volii system, several jumps away from your starting location in Alpha Centauri.

  1. Check your star map and scan east looking for the Olympus system.
  2. Heading up Olympus, you’ll soon meet Volii.
  3. Select the only city location on a watery planet. I wanted To explore the glowing cyberpunk landscape of Alpha Neon.

While not explicitly stated in Starfield, through exploration, players can uncover neon coordinates shortly after departing Alpha Centauri, offering an interesting detour from the core. questline.

How to get to Neon in Starfield

Location of Starfield Neon City
Wally Alpha

Neon City is located in the Volii system, which has a low recommended level of 5, meaning players can travel there shortly after departing Alpha Centauri. However, there is Volii 22 light years Far, far away for one the ship Like a starter Frontier jump directly. From the Starfield Neon location map above, you can see Volii Alpha.

Instead, plan a multi-jump course, stopping close by first Olympus System. From Olympus, all ships can sail the short distance to Volii. Neon City is located on the planet Alpha within the system.

All Neon City Districts

Neon City consists of four distinct zones for players:

  • Neon cover
  • Ebb side
  • Space port
  • Underbelly

Neon cover

City Core Starfield Neon Location
Neon cover

The Neon Core is located in the heart of the city, lit up with colorful neon signs along the main vibrant strip. The neon core district has a majority of mainstream shops, restaurants, hotels and corporate buildings that attract tourists and Rich man Among the notable establishments of visitors are the magnificent hotel, the trade authority shop that buys goods without question, and its towering citadel. Revgen Industries

  • Visitors can also find bars, casinos, clothing. the sellerand other services aimed at people with poor credit.
  • The Core offers a luxurious shopping experience in contrast to the backstreets of Abbeyside and the seedy underbelly below.

Ebb side

Abside Starfield Neon Location
Ebb side

In contrast to the upscale Neon Core, Ebbside appears unassuming, running along the back alleys and neglected streets of Neon City. Compared to the corporate polish of the Main Strip, the Abbey caters to a tougher crowd looking for sophistication and a far cry from the lofty. security. Backstreet Divers, Underground Fight Cluband red light establishments can be found here.

influential Abside Strikers The gang rules these parts, and enables prohibited activities elsewhere in the city. Visitors will also find dealers selling illegal war supplies and black market goods.

Space port

Spaceport Starfield Neon Location
Space port

The Neon City spaceport serves as a gateway for newcomers, with ships docking alongside their landing pads. Upon exiting the ships, visitors must pass through armed security checkpoints. Neon security guards. The spaceport has basic facilities such as a ship maintenance shop and small food stalls that cater to hungry passengers.

  • Beyond the security zone is a main terminal leading to an elevator that provides proper access to Neon City.
  • Although not as exciting as the main districts, the spaceport provides an introduction to Neon’s heavy security presence and Cyberpunk the environment


The Underbelly is a district of run-down warehouses and squalor. Fish markets On the fringes of respectable society. Compared to the glitz of Neon Core, Underbelly has the city’s poorest population.

What to do in Starfield’s Neon City?

Bon Morgan Starfield
Bone Morgan.

Neon City offers players a lot of activities outside of the main story. You can join the prominent faction Ryujin Industries, which has a large presence in the city.

Searches from legitimately dubious organizations are also available. Xenofresh. Like many of Starfield’s hubs, Neon has a number of shops and merchants to visit, including a trading authority that will buy anything.

  • An added draw is the Astral Lounge, where you can recruit companions like the famous Mickey Caviar.
  • Lounge bartender Bone Morgan Also grants access to the limited time-slowing potion Aurora.

Neon City has an important story mission that players can take on with wealthy NPCs. Walter Stroud. In addition, the city offers many of the same familiar services and vendors as other centers, but with a more vibrant, neon-lit sci-fi aesthetic not found elsewhere in populated systems.

What is Aurora?

Starfield Neon Location
Aurora from the vendor

Corporation Xenofresh Established a large fishing operation on an unusual sea. The planet Their initial goal was to catch fish for sale and consumption. However, Xenofresh soon discovered a special type of fish. Psychic Effects

Recognizing the profit potential, they switched gears and began processing the fish into a new recreational drug called Aurora. As is Aurora. illegal In most settled systems, neon is one of the only places that can be bought and sold. Its exclusive availability attracts thrill seekers from all over to visit Neon and experience the aurora themselves.

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