Starfield Money Glitch: How To Get Unlimited Credits



Starfield Money glitch enables you to access unlimited money. Using fair play to gain resources and progress through gameplay is a slow and gradual process that requires effort and consistency. While getting money through fair means is the best option to enjoy the story progression, having unlimited money resources can make your quest much easier.

Key takeaways

  • Players can apply. Unlimited money glitch I Starfield using the console command.
  • To activate the error, press (~) key on the keyboard, which will open the command menu.
  • Type “player.additem 0000000f #” and add the desired number of credits after the ‘#’.
  • Entered. Credit will be added to the player’s inventory.
  • Players can try. Error Just for fun in Starfield, but keep in mind that using glitches is always dangerous and will prevent players from unlocking any achievements.

What is the problem with unlimited money in Starfield?

Starfield Best Controller Settings
Starfield Settings (Photo by eXputer)

The Starfield mini glitch allows players to access unlimited in-game credits using the console command menu.

If you are a regular gamer, you should already be aware of cheats and console commands. Starfield Follows the same procedure and can be debugged using some specific commands. If you are playing Starfield on PC, you can use the console command to get the required amount.

How to Activate Mini Glitch

To activate the money glitch, you can follow these steps:

Starfield console command
Starfield console command (Image courtesy of: Powerpacks)
  1. During gameplay, press the tilde (~) key on your keyboard, which will open a command screen.
  2. On the screen, type or paste the correct code “player.additem 0000000f#
  3. After the ‘#’, enter the amount of Credit You want to add to your inventory.
  4. For example, typing 1000000 will add 1 million credits that you can use.
  5. After pressing Enter, the credits will automatically be added to your existing balance.
  6. to use Orders Cracking Starfield and getting unlimited money is a fun experience, but if you want to enjoy the gaming experience, then it is recommended to go for Fairplay.

Starfield is also something using money glitches Errorsas performing the action will prevent you from receiving any. success. Moreover, using console commands is always dangerous as it leads to crashes, loss of progress and unknown bugs.

If you want to try this glitch just for some fun experience, make sure to create an extra save on your computer before applying it to your main save, because it’s good to be on the safe side. Unlimited amount glitch is popular in the community, and users are exploiting this glitch to get unlimited credit. Reddit users are also sharing about the glitch on a subreddit discussion.

You can apply the command only if you are running. PC, because the bug isn’t working on Xbox yet. If you want to try out the glitch, you can definitely go for it because it’s so easy, or you can advance interstellar travel by fair means.

Now that you have unlimited credit reserves, take a look. How to pick a lock And Starfield best background To get a better understanding of the game. You can also check out. How to use Boost Packs and Jetpacks in Starfield To get better at it.


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