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Starfield invites players on a galactic journey centered around a series of mysterious artifacts. Unlocking the main quest list in Starfield not only sheds light on what the game has to offer players, but also reveals much more about the mysterious fate of planet Earth and the civil system. Consisting of nineteen core missions, the narrative offers nearly 20 hours of immersive gameplay across the vastness of space.

Key takeaways

  • Starfield features 19 main story missions, 52 side missions, and a total of 38 faction missions in the game..
  • The main story reveals the unknown fate of planet Earth.
  • Completing the primary Starfield The narrative takes approx. 20 hours
  • An optional “Power from Beyond” questline ties in with the main story.
  • Selections made by Players can influence specific mission objectives. So be careful with that in Starfield.

List of all main quests in Starfield

Exploring the old neighborhood
Old Neighborhood Quest (Image credit: eXputer)

In Starfield, the main narrative revolves around discovering mysterious artifacts, which are first discovered early in the game.

These quests lead players to uncover the history of humanity’s mastery of interplanetary travel and the fate of Earth.

Important: While the main story in Starfield consists of nineteen missions, which take about 20 hours to complete, there is an optional “Power from Beyond” quest line that ties into the main story that can help with the endgame.

In addition to these, Starfield’s vast universe offers countless side missions, world-building lore, and faction-specific quests, and here’s a list of all the main quests you’ll find in Starfield.

  1. A small step
  2. Old neighborhood
  3. empty nest
  4. Back to the Vectra.
  5. In the unknown
  6. All they can buy is money.
  7. Starborne
  8. In further unknown
  9. Short sighted
  10. No sudden movements.
  11. A high price to pay
  12. Unity
  13. At their feet
  14. Explored
  15. Final highlights
  16. Missed beyond measure.
  17. confused
  18. Revelation
  19. A giant leap

All Starfield side missions quest list

Power from beyond
Power from Beyond in Starfield (Image credit: Xporter)

Side missions complement the main story in Starfield, allowing players to dive deeper into the vast universe.

These side quests can be found on large planets, often presented by random NPCs in unexpected places. Starfield encourages exploration, with some rare side missions hidden in the vastness of the game.

These side quests contribute to the depth of the game, offering different narratives and challenges outside of the main story, here is every Starfield side mission I’ve found and know about in the game so far:

  1. Light in the dark
  2. A tree grows inside. New Atlantis
  3. All for one
  4. Alternating current
  5. Bare metal
  6. Beautiful secret
  7. The blast zone
  8. Burden of proof
  9. Captain’s Grace
  10. Charity of the wolf
  11. Defensive measures
  12. Distrust
  13. Due in full
  14. Echoes of the past
  15. Failure to communicate.
  16. First contact
  17. Fish business
  18. Freight freight
  19. Friends like it.
  20. Gem Jealousy
  21. Ground pounder
  22. Heart of Mars
  23. Keeping the peace
  24. Last Will and Testament
  25. Late bloomer
  26. loose ends
  27. The Mantis
  28. Media sponge
  29. The mob mentality
  30. Out on a limb
  31. Over designed
  32. Power from beyond
  33. Primary sources
  34. Psychic
  35. Red Tape Blues
  36. Red Tape Runaround
  37. Red tape recovery
  38. Run Redmail.
  39. The runaway
  40. Saburo’s solution
  41. Space frog from outer space
  42. Super fan
  43. Supply line
  44. Suspicious activities
  45. Tapping the grid
  46. A taste of home
  47. Run alone
  48. Art dealer
  49. The audition
  50. There is the best.
  51. Great Laredo Keeper
  52. The kindness of strangers

List of all Starfield Fiction missions

Faction missions are a separate subset of quests associated with Starfield’s core groups: UC Vanguard, Crimson Fleet, Free Star Rangers, and Revgen Industries.

Mirror mechanics are seen in games such as “Fallout“And”Skyrim“, each faction offers its own unique coastline.

Important: Engaging with these missions allows players to interact with and further understand the larger forces in Starfield’s universe, potentially affecting interpersonal relationships and opening up new layers of the game’s narrative.

Each faction’s mission in Starfield is to:

UC Vanguard

Above and beyond
Supra Et Ultra (Image credit: eXputer)
  1. Above and beyond
  2. Grunt work
  3. Convey the devils
  4. eye witness
  5. Friends like it.
  6. The devil you know.
  7. Signs of war
  8. Hostile intelligence
  9. A Legacy Forged

Crimson Fleet Quest Line

Rook meets the King.
Rook meets the King (Image credit: eXputer)
  1. Deep cover
  2. Rook meets the King.
  3. Echoes of the past
  4. Breaking the bank
  5. There is the best.
  6. Absolute power
  7. The eye of the storm
  8. End of legacy

Free Star Rangers

Surgical strike
Surgical Strike (Image credit: eXputer)
  1. Job gone wrong.
  2. Where hope is born.
  3. In the shadows Neon
  4. Surgical strike
  5. On the run
  6. First to fight, first to die
  7. Hammer Falls

Revgen Industries

Sowing discord
Boy Discard (Image credit: eXputer)
  1. Go back to to grind
  2. A step forward
  3. A new narrative
  4. Accessibility is key.
  5. Sowing discord
  6. Accidents happen.
  7. Keeping the edge
  8. Top secret
  9. Background check
  10. Guilty parties.
  11. Key Ingredients
  12. Sabotage
  13. Executive level

List of all activity missions in Starfield

Talk to the bartender at the viewport.
Talk to the bartender at the Viewport (Image credit: Xporter)

In addition to Starfield’s main quest list, there are activity missions that are much smaller than the side missions in the game.

Important: Most of the activity missions in Starfield will lead you to various side quest opportunities and events that arise when you listen to certain NPC dialogues, and while exploring the vast world of Starfield you may come across a strange scene or the like. Observe something like this.

Activity location
Accept bounty missions from the mission board. unordered
Go to Eleos. Lonely, lonely city
Go to the Red Mile. Lonely, lonely city
Talk to Trevor. Lonely, lonely city
Mitch Benjamin offers to help Lonely, lonely city
Start an outpost on the planet. Lonely, lonely city
Talk to Borealis. Lonely, lonely city
Talk to Catherine Lozen. Lonely, lonely city
Talk to Frank Rank. Lonely, lonely city
Go to your rented room. Lonely, lonely city
Talk to Clover. Lonely, lonely city
Talk to Commander Tuala about joining the Vanguard. Jamison, Alpha Centauri, New Atlantis
Talk to Sergeant Yumi. Jamison, Alpha Centauri, New Atlantis
Talk to Representative Chisolm. Jamison, Alpha Centauri, New Atlantis
Talk to the bartender. Viewport Jamison, Alpha Centauri, New Atlantis
Talk to Noel about the quarters. Jamison, Alpha Centauri, New Atlantis
Talk to the scientist on behalf of The tree Jamison, Alpha Centauri, New Atlantis
Talk to a Ship Services Technician. Jamison, Alpha Centauri, New Atlantis

What it all boils down to is that as players traverse the universe in Starfield, the main quest list and missions themselves act as a beacon, guiding them through a story full of discovery and intrigue. While the game boasts a universe that includes side quests and faction missions, the central narrative’s exploration of ancient artifacts and humanity’s legacy remains its heartbeat.

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