Starfield lets you into Halo: Reach Planet.



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  • Starfield is an Xbox exclusive title, albeit with a release on Steam as well, and one of the biggest games to be released in 2023, thanks to the hype that’s been building up ever since.
  • According to a new discovery, it has been revealed that Starfield pays homage, brilliantly, to Halo: Reach, one of the best games in the Xbox first-party Halo franchise.
  • The titular reach sports a breathable atmosphere. Starfield And has other striking similarities to the popular Halo game, such as lush forests and multiple biomes.
  • It is also the second planet from the Sun in the Eridani Solar System, as established in Halo: Reach. The similarity here is uncanny.

If you’re a huge Halo fanatic, Starfield has got something for you in its expansive journey. As the general information about the game says, it is a space RPG from Bethesda. 1,000 planets For players to move around, and as it happens, one of them is more or less the same. Heavenly body As in Hi: Reach—an famous Microsoft special And one of the best games in the Halo franchise.

gave Information First came to light when a post by u/killingjoke96 On The Starfield subreddit Went viral, detailing the exact similarities between the planet on Hello: Reach and Eridani II In the Eridani systems in the starfield. According to the setting of the Halo game in question, there is Reach. Another planet From the Sun in the Eridian Solar System.

You can actually reach planets from the Halo series in this game.
by theu/killingjoke96 IStarfield

Because the game world of Starfield contains the real truths of the real universe around us. minor planet And bearing a striking resemblance to the real deal, the starfield also has Eridani systems. This is what is featured. Halo: Arriving. Following knowledge Of the latter, if you go to another planet from the Sun in this solar system, you will come across Eridani II.

What gives it away is. the environment and Eridani II’s environment in the starfield. Both planets, approaching each other, are almost identical. the environment, Climate and Aerospace. Fans and players are seemingly into it, letting their inner fanatics show. one Redditor It has even been said that

Out of over 1000 planets/moons, this is the first planet I surveyed 100%. This is where I built my first outpost. I was a Hello: Reach fanatic from the day the beta dropped—I played every single hour of that beta. Yet, it was completely lost on me when I was surveying it. The planet This is seriously wild. If this was indeed the reference, I think animals like the ostrich would be appropriate.

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Considering the whole situation, there are some other people who are trying to find the planets of other universes in a humorous way. ProAssassin84 says, “I have to find a planet from Alien. Acheron, formerly known as LV-426, was one of three moons orbiting the gas giant Calpamos in the Zeta2 Reticuli system, 39 light-years from Earth. The moon was given its common name by the early human colonists who settled there. Hadley’s Hope, the main base of the colonists, housed 158 people.

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