Starfield Is Having Rampant In-Game Sounds And Party Chat Stuttering Issues



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  • Starfield early access gameplay is currently plagued by audio and party chats stuttering issues.
  • It is occurring both on the PC and the consoles, although there were no reports for Xbox Series S.
  • A common workaround for the issue is to mute the game to play or reboot the console. Installing the game on an SSD has also helped many users get over the audio stuttering.
  • Starfield launches globally on September 6 for Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and PC. It features locked 30 FPS on consoles but runs at 60 FPS on PC. 

Starfield early access has had a relatively positive reception on all platforms, but some users have struggled with bugs that greatly hinder the experience. The in-game sound and party chat for Xbox is prone to glitching and stuttering, to the point that the title can become unplayable. The common workaround for this has proven to be to mute the sounds for both the game and the party chat, or the console can be shut down and rebooted.

The Twitter user Game Pass Tracker has received reports from users regarding the rampant Starfield bug. However, many game forums, including Reddit and Steam discussion threads, are filled with gamers talking about the same sound-stuttering bug. The swaths of discussions around the web forums confirm that this issue is also occurring on PCs and is more common than we thought.

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The discussion on a Steam thread by the user Jujubunicorn highlights the issue. The title runs smoothly for them besides the occasional stuttering and audio stuttering. A common workaround for this issue is to install Starfield on an SSD instead of an HDD. However, the user in question, and many others, are using an SSD already and still suffering from audio stutters. Although switching to an SSD has helped solve this problem for some gamers.

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Bethesda has not addressed the issue so far, but we reckon it will be patched when the game officially comes out. In some related news, Starfield is also practically unplayable for gamers using the Intel Arc GPUs; it is because of no drivers by Intel, which will arrive when the title releases.

Microsoft’s first-party title has come out in early access on PC, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S only. It plays at a locked 30 FPS on consoles but does include a full-fledged 60 FPS on PC. The new Bethesda IP has slowly been brewed over 25 years. Starfield players without the digital premium edition to enjoy early access can delve into the game on the global release, September 6.

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