Starfield: Incoming weather bug (fixed)



gave Starfield upcoming season The bug shows “extreme weather” status no matter where you go or what you do, making exploration a bit of a hassle. Whether you were fighting a boss. Echoes of the past Or just exploring the constellations in Starfield, if you were unlucky enough to get the incoming weather bug, you should know all the fixes that are currently available to fix it.

Key takeaways

  • gave The coming season The gameplay of Big Star Field is related. General corrections, e.g Restarting The game may work for some players.
  • A small number of players have reported that an incoming weather defect has automatically healed while progressing through it. Story.
  • One possible solution is moving to a harsh climate planet and replacing the previous bugged state with a new one.
  • PC players can fix the issue by using “player.dispel 281ed2”. console command If something doesn’t work. This, unfortunately, will not work on Xbox.

General fixes for Starfield’s upcoming weather bug

Since this bug affects most of the gameplay. StarfieldIt’s best to try all the common fixes before moving on to more complex problems.

Here, I’ll list all the simple and common fixes that can fix the bug for some lucky players:

  • Restart Starfield.
  • Load to the previous safe file (the file before the bug was found.)

A growth story

The upcoming season Big Star Field
Moving through the story (Image courtesy of eXputer)

Some players on it Reddit post How progress is reported through The main struggle Starfield seems to automatically fix the Starfield incoming weather issue. This makes sense in terms of gameplay, as “Extreme weather“The status is only supposed to affect players in certain areas so players may lose the status during one of the set pieces of the Starfields story.

Replace the old status with a new one.

The upcoming season Big Star Field
Exploring Mars (Image Credit: Us)

since “Extreme weather“The status was supposed to be temporary. Some Reddit users have mentioned that one way to fix the Starfield Incoming Weather bug is to go back to the planet where you first got the bug or another planet with severe weather. is, like Mars during an active sandstorm, and get a new one.”Extreme weather” condition.

  • With the new warning replacing the previous bugged warning, there’s a good chance it won’t be bugged either.
  • But just to be safe, I wouldn’t recommend. Fast travel.
  • Instead, manually return to your ship and fly away while waiting for the condition to disappear automatically.

Using console commands to fix incoming weather bugs

The upcoming season Big Star Field
Using console commands

If all else fails, then Console commands They are the only ones who can help you. Unfortunately, the console command is fixed Available on PC only. And won’t work for Xbox players. As highlighted in Reddit postplayers can fix Starfield’s upcoming season bugs by entering specific commands.

For players who don’t know how to enter commands, they just need to follow these steps:

  • Press tilde on your keyboard. “~” button to open the command box.
  • Enter the command “player.dispel 281ed2and press enter.
  • If this command doesn’t work, try replacing the end of the command with these alternatives:
    1. 1639EE
    2. 163FE0
    3. 281 ECF
    4. 281ED2

And with that, my guide Starfield’s upcoming weather bug End I hope my guide helped you. Also, consider reading. In an unknown bug Guide and Headless character bug Guide so you know what to do if you encounter them.

Some players are also encountering a quest-breaking bug in some Starfield side quests. Consider reading the Key Quest Guides. No sudden movements., There is the best.And In the memorial If you encounter a bug in one of these questions guides. But that’s all from me. Let me know what you think about Starfield in the comment section below.


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