Starfield: In Memoriam Quest (Walkthrough and Bug Fixes)



I Starfieldplayers engage in multiple adventures, including Sarah Morgan companion The quest, known asIn Memoriam Starfield” This quest involves Sara’s past before Nakshatra, which shows her grief over losing her staff. To start this quest, you must turn to Admiral Logan, which can unlock Sarah’s file, starting the main part of the quest. However, there is a bug that can cause problems, leaving you in a frustrating situation during this quest.

Key takeaways

  • In the memorial There is a quest that covers Sarah Morgan’s backstory, allowing players to deepen their relationship with her in the Starfield.
  • gave Objectives of the search Includes talking to Admiral Logan, traveling to Cassiopeia I, investigating the UC Dauntless crew, and various interactions and tasks with Sarah.
  • Rewards Starfield includes 250 XP and 10,500 credits for completing quests, which contribute to character development and financial resources.
  • gave In Memoriam Bug There is a bug associated with Sarah Morgan, which potentially causes dialogue errors, quest progress issues, and game crashes.
  • The players tried. Various fixessuch as restarting and loading their progress, completing other missions, adding/removing Sarah from the ship’s crew, and to wait in Game.

What’s in Memoriam at Starfield?

In the Starfield Memorial Quest
In Memoriam Quest – (Image capture by eXputer)

In Memoriam is a quest where players can deepen their relationship with Sarah Morgan and uncover the mysteries of her past as a pilot. United Colonies military


In the memorialThe quest is a heartfelt journey that revolves around Sarah Morgan, a companion in Starfield. This side quest allows players to develop a deeper bond with Sarah, and provides the opportunity to develop one. A romantic relationship And even marry him.

As the search begins, players accompany Sarah on a mission to uncover the fate of her previous ship, Yusi is fearlesswhich was lost during the colonial war.

The objectives of this search are:

  1. Your first task is to talk. Admiral Logan In New Atlantis for information.
  2. Travel to Cassiopeia I, Which is your next destination.
  3. Land near Sarah’s old campsite and talk to Sarah.
  4. Retrieve and install the emergency power cell.
  5. Analyze. Telemetry data and investigate the shuttle crash site.
  6. Engage in conversation with the mysterious girl. to sleep you face.
  7. To add Gene tags during your mission.
  8. Go back to Sara, leave Sona alone, and go to the overlook.
  9. Interact more with Sarah in the Overlook.
  10. Return to New Atlantis, talk to Sona again, and lead Sara to The. Colonial War Memorial And the waterfall in New Atlantis.


To unlock the “In Memoriam” quest in Starfield and go on this heartfelt journey, these are the prerequisites:

  1. You must have one. High approval Classify with your partner Sarah Morgan.
  2. Sarah Morgan asks for your help in discovering the fate of the UC Dauntless crew.
  3. Start your journey. New Atlantis, Which is the starting point of the search.
In the Starfield Memorial Quest
Admiral Logan – (Image credit eXputer)


Upon completing the “In Memoriam” quest, you will be rewarded. XP And Credit. These awards not only acknowledge your achievements but also contribute to your character development and financial well-being within your sport. Players can use credits to upgrade themselves. Equipmentshopping Valuable itemsor continue your journey through the vast and exciting universe of Starfield.

reward Amount
Experience 250 XP
Credits 10,500

In Memoriam Bug and Fixes

In the Starfield Memorial Quest
In Memoriam Bug – (Screenshot via eXputer)

I Memory bug There is a disorder that affects the character of Sarah Morganwhich is a potential partner and Romantic option for the players. This bug prevents players from recruiting or romancing Sarah Morgan and can cause various gameplay issues.

  • Can cause problems like bugs. Dialogue mistakes During a conversation with Sarah Morgan.
  • This can prevent players from progressing on In Memoriam quests, making it impossible to complete the associated storyline.
  • In some cases, big game has been linked Crash Or freezes.

Players who encountered the In Memoriam bug in Starfield discovered a variety of things. Solution To overcome this error. While this Reforms are There is no guarantee For each player to work with, they are reported as possible solutions to solve the problem. It is advisable to back up your savings before attempting major changes. Keep an eye on Official patch From Bethesdawhich may address and resolve this issue in the future.

Here are some solutions:

Restart and load.

  • Leave the starfield and restart your game
  • Load the saved game where the In Memoriam search failed.
  • Sometimes, a simple restart and loading the correct save can solve the problem.

Complete another mission.

  • Try to complete. Another mission Or search before returning to Search In Memoriam.
  • Proceeding through a different search can reset variables and flags, allowing you to proceed with In Memoriam.

Switch ships.

  • Meet the Ship Services Technician near the Spaceport.
  • select “I want to see and modify my ships.
  • Select a different ship as your “homeship” and see if the problem persists.

Add/remove Sarah from the ship’s crew.

  • Access your ship’s menu from the character menu.
  • Open the staff tab and chat with him. Sarah’s profile To add or remove him from the staff.
  • Adjust its staff status to see if that fixes the bug.

Try to wait.

  • If the above methods fail, try Fast travel In a different location and communicating with Sarah.
  • Alternatively, Sleep or wait for a few hours or until the day of the event and check if it triggers the search progress.

In Memoriam Starfield There is a quest that allows players to get closer to the character. Sarah Morgan. You will learn about his past and may even develop a romantic relationship with him.

However, Starfield has a bug that can make this quest frustrating. The players have been found. Some methods To fix this, like restarting a saved game or completing another mission first. While these fixes may not work for everyone, the Starfield community is dedicated to finding solutions.

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