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Starfield, a vast cosmic playground, offers its adventurers many opportunities, including the ironic choice to engage in illegal activities. While regular vendors shy away from nefarious dealings, Trade Authority and select merchants eagerly trade stolen goods in places like Cydonia on Mars. However, while these under-the-table transactions can be lucrative, players should tread carefully, especially when contraband is involved and you have to sell stolen goods in the Starfield.

Key takeaways

  • Starfield Allows players. Stealing and selling items for profit.
  • Stolen items are marked with a red chevron for easy identification.
  • Regular vendors avoid trading in stolen goods.
  • The Trade Authority in the Starfield is the primary destination for this. Selling stolen goods.
  • Other merchants, such as those in Cydonia on Mars, also deal in stolen goods.
  • Prohibited tracking during a scan in the starfield can lead to this. Confiscation of both contraband and stolen goods.
  • Players can. Buy back stolen items at Trade Authority. To remove the stolen tag, maximizing the resale value in Starfield.

Can you sell stolen items in Starfield?

Can you sell stolen items?
Can you sell stolen items (Image credit: eXputer)

Of course! In Starfield, players can sell stolen items, but not to regular vendors who avoid illegal trade.

Instead, the trade authority available on many planets willingly buys stolen goods. Additionally, individual traders such as Cydonia of Mars and Crimson Fleet Vendor in Cracks System i They also trade in stolen goods. However, carrying prohibited items with stolen items can lead to confiscation if detected during a scan.

How to profit from stolen goods?

Starfield’s vast universe presents its players with moral complexities, and for some, the allure of crime becomes too tempting to resist. If you’ve chosen this path, you’ll be walking down a murky path. Water will be critical to your prosperity in order to sell stolen goods in Starfield.

Identification of stolen property

Every item you buy at Starfield is marked for easy identification. The presence of a small red chevron or mark at the bottom of the item description indicates that it has been stolen. These stolen assets can significantly increase your in-game wealth, especially when other monetary methods in Starfield are not as profitable.

Trade Authority: Your go-to for stolen goods

Your go-to for stolen goods
Your go-to for stolen goods (Image credit: eXputer)

Normal vendors in Starfield have a code of ethics, so they will avoid buying stolen items. So, the key to profiting from your ill-gotten gains Profits are with the Trade Authority..

Although they project an air of professionalism, the trade authority is far from corrupt, even dealing with its share of dubious cases. These shopkeepers, unlike ordinary shopkeepers, have no qualms about buying stolen goods.

You can find Trade Authority checkpoints in various locations in Starfield:

  1. Neon in the Wally Alpha area: Conveniently located to the right of the city entrance, a distinct neon yellow sign marks the spot.
  2. Cydonia on Mars: Centrally located, just go down some ramps. It may take some time to identify this vendor, but be diligent and avoid mistakenly dealing with quality merchants.
  3. New Atlantis on Jamieson: An elaborate commercial authority structure awaits here. Start with The Well, access it. Mast district train. An elevator nearby leads to a tough area after a long passage. Turn right at the entrance and once inside the building, turn right again to find the Trade Authority Center.

Trade authority is not your only option. There are individual traders, eg Dennis Everin at the UC Exchange on Mars in Sandonia, who are equally willing to buy stolen goods. are also Crimson Fleet Vendor On The Eye in a ready-to-trade crack system.

Be free from prohibited damages

Collect contraband on the character instead of the ship to clear the skins.
Collect contraband on a character instead of a ship to clear the scan (Image credit: eXputer)

While selling stolen items in Starfield can be straightforward, be careful if you’re also carrying contraband. Although your Loot stolen during a scan in the Starfield will not trigger an alarm., forbidden will. If detected, expect to board and lose not only your contraband but your stolen items as well. So, when you travel through the Starfield, prioritize the security of your inventory, especially when considering the risk of carrying contraband.

Maximize your earnings.

Upon reaching the Trade Authority Exchange, you can either cash in your stolen goods or buy back the items at no additional cost to remove the stolen tag. This tactic allows you to sell stolen items in Starfield for potentially higher prices. Since each vendor offers different rates, it is useful to search for profit maximization.

So, as you chart your course in Starfield, remember: While the universe may be vast and full of opportunity, it’s the choices you make that define your journey. Whether you’re an explorer or a space pirate, Starfield awaits you. adventure.

To wrap it up, the universe is rich with choices, moral and otherwise in Starfield. While players can turn to crime and find avenues like Trade Authority to earn their stolen treasure, they should navigate with caution. The universe rewards both the brave and the wise, but a misstep, especially with the forbidden, can be very costly.

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