Starfield: How to Remove and Extend an Outpost



Outposts play an important role in Starfield, serving as structures that can be set up on planets and moons to extract crafting resources. Additionally, they serve as houses for many people. Crew members at Starfield You recruit throughout your journey. For the purpose of resource management, one must know how to remove an outpost in a starfield.

Key takeaways

  • Checkpoints Starfield It is multi-functional the roleBuildings to extract resources during your travels and serving as accommodation for recruited characters.
  • To far off A checkpoint, go to its location, use the checkpoint beacon, and confirm the deletion.
  • increase Possible through your outpost capacity. Habitation of planets Mastery in the Science skill tree.
  • Players receive a full refund for removing checkpoints at Starfield.
  • After reaching rank 4, players can build a total of 24 checkpoints.

How to Remove Outpost in Starfield

Remove the starfield outpost.
Removing an outpost in a starfield (image via eXputer)

To remove an outpost in a starfield, you must be physically present at the location of the outpost you wish to remove and press the “Remove” prompt to erase it.

Important: It is advised to create a backup save before starting the deletion process as restoring a previous save is the only way to restore a deleted checkpoint.

Once you’re ready, follow these steps to remove a checkpoint in Starfield:

  1. Find and approach your checkpoint beacon.
  2. engage with Bacon to display a small text panel.
  3. At the bottom of the panel, you’ll find a ‘Rename’ Option next to Control Prompt.
  4. Below this, in faint text, a ‘far off’ The option should also appear at the checkpoint in Starfield.
  5. Hold down the indicated command please confirm To remove your outpost.
  6. You will need to confirm the action, but once confirmed, the checkpoint will be removed.

However, if you Spacecraft Currently located on the outpost’s landing pad, you’ll notice that the landing pad is highlighted in red, indicating it’s occupied. However, the outpost can be removed as soon as the spaceship takes off from the landing pad.

It is important to note that when you remove a checkpoint, you will receive one. Full refund of the cost of the building attached to it at Starfield. So, if you are running low Structural materials Or want to build another outpost at a different location after reaching your outpost limit, deleting any unnecessary ones is the recommended practice.

How to increase the number of outposts.

Dwelling of skill planets
Planetary habitability skills (Image by eXputer)

If you wish to build additional outposts but have already reached your maximum, you can increase the cap using the Planetary Habitation Skill.

  • Habitation of planets Allows you to set up outposts on planets and moons with extreme conditions and dangers.
  • Plus, it makes you grow Maximum number of checkpoints based on its level.

Like you Level up The more habitable planets you have, the more outpost slots you’ll get. For example, the First level Adds four more checkpoint slots, and The fourth level Provides a significant 16 additional checkpoint slots. Achieving a high level of planetary habitability requires substantial investment. science talent Trees in Starfield.

Invest in this if you love building multiple outposts and want to expand your building capabilities Habitation of planets A wise choice. Remember that increasing your maximum outpost limit can significantly increase your resource gathering and outpost management capabilities in Starfield.

That’s everything you need to know about removing and expanding outposts in Starfield. For more, read the guide Excellent ship And make your journey through the vast universe of Starfield worthwhile. When exploring, you’ll need it too. The best weapon To fight potential enemies that come in your way to conquer the universe. Also, your adventure will be easier with it The best companion in the starfield..


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