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In the vast cosmos of Starfield, exploration is complemented by the art of lockpicking system. With Digipicks as one’s tool, players navigate circular security layer puzzles, where the precise alignment of keys unlocks the treasures beyond. Unlike the systems of prior Bethesda titles, The game introduces a new dimension of spatial challenges, requiring a blend of skill investment, careful planning, keen observation, and learning how to lockpick in Starfield in one of these challenges.

Key Takeaways

  • Starfield’s lockpicking centers around solving circular security layer puzzles.
  • Digipicks are essential tools to fill gaps in security layers.
  • The Security skill in Starfield is pivotal for efficient lockpicking and offers perks like discerning key matches.
  • Locks range in complexity, from Novice to Master, based on the player’s Security rank.
  • Auto-attempts, akin to cheat codes, aid in overcoming challenging lock layers.
  • Digipicks can be found across Starfield’s universe or purchased from merchants, with Commerce Skill influencing prices.
  • Remember: lockpicking puzzles in Starfield are procedurally generated, providing varied challenges.

What Is Lockpicking In Starfield?

Gameplay (picture credits: eXputer)

In Starfield, lockpicking involves using Digipicks to solve circular security layer puzzles. Players match keys to gaps in each layer.

Upgrading the Security skill aids in selecting the right keys. This mini-puzzle tests spatial perception, different from Bethesda’s previous titles like Skyrim or Fallout. Successful picks retain the Digipick used.

At its core, lockpicking in Starfield revolves around circular security layers.

  • Think of these as rings with gaps or holes in them.
  • The complexity of a lock is determined by how many of these layers it has; the more layers, the trickier the lock.
  • In order to master how to lockpick in Starfield, you’ll be using a handy tool called Digipicks in Starfield.

Their main purpose? To fill in those gaps in the security layers. It’s a bit like fitting puzzle pieces into a board, only here, the board is a futuristic lock.

How Lockpicking Mechanic Works In Starfield

Picking Lock
Picking Lock (picture credits: eXputer)

As you face the lockpicking puzzle, you’ll see a variety of keys ready for use. Skim through them swiftly using your game’s shoulder buttons. It’s like flipping through a digital keychain to find the right fit!

  1. Picking and Turning the Key: Once you’ve got a potential match, use the analog stick or D-Pad to rotate the key. Imagine it as turning a real key, trying to find that perfect angle where it clicks into place.
  2. Locking the Key in Position: Got the key lined up perfectly with the gaps in the security layer? Awesome! Now, press the A button to slot it in. It’s like confirming, “Yes, this key fits!”
  3. Progressing Through the Layers: As you successfully fill one security layer, it disappears, allowing you to focus on the next. Keep an eye on your used keys—they won’t come back for a second round. Think of it as a descending journey through layers of defenses, where each step brings you closer to unlocking the mystery ahead.

Advanced Lockpicking Tips In Starfield

Picking Lock
Picking Lock (picture credits: eXputer)

If lockpicking were an art, the Security skill would be your brush in Starfield. It’s not just about having a Digipick; it’s about knowing how to use it effectively. Leveling up this skill is pivotal if you want to dominate the art of how to lockpick in Starfield.

As you grow in the Security skill, one significant perk in Starfield is the ability to discern which keys fit which layers. No more guesswork! It’s like having a guidebook, highlighting the keys that belong to each layer. Trust me; this knowledge is a game-changer.

Lock Levels and Their Secrets

Not all locks are made equal in Starfield, and they come with various challenges:

  • Novice Locks: These are your entry-level locks, always open for you to try your hand at.
  • Advanced Locks: A tad trickier and requires you to have reached Security rank 1.
  • Expert Locks: For those seeking a real challenge. Unlock the opportunity to tackle these with Security rank 2.
  • Master Locks: The ultimate test for any lockpicker. Only accessible with Security rank 3. Do you have what it takes?


Auto-attempts in Starfield are like cheat codes for those particularly vexing locks. When used, they automatically reveal the right key for the current ring you’re battling with.

  • The key to acquiring these helpers lies in the Security skill.
  • The higher your rank, the more auto-attempts you can earn and store.
  • Auto-attempts don’t crack the entire puzzle but can make stubborn rings a breeze.

Here’s a breakdown by Security rank:

  • Rank 1: Stock up to 2 auto-attempts.
  • Rank 2: Boost that number to 3.
  • Rank 3: Keep 4 auto-attempts in your arsenal.
  • Rank 4: Reach the pinnacle with 5 auto-attempts.

Best Strategies For Easier Lockpicking In Starfield

Picking Lock
Picking Lock (picture credits: eXputer)

By employing the below-mentioned strategies with diligence and foresight, players can master the puzzles involving how to lockpick in Starfield with increased efficiency and mastery.

1. Investment In The Security Skill

The proficiency with which one navigates lockpicking puzzles in Starfield is significantly influenced by the level of the Security skill. A deliberate investment in this skill not only enhances one’s innate ability to tackle complex locks but also opens up opportunities for advanced upgrades, further streamlining the lockpicking process.

2. Accumulate Use Digipicks

A seasoned explorer knows the merit of having an abundance of Digipicks at their disposal. By amassing a sufficient number, one ensures they are seldom caught unprepared. However, it’s equally vital to use Digipicks judiciously, reserving them for moments of genuine necessity.

3. Forethought and Anticipation

One of the core strategies for successful lockpicking lies in the ability to forecast. By mentally mapping out potential key placements and layer movements, players can strategize their moves, reducing the number of trial-and-error attempts and thus preserving their stockpile of Digipicks.

4. A Methodical Pace

While the allure of swiftly cracking a lock can be tempting, the virtues of patience and methodical progression cannot be overstated. By taking one’s time and meticulously analyzing each security layer, players drastically reduce the likelihood of missteps.

5. Procedurally Generated Challenges

It’s essential to remember that the puzzles in Starfield are procedurally generated. This means that if a particular lock proves overly challenging, walking away and returning to it might present a wholly different puzzle configuration, potentially easier to decipher.

How To Get More Digipicks For Lockpicking In Starfield

Digipick (picture credits: eXputer)

In the expansive universe of Starfield, Digipicks are a sought-after commodity. Explorers keen on learning how to lockpick in Starfield should be attentive to specific locales. Efficient acquisition of Digipicks in Starfield requires a blend of exploration, interaction, and skill optimization. 

1. Retrieval from the Deceased and Pickpocketing

While traversing Starfield’s vast expanses, players might encounter fallen adventurers or adversaries. Upon searching these bodies, there’s a probability of finding Digipicks among other valuable items. Additionally, for those possessing a proclivity for stealth and discretion, pickpocketing unsuspecting individuals can prove a viable method for accruing Digipicks.

2. Merchants

Merchants scattered throughout Starfield often have Digipicks available for purchase. The price of these tools might fluctuate based on various in-game factors. However, players who have invested in the Commerce skill can leverage it to negotiate more favorable prices, reiterating the importance of skill diversification in the game. This skill not only aids in acquiring Digipicks at a discounted rate but also offers potential benefits when trading other goods.

In conclusion, getting yourself vell versed with the mechanic of how to lockpick in Starfield opens doorways to uncharted treasures and secrets. Through strategic utilization of Digipicks, understanding security layers, and skillful navigation, players encounter a challenging yet rewarding puzzle experience, marking a distinctive evolution in Bethesda’s gameplay mechanics. Explore, adapt, and unlock the cosmos.

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