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The Adoring Fan in Starfield, reintroduced from Bethesda’s previous title “Oblivion,” offers a unique companion experience for players. Possessing skills vital for planetary exploration, this eccentric character can be both an asset and a potential source of annoyance. Recruited through the “Hero Worshipped” trait, this companion not only brings scavenging abilities but also comes with quirks, like constant chatter, reminding players of his iconic role voiced by Craig Sechler in Oblivion.

Key Takeaways

  • The Adoring Fan is a recruitable companion via the “Hero Worshipped” trait.
  • Craig Sechler voices the character, reprising his role from Oblivion.
  • His skill set includes Scavenging, Concealment, and Weight Lifting.
  • Players can enjoy occasional gifts and comedic flattery from Adoring Fan in Starfield.
  • Some may find his constant chatter tiresome.
  • There are multiple options for parting ways with Adoring Fan in Starfield, with consequences for certain actions.
  • The “Hero Worshipped” trait nods to the Oblivion game, enabling unique gameplay interactions.

Who Is Adoring Fan IN Starfield 

Adoring Fan
Adoring Fan (picture credits: eXputer)

The Adoring Fan in Starfield is a companion character recruitable through the “Hero Worshipped” trait.

He is known for his relentless chatter and gifting his leader during travels. His skill set includes scavenging, concealment, and weight lifting, making him particularly suited for planet exploration. However, his constant talking can be tiresome. The character’s voice is provided by Craig Sechler, reprising his role from Oblivion.

First and foremost, it’s noteworthy that the Adoring Fan is an homage to the original character from “The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion“.

This means Bethesda, the developer of both games, sought to include a beloved (or for some, annoying) character from a fantasy universe into their new sci-fi realm, providing both a touch of familiarity for long-term fans and a comedic relief character for newcomers.


  1. Constant Adoration: While many players enjoy being praised, it’s a double-edged sword. The Adoring Fan’s continuous flattery may initially be entertaining and might even serve as a morale booster during tough segments in Starfield.
  2. Gifts During Travel: This is an excellent gameplay mechanic for those who like added bonuses. Periodic gifting ensures that traveling with the Adoring Fan isn’t just about listening to his endless praises but also reaping some tangible rewards. Depending on what these gifts are, it could potentially influence a player’s gameplay strategy or in-game economy.
  3. Scavenging Skill: In any Action RPG, the ability to find additional resources is always beneficial. Scavenging might be especially useful in Starfield, where resources could be used for a variety of purposes, from trading to upgrading equipment or even crafting. Having a companion proficient in scavenging ensures a consistent supply of these valuable resources.


Relentless Chatter: While it may initially be humorous or even endearing, over time, the Adoring Fan’s ceaseless adoration can become grating in Starfield. In most RPGs, players want variety in their companion interactions. Constant repetition can pull players out of the immersive experience, reminding them of the game’s programmed nature.

Adoring Fan Voice Actor

Starfield-Voice-Actor in Starfield (picture credits: eXputer)

The decision to reprise the Adoring Fan role adds a layer of authenticity to the character. For those familiar with Oblivion, it provides a sense of nostalgia. New players, on the other hand, will appreciate the character for what it is in Starfield, but with the added depth that a seasoned voice actor like Sechler can bring.

How To Get The Adoring Fan

Adoring Fan
Adoring Fan (picture credits: eXputer)

To recruit the iconic Adoring Fan in Starfield, the process starts right at the beginning of your character’s journey during the character creation phase.

“Hero Worshipped” Trait

By selecting the “Hero Worshipped” trait, players set in motion a series of events that will lead to the Adoring Fan’s introduction. This trait is not just an aesthetic choice but has tangible implications for gameplay. The moment this trait is picked, players should anticipate unique interactions tailored to their “celebrity” status in the game world.

Encounter In Starfield New Atlantis

Following the initial selection of the “Hero Worshipped” trait, the Adoring Fan won’t make his presence known immediately. Instead, his introduction is a bit more organic, with him appearing randomly in the hub world of Starfield New Atlantis after the player’s encounter with the Starfield Constellation. This staged introduction ensures that players get a sense of progression and reward.

What Is Hero Worship Trait 

Hero Worship Trait
Hero Worship Trait (picture credits: eXputer)

The “Hero Worshipped” trait serves as a direct nod to “The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion” where the Adoring Fan was a humorous side character always in awe of the player. For long-term fans of Bethesda’s games, this is a delightful Easter egg, adding depth and continuity across different universes.

Recruitment Benefits: The trait is not merely for narrative flavor but also presents gameplay implications in Starfield. Opting for this trait unlocks the possibility to recruit a unique crew member: the Adoring Fan.

As with any crew member in an ARPG, he comes with his specific set of skills (like scavenging) and quirks (incessant chatter). Thus, this trait in Starfield adds a strategic element to character creation, as players must weigh the pros and cons of having such a companion aboard.

Adoring Fan Skills

The Adoring Fan, a unique companion in Starfield, brings to the table a trio of distinct skills: Scavenging, Concealment, and Weight Lifting. These abilities define his utility, strengths, and areas of expertise, tailored to certain gameplay styles.


Scavenging is an invaluable skill for planet exploration in Starfield. It allows players to find and collect rarer resources, hidden items, and perhaps even easter eggs that might otherwise be missed. Having the Adoring Fan in your party means increased chances of unearthing these hidden treasures, providing an edge in resource collection and in-game economy.


The Concealment skill in Starfield might seem unusual at first for someone as chatty as the Adoring Fan, but it underscores his surprising versatility. Concealment ensures that the player and party can navigate hostile terrains or evade enemy patrols with greater ease. It’s particularly beneficial when the goal is to avoid direct confrontations, making exploration smoother and potentially less hazardous.

Weight Lifting

A seemingly straightforward skill in Starfield, Weight Lifting enhances the party’s carrying capacity. This can be crucial during extended planetary expeditions where inventory space is at a premium. With the Adoring Fan’s prowess in weight lifting, players can gather more items, equipment, and resources without constantly grappling with the “inventory full” dilemma.

While the Adoring Fan’s skills shine during planetary excursions, it’s evident that they don’t have much applicability in social scenarios or diplomatic engagements in Starfield. His strengths are:

  • Exploratory: With skills like Scavenging and Concealment, he’s a boon in alien environments, ensuring the player extracts maximum value and minimizes risks during explorations.
  • Logistical: Weight Lifting simplifies inventory management in Starfield, a key logistical aspect of any expansive ARPG, giving players more freedom to loot, gather, and explore without frequently returning to a base or hub.

However, his absence of charisma-based or diplomacy-oriented skills implies that in social situations, trade negotiations, or interactions with other NPCs, the Adoring Fan might be more of a silent (or not-so-silent given his chatter) bystander.

How To Remove The Adoring Fan In Starfield?

Remove The Adoring Fan
Remove The Adoring Fan (picture credits: eXputer)

Venturing through the expansive universe of Starfield with the Adoring Fan has its moments of bliss and annoyance. As players progress, they might find the need to part ways with this unique companion. There are several avenues to achieve this:

1. Assign To An Outpost

This is a neutral, non-confrontational method. By assigning the Adoring Fan to an outpost in Starfield, players can ensure he remains a part of their crew’s ecosystem while not having him directly by their side. This could be beneficial for those who appreciate his skills but need a break from his relentless chatter.

2. Persuasion 

Engaging in a dialogue and persuading the Adoring Fan in Starfield to leave allows players to harness their in-game charisma and diplomacy. This method avoids any form of violence and aligns with players adopting a peaceful gameplay approach.

3. Lethal Confrontation

This is a drastic measure. Players can navigate the conversation in a way that culminates in the Adoring Fan’s death. While this ensures he won’t return, the action is irrevocable and can have notable repercussions.

Should You Kill Adoring Fan In Starfield?

Should You Kill Adoring Fan
Should You Kill Adoring Fan (picture credits: eXputer)

While the choice to kill the Adoring Fan might seem expedient, it comes with significant consequences:

Loss of “Hero Worshipped” Trait

This unique trait, a nostalgic nod to Oblivion, will be permanently removed from the player’s profile in Starfield. Beyond its symbolic importance, this means that certain gameplay dynamics associated with the trait, like recruiting specific crew members or unlocking certain dialogues, become inaccessible.

Potential Crew Unrest

Actions in Starfield resonate within the crew dynamics. Killing a companion, especially one as seemingly harmless as the Adoring Fan, could upset other crew members. This unrest might manifest as reduced morale, reluctance to assist in missions, or even confrontations.

What Is Hero Worshipped Trait In Starfield

Hero Worship Trait
Hero Worship Trait (picture credits: eXputer)

In Starfield, the “Hero Worshipped” trait is a unique character attribute that players can select during character creation. This particular trait serves as a nod to the game Oblivion, where the Adoring Fan character first originated.

  • Upon choosing this trait in Starfield, players will find themselves occasionally encountering the Adoring Fan on Starfield New Atlantis after meeting the Starfield Constellation.
  • This trait not only acts as a clever homage to Oblivion but also provides a tangible in-game advantage by allowing players to recruit the Adoring Fan as a crew member.
  • Along with the comedic flattery and occasional gifts he provides, the Adoring Fan comes with specific skills, including weight lifting, which can be beneficial in various in-game scenarios.

However, as referenced, the trait also presents challenges, such as the Adoring Fan’s incessant chatter. Thus, the “Hero Worshipped” trait offers a balance of benefits and drawbacks while serving as a delightful easter egg for players familiar with the Elder Scrolls series.

To sum it up, the Adoring Fan in Starfield serves as both a nostalgic nod to Bethesda’s Oblivion and a strategic companion with tangible in-game benefits. His unique skill set, derived from the “Hero Worshipped” trait, ensures he’s more than just comedic relief. Yet, players must balance their perks against potential drawbacks, adding depth to gameplay choices.

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