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Starfield Allows players to explore. The planets On planets, explore the universe, and embark on an epic journey, but often, returning to your parents is what you need. Players want to know. Location of Starfield parentsSo here’s a detailed walkthrough of where you can find them, and get your hands on the features it offers!

Important: Players can remove the Kid Stuff feature by kicking their parents out of their apartment in Starfield!

Key takeaways

  • Your In parents Starfield You will have a mom and dad, and the players will be able to visit them.
  • gave Specializing in children’s goods Lets players visit their apartment and sends them 2% of their credits weekly.
  • To find your parents in the starfield, you can go to Alpha Centauri, board the NAT. Transit cargo to the residential district, and then go to the Pioneer Towers to find them.
  • Players can talk to their parents by talking about them. Relationshiphis job at Nakshatra, and more!
  • You can too. Beat your parents Exit the house by talking to the father and removing the children’s belongings feature.

Review of your parents in Starfield

your parents
Your Parents (Image credit eXputer)

One of the first things players want to know is Location of Starfield’s parentsBut before doing that, one more thing you might want to check is whether you are even able to meet them or not.

  • You can meet them only if you have searched and picked it. Starfield Kid Stuff Parents Locationwhich gives you a special trait.

In the beginning, you will be able to choose a total of three traits, which, if you choose. Kid Stutf The specialty will ensure that your parents are alive and well.

  • By doing this, you will also be able to visit your parents at home, but the downside is that you will have to send 2% of your total credit. Starfield’s parents are not home. every week.

Location of parents’ home

Ending things, if you plan to visit and use your parents. Starfield Kid Stuff Parents Locationthen you will need to do some jumping!

  1. One of the first things you’ll want to do is a Gravity Jump For Jamieson, part of a small mission known as A small step.
    Gravity jump
    Gravity Jump (Image credit eXputer)
  2. From here, you’ll be able to get yours. the ship All the way to Alpha Centauri, and you’ll be good to go.
    Going to Alpha Centauri.
    Visiting Alpha Centauri (Photo courtesy of us)
  3. gave United Colonies Security will stop you first, and they will prepare you for the scan.
  4. After the scan, UC Sec Chimera will inform you that the scan is complete, that no contraband was found on your ship, and that you are clear to land.
    Jamieson (image credit eXputer)
  5. After learning there, you should be able to open the door to your ship, which will allow you to step outside.
    Ship's door
    Ship door (image credit eXputer)
  6. From the terminal, you should start passing through. Notice to visitors And the boards displayed on the walls.
  7. From here, you want to keep running straight (the destination marker will help you a lot here) and NAT Transit Train.
    Transit car
    Transit Car (photo taken by us)
  8. After you do that, it will ask you for a specific destination and offer options like MAST District. Residential District, or commercial district.
  9. Go ahead and choose a residential district, and then board the transit car.
  10. After that, you want to start making your way. Pioneer Towers, with a gray building Its doors are open.
  11. Head inside for the elevators and family apartments, And here’s where you’ll find out if yours Starfield’s parents are missing. Or not.
    Family apartments
    Family Apartments (Image credit eXputer)
  12. Walk up to the door of your parents’ apartment, and if your dad welcomes you in, you know Starfield’s parents are not home. The situation is false.

Meeting with parents

Mom (photo taken by us)

Once you get to their house and find out. Location of Starfield’s parents, the next task is to communicate with them. Go near the father and start talking to him. He will be very surprised to see you here.

  • after this Notifies the mother When you show up, he tells you he’s glad to see you, but then asks if you have a deal. Argos Extractors.
  • After that, you will tell them that you are now working under them. Nakshatraand your parents will be incredibly proud of you for achieving this feat.
    to catch
    Catching Up (Credits eXputer)

After meeting them, you can take a short walk around the house to relive some memories, knowing you don’t have to deal with it. Starfield’s parents are not in the apartment. And being able to communicate with them should help ease the memories.

  • Meanwhile, if you talk to your parents while they’re sitting in the living room, you should be able to talk to them, and when you do, ask them about your significant other. Will and if you have any.

From here, you can choose to say no or yes to the relationship question, and after that, you can ask your parents what they’re doing and what you’re doing. Starfield’s parents are missing. out.

  • You can also choose to take it with you. fatherand he’ll tell you that he threw his retirement party on Thursday when he taught his last class and that he’s retired now.

Get the parents out of the apartment.

Kicking out parents
Extracting the parent (Image courtesy of eXputer)

Now, you can try to get rid of it. Starfield Parents Kid Stuff Location Treat They have to be kicked out of the apartment.

  • When talking to your father, he will ask you if there is anything you want to talk about, and there will be one. Fourth option.

The fourth will discuss the removal option. Baby stuff Excellent trait And The message you can no longer send money back home.

  • Your father doesn’t seem to react negatively to your news, and he tells you that he will be moving out of the apartment, which means that he Starfield Not Home More

Afterwards, your father asks you to say goodbye to your mother, as he will need to start looking for new places immediately.

And that’s just about it! All the things players need to know. Location of Starfield parents leader! While communicating with Parents in StarfieldWhy don’t you read? Starfield Overdesigned Mission leader? as well as, How to wait in a starfield The guide is a must read!

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