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In the vast cosmos of Starfield, the Overdesigned mission stands out as a defining journey into the expansive universe of shipbuilding. Led by Walter Stroud and set in the mesmerizing backdrop of the Stroud-Eklund Staryard, players navigate choices and challenges to craft the ultimate spaceship. Whether it’s the balanced Kepler S or the formidable Kepler R, the quest masterfully encapsulates the essence of decision-driven gameplay and immersive storytelling.

Key Takeaways

  • Overdesigned is a mission centered around shipbuilding with Walter Stroud’s R&D team in Starfield.
  • Player choices directly influence the outcome, determining ship specifications.
  • The mission commences after “A High Price to Pay” in Starfield.
  • Two primary ship outcomes: Kepler S and Kepler R, each with distinct stats.
  • Engaging with Jules in the boardroom is crucial for decision-making in Starfield.
  • Players’ tasks from the mission board shape the ship’s battle readiness or focus.
  • Acquiring Kepler-R requires maxing out the Piloting skill in Starfield.
  • Kepler-R is not available in New Game Plus.
  • Walter Stroud’s trust underscores the mission’s significance.

What Is Overdesigned Mission In Starfield?

Stroud-Ecklund's team
Stroud-Ecklund’s team (picture credits: eXputer)

In Starfield, the Overdesigned mission is a quest where players work with a character named Walter Stroud and his R&D team at the Stroud-Eklund Staryard to build a new spaceship.

The mission’s outcome, influenced by player choices, can yield different ships, including the coveted Class-C Kepler-R. It begins after the main quest “A High Price to Pay.”

How To Start The Overdesigned Mission In Starfield

Stroud-Ecklund (picture credits: eXputer)

Starfield offers a multi-layered narrative experience, and missions like Overdesigned showcase this. Commencing shortly after the pivotal main quest “A High Price to Pay,” it sets the tone by leveraging the game’s intricate storytelling methods.

Walter Stroud, a character of notable significance, delivers a speech that, although might seem typical in many action role-playing games, contains a subtle nudge.

  • This speech not only serves as a narrative technique to foreshadow upcoming events but also intricately hints that the player will soon be plunged into a task where Stroud requires their assistance in Starfield.
  • It’s moments like these that emphasize the player’s role in the unfolding events and position them at the heart of the game’s evolving story.

Assist Stroud-Ecklund’s New Ship Building

The very essence of action role-playing games lies in the challenges posed to players, requiring both strategic thinking and real-time decision-making. Within Starfield, the mission to assist Stroud-Ecklund’s shipbuilding endeavor exemplifies this brilliantly.

The narrative depth is immediately evident with the revelation of the internal strife among the Stroud-Ecklund team. Rather than just presenting a simplistic task, the game immerses players in a complex situation. This design choice emphasizes the player’s pivotal role as a mediator, challenging them to navigate the nuanced personalities and objectives within the team.

Dalvik, Narion System

Narion (picture credits: eXputer)

The journey to the Stroud-Ecklud Staryard is more than just a spatial transition. Located over Dalvik, which orbits the planet Deepala in the Narion system in Starfield, the setting itself adds a layer of cosmic allure and underscores the expansive universe that “Starfield” offers. Such details contribute to the game’s rich lore, making each mission feel like a deep dive into a vast interstellar tapestry.

Interact With Jules

Speak with Jules
Speak with Jules (picture credits: eXputer)

Interacting with Jules in the boardroom is another masterstroke. It’s not just about acquiring information or ticking off a task. Jules serves as a gateway into the intricate dynamics of the Stroud-Ecklund team, symbolizing the challenges and rewards that await the player.

Through her, Starfield manages to offer a balanced mix of dialogue-driven narrative and action, reminding players of the multi-faceted nature of their role in this expansive universe.

Budget Proposal By Jules

Budget (picture credits: eXputer)

At the crux of this mission lies Jules’ budget proposal, presenting players with a binary yet consequential choice.

  • The smaller budget route emphasizes precision and craftsmanship, highlighting the nuances of design.
  • On the other hand, opting for a larger budget is not just about having more resources, but it also hints at the potential for innovation and ambition.

The Persuasion check with Jules, required if one chooses the larger budget, adds another layer of complexity. It’s not just a matter of making a choice but also of convincing a key character of its merits. This mechanic tests not just the player’s decision-making but also their interpersonal skills within the game’s environment.

Furthermore, the optional interactions with other NPCs underscore Starfield’s commitment to a deeply immersive experience in Starfield. By engaging with them, players can glean insights into the diverse perspectives and visions for the ship, from recreational vessels to cargo haulers.

This not only provides richer context to the player’s main objective but also showcases the depth and breadth of the game’s universe. Moreover, the suggested approach of positive responses to their ideas reinforces the game’s emphasis on collaboration and consensus-building, weaving in a subtle lesson on leadership and diplomacy.

Mission Board Tasks

Speak with Jules about Market Research
Speak with Jules about Market Research (picture credits: eXputer)

The “Mission Board Tasks” of the Overdesigned quest in the Starfield segment introduce players to a captivating element of choice and consequence, key aspects of any deep role-playing experience. Here, Starfield gives players autonomy in the direction they wish to take for ship development, emphasizing the ripple effect of their decisions.

Destroy And Transport Assignments

survey (picture credits: eXputer)

The “destroy” and “transport” assignments represent two distinct paths within the game. By categorizing them thus, players are instantly made aware of the nature and potential implications of each task.

  • Destroy assignments, potentially combat-heavy and aggressive, contrast with transport tasks that might emphasize logistical challenges, navigation, and perhaps stealth.
  • The guide’s specified direction of choosing two “destroy” missions provides an exciting glimpse into the potential of a battle-ready ship.
  • This choice communicates the desire for a more combat-oriented vessel, tailored to fend off threats and showcase firepower.

Important: Such a decision might be particularly beneficial in later segments of Starfield where combat becomes inevitable or to establish dominance in certain scenarios.

  • However, implicit in this segment is the idea that the choice will inevitably leave behind the benefits that “transport” assignments could have brought.
  • This dynamic creates a depth of gameplay where every decision matters, nudging players to deliberate on their long-term strategy and the kind of ship they envision for their journey in Starfield.

Overdesigned Mission Two Ships Outcomes

Talking to Team members
Talking to Team members (picture credits: eXputer)

In “Starfield”, the concluding phase of the mission hinges upon the choices made by the player, and these choices manifest most tangibly in the design and specifications of the Kepler Ships.

1. Kepler S (Compromise Choice)

The Kepler S is a reflection of pragmatism and balance. The decision to compromise translates to a ship with a moderate Class-B reactor, which suggests a good balance between energy output and efficiency.

  • The crew size of 3 indicates a ship built for specialized tasks, with a focus on lean operation.
  • The cargo capacity of 3,200 and a jump range of 30 light years show its capacity for moderate-range missions.
  • The absence of weapons, however, means it’s not built for aggressive confrontations.
  • The shield strength of 570 suggests it’s equipped for defense but will rely more on evasion than confrontation.
  • This ship is ideal for players who value diplomacy, exploration, and trade.

2. Kepler R (Teambuilding Choice)

The Kepler R stands out as a direct result of the player’s investment in team building, a generous budget, positive interactions, and combat-focused decisions. The Class-C reactor implies more power but perhaps at a cost of fuel efficiency or added maintenance.

  • With double the crew size of the Kepler S, this ship is clearly intended for diverse missions and more hands-on-deck situations.
  • A slightly larger cargo capacity suggests versatility in trade and resource collection.
  • But where the Kepler R truly differentiates itself is its formidable defensive and offensive capabilities.
  • The substantial shield strength of 805, combined with laser (Las) and ballistic (Bal) weapon stats of 38/44, positions the Kepler R as a force to be reckoned with, ideal for players leaning into a combative playstyle.

Claiming The Kepler-R In Starfield

Stroud Ecklund
Stroud Ecklund mission completion visit (picture credits: eXputer)

To secure the Kepler-R as your primary vessel in “Starfield”, players must engage with a ship services technician.

This action signifies formally claiming the ship and setting it as their main mode of interstellar transport. Crucially, piloting the Kepler-R necessitates a player to have their Piloting skill at its zenith, given the ship’s Class-C designation. This suggests that the Kepler-R, with its advanced features, demands a seasoned pilot for optimal operation.

Important: In Starfield, the Kepler-R is currently unobtainable during New Game Plus.

  • Additionally, choices players make at the commencement of New Game Plus in Starfield directly influence the progression route and the range of quests accessible during this playthrough.
  • Walter entrusts the player with a significant responsibility: aiding his R&D team in ship construction.
  • The ultimate objective is the successful completion of the “Overdesigned” mission, culminating in obtaining the valuable Kepler-R ship.

To sum it up, the Overdesigned mission in Starfield encapsulates the game’s rich tapestry of choice-driven narratives and consequential outcomes. As players delve into the shipbuilding intricacies with Walter Stroud’s team, they’re not only constructing a ship but crafting their unique path in an expansive interstellar odyssey, making every decision deeply impactful.

That is all about the Overdesigned mission, If you are interested in exploring more about Starfield consider reading Can You Steal Ships in Starfield, Mantis Puzzle, and How To Find & Unlock Almagest Jackpot in Starfield.


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