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Starfield It’s barely been released yet, and players are already excited to build the outposts of their dreams. Of course, this decision process involves taking into account the total resources they may have while also maintaining and protecting the actual outpost. Players want to know how to choose. Starfield is the best planet for an outpost, And so, a detailed walkthrough may be required!

Important: Players will need to use the right resources to build an outpost in a habitable place. The planet

Key takeaways

  • In the planet Starfield Need to build a proper outpost and make your base flourish.
  • To choose a planet in Starfield, players must visit the planet of their choice, scan it for appropriate resources, and plant a beacon.
  • Planets in which are dangerous or Extreme environment Should be avoided at all costs.
  • references For example, iron, aluminum, and copper are recommended to look for when searching for the perfect planet.
  • Access to a beacon Scanning the planet is done by pressing the R key, which can then be held down to mark your location.
  • Can be done by placing items down increase or reducing the height of building materials.

Starfield perfect planet for outpost

Below is a summary of things to look out for in Starfield Best Planet For Outpost:

Starfield perfect planet for outpost Description
Recommended resources Iron, copper, aluminum
Resources are at hand. Aluminum, copper, tungsten, beryllium
Planets to avoid Planets with harsh atmospheres.

Building an outpost at Starfield

Construction of a starfield outpost
Construction of an outpost

One of the first things players may need to know is whether they need to develop a starfield before they can choose a planet for their outpost, and the simple answer is do not have. Players can focus and choose them. Checkpoints from going

  • Players should focus on building their outposts in large areas, to build and lay down more resources.
  • Apart from this, the players also need to consider them. references When choosing a planet.

Starfield has countless planets to choose from when choosing your outpost. So, choosing one with a solid amount of resources is viable.

How to choose an outpost in Starfield

How to choose a starfield outpost
How to choose an outpost

Moving on, when it comes to actually choosing one Outpostthere will be no pre-requisite questions holding you back while building your outpost.

  1. All you need to do is go to the planet of your choice, make sure you’ve already surveyed it, and land there.
  2. After landing, you want to open yours. Scannerand after opening it, you want to enter your R key.
  3. By doing so, you can access a light, Which can then be put down to claim its position on the planet.

Whenever you start at a location, you will start by accessing the 8 checkpoints given. However, using skills like Planetary Habitation will allow you to increase the number of outposts you can have.

Important: Planetary habitats can be leveled at level 4, increasing the number of outposts you can build up to 16.

Surveying a planet for an outpost

Starfield is surveying a planet.
Surveying a planet

After you have put it down first Bacon On your right, there will be a list of items you can build, such as generators, power supplies, structures such as outpost airlocks, etc.

  • Before settling on a planet to become your own First checkpointyou want to go before that.
  • Once there, you want to go ahead and survey it, which is usually done by scanning the planet. references; Based on At this, you can choose to leave it or stick with it.

Taking the example of Procyon III The planet here, whenever you get close to it, you should be able to scan and survey it, and it shows the following resources.

Attributes Description
Kind of stone
gravity 1.87 g
temperature cold.
the environment High O2
Magnetic sphere unknown
Animals Moderate
Flora Moderate
Water Chemicals
references H2O, Cu, Ar, F, xF4, IL, Ne

After seeing the resources, you should be able to scan them further, which will give you a colorful view of the map. entire planet; gave Resources will be different shades of blue, indicating whether or not it is one of the ideal planets for an outpost.

  • After that, you can zoom in, see more resources, and see what area you want to land on.

Planets to avoid

To escape the starfield planet
Planets to avoid

After that, players should know that not all planets will be instantly habitable as you will need a special skill to outpost them there.

  • Planets with Extreme environment will give you a warning message, such as this is an extreme planet and requires a higher level of planetary habitability.
  • Planets with extreme atmospheres will not allow you to put down your outpost, thus rendering the world useless for it.

Resources to explore

To find Starfield resources
Resources to explore

Next, when you figure out how to place a beacon and which planet to choose, there are a few. Important resources That’s what you’ll want to look for whenever you’re choosing your final outpost.

  • One of the primary resources you should look for when choosing an outpost is coffee. iron
  • Also, try to find a planet that presents. Aluminium But one thing to note is that it can be very rare to find it together.
  • You also want to find a planet that offers a lot. Copper.

While it’s important for you to find these resources already in place, you also want to make sure that there are viable amounts of aluminum, copper, tungsten, and beryllium on board.

Important: These are the basic resources you want to always have on hand, but if you want to go for the perfect house, you’ll want to go for some titanium or even lead in your arsenal.

Outpost item placement

Starfield outpost item placement
Outpost item placement

After choosing a planet for your outpost, you can start building your actual outpost, using the buildables that are available to you.

  • You can either enter a Third person view Or take a first-person view to lay down your constructibles and see exactly where you want to place everything.
  • Also, you can increase or decrease Height of some building materials.
  • You can combine your construction bases with other buildings, making it a combined structure.

gave Excellent place Your outpost construction will be in a flatter plane. So, you should ideally land in a place that has good topography and make sure not to go for too many rocks as this can hinder your building process.

When protecting your base, some of the planets you choose for your Starfield Best Planet For Outpost may also have creatures that can attack it. Therefore, using The constellation can prove worthy.

And that’s just about it! All the things players need to know. Starfield The best planet As for the outpost guide, so let’s wrap it up! While you’re here, why not read how to use it. Promote packs in Starfield.? In addition, d Starfield difficulty The guide is also a worthwhile read!

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