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First contact is one of many. Supplementary questions Within the starfield you encounter various star systems while exploring. Set in Purima Star System, Quest features unique character encounters and multiple endings. Following the Starfield First Contact Quest Guide can help players navigate. Extensive conversations and interaction within the quest to achieve their desired end.

Key takeaways

  • Searching for first contact Starfield One is side mission Encountered in the Purima star system.
  • In this quest, Starfield players are assigned the role of a Diplomat who leads negotiations between the colony of Earth settlers and the Paradiso Board of Directors.
  • You can get three. Different endings In Starfield, depending on your dialogue choices.
  • Each ending gives you 300XPbut other rewards depend on whether you get a normal, good, or bad ending.
  • Each ending is unique and requires players to make different choices through their dialogues.

How to start a first contact search in StarField?

A permanent ship orbiting Purima II in the starfield.
A screenshot of Purima II continuously orbiting the starfield. (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

To initiate First Contact, you must visit the Purima star system in the Starfield universe. The quest starts automatically when you are in Purima’s orbit.

You can also see quest markers, which can be followed to further the quest. As you head towards Purima II, you will encounter Strange ship is circling. The planet

Here is the next set of interactions:

  1. Upon approaching the strange ship, you will encounter a Transmission signal From Chief Sugiyama (Head of Paradiso Security), who will brief you on the situation.
  2. Chief advises you. Meet him In his office if you can do something about the strange ship in orbit.
  3. You can go straight to the Chief’s offices or try to communicate independently with the ship. Both choices do not affect the results.
  4. When you try The conversation With the ship, you will simply be inexplicable static Noise on all communication channels.
  5. Once all communications have failed, you will. Board To investigate what is inside the ship.

If you decide to listen to Chief Sugiyama’s story first, you’ll still be on board. So, boarding the plane directly will save you some money. Time.

First Contact: Starting Conversations

A screenshot of the opening dialogue with Diana in Starfield First Contact.
Initial dialogue with Captain Diana in First Contact. (photo taken by us)

When you enter the ship, you will be greeted by a colony. Settlers which left Earth before the invention of the Garv drive. Earth’s settlement aboard the colony ship Constant left Earth looking for a new home. Early 2100. After them 200 years long Traveling, they arrive at Purima only to find their new home colonial.

After boarding the ship, proceed to the next series of events according to the following instructions:

  1. After boarding the ship, The captain (Diana Breckenridge) will introduce you to the staff.
  2. Once you get to know the staff, give your name and offer to help.
  3. The captain of the ship will now explain his situation and ask you. The middle man Since all communication efforts between them and Paradiso Security have failed.
  4. Now, ask them about getting away. Air lock.
  5. Once you’re in the command bay, talk to the captain again.
  6. you will agree Being a diplomat between the two parties but not making any promises.

Talk to Oliver Campbell.

Paradisaco Board of Directors at Starfield.
A screenshot of the Paradiso Board of Directors in Starfield. (Screenshot by eXputer)

After talking to Diana, fly away Paradiso And talk to Chief Sugiyama (if you haven’t already.) Then, go. Olive Campbell To discuss the situation with the board of directors. Oliver and another Directors will present three possible solutions to the problem.

  1. Help the crew settle into Paradiso by providing some extra resources.
  2. Equip Constant with the Garo Drive so they settle elsewhere.
  3. Destroy the ship.

In this Starfield First Contact Quest Guide, Decision Make your choice here determination The end gets you.

1. Settling permanent staff at Paradiso

Dialogue with Disco in Starfield First Contact.
A conversation with Disuke, the provisions manager at Constant. (Photo by eXputer)

If you choose the first option, you will get Common ending After the dialogue with Oliver for the quest, return to the Constant and talk to the captain. The captain will. agree At the suggestion, but you must convince him to give you the resources to transfer them to Paradiso. In general, this is a good idea “Save Quick” If you fail to convince, your progress before talking to Diana.

Here are the remaining steps to complete the search:

  1. talk to Provisions Manager Constant may omit therein any provisions concerning the ship (Disuke). Ship’s storage.
  2. After taking their spare materials, you’ll still need more sealant, iron, lithium, and fiber.
  3. The best way to get these materials is to use a vendor. New Atlantis.
  4. If the vendor is out of stock, you can relax. 48 hours So their stock resets.
  5. After obtaining all the necessary supplies, inform Diana and take the colonies back to your ship to Paradiso.

Mission Rewards

You will get the following rewards for finishing first:

Name of the item Value
.45 Caliber Acp x 30 25
Ancient Earth Baseball x 2 4590
Ancient Earth Basketball 5400
Ancient Earth Hockey Stick x 3 3580
Ancient Earth Soccer Ball x 2 5500
Ancient Piggy Bank 6490
Modified XM-2311 15580

2. Buying a Garv drive for continuous

First Contact A player chatting with James about the value of Garo Drive in the Starfield.
A conversation with James about the Garv drive. (Image credit: Exporter)

If you decide to get the Garv Drive for the colonies in Constant, you should buy it for them. This is another one Better ending In the Starfield First Contact Quest Guide. Here, Oliver will ask you to meet a man named Benno St. James. Hope Tech Creating a Garv drive source.

To meet James, head to the planet Polo in the Vlad star system. Before you talk to James. Save quick. Your game if you have to re-dialog. James will offer to rebuild the Grav Drive in Constant for. Forty thousand Credit, including labor costs. However, if you succeed in persuasion, you can reduce this cost. Twenty five thousand Credit

Once you’ve paid James to drive Garv, Returns Talk to Constant and Diane.

Help Constant’s engineers.

After talking to Diane, she will ask you to talk to the ship’s crew. Lead Engineer (Amin Kazmi) Amin will assign you. Three tasks Garv to prepare ship for drive.

  1. Reroute power from the port turbo pump to the auxiliary cryogenic generator.
  2. Change the plasma runoff inhibitor to five percent.
  3. Finally, double the magnetic flange pipe enclosures from the auxiliary module assembly.

You perform the following tasks:

  1. To perform step 1, first head to the terminal. left side of the room and select Turbo Pump-Port > Cyrogenic Radiator-Auxiliary.
  2. The next terminal is right there. right side First interact with the terminal, select Plasma Runoff Inhibitor, and set it to five percent.
  3. The magnetic flange pipe enclosures can be detached from the right side of the console. Before Amen By selecting Magnetic Flange Enclosure > Decoupling > Auxiliary Module Assembly.

After completing the above preparations, you can talk to the witch and finish the Starfield First Contact Quest.


Other (good) ending rewards are:

Name of the item Value
.45 Caliber Acp x 30 25
Ancient Earth Baseball x 2 4590
Ancient Earth Basketball 5400
Ancient Earth Hockey Stick x 3 3580
Ancient Earth Soccer Ball x 2 5500
Ancient Piggy Bank 6490
Garv Drive Retrofit Manual 0
Modified XM-2311 16400

3. Destroy the permanent.

The player fights against Constant's security members in the First Contact quest.
A screenshot of a player fighting against opposing crew members on the Constant. (Image credit: eXputer)

If you decide. destroy Permanent for Paradiso, you’ll find a third Worst ending. Oliver will mention that the reactors on the ship can. Self-destruction If they are overloaded. You will need pocket money and lockpick The skills to complete the task. Once you have these skills, go to Amin to transfer it. After Amin moves, you can pocket him to get the ESC Constant Reactor Terminal Key.

Next, follow these steps:

  1. find. Reactor terminal and set the power level to “Emergency Reactor Overdrive”.
  2. Use lockpicking. please confirm Reactor Overdrive from the terminal on the command bay using digipicks.
  3. After the above step, all NPCs in the ship will turn hostile, so you should exit the ship as soon as the overdrive is allowed.


Here are the rewards for choosing the third ending in Starfield’s First Contact quest:

Name of the item Value
Credit to Oliver 6500

The first Conatant Quest in Starfield is a Unique interactions Between the players and a group of colonists who left Earth two hundred years ago. As a diplomat, players must Negotiation Terms of Agreement between Colonies and Board of Directors at Paradiso. There is Three endings With various prizes. The ending you get will depend on the choices you make in the dialogues.

In addition to reading the Starfield First Contact Quest Guide, there is much more to explore in the Settled Systems and beyond. For example, you can learn Ship theft, Romantic Sarah Morganand get Best companion in the starfield. You can also read about Starfield’s maximum level cap And a skill tree to further enhance the play style.


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