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Starfield has a questline known as Red Tape Blues, which lets you become Peter Brennan’s executive assistant. However, you should visit Mars and talk to Trevor to start the quest and answer some questions. The application contains some Starfield Executive Assistant Questions That you have to answer correctly.

Key takeaways

  • to become Executive Assistant to Peter Brennan I Starfieldplayers must start the side quest Red Tape Blues.
  • The search for Red Tape Blues can be started by helping Trevor on Mars.
  • Players can apply for an executive assistant job when they reach a certain level in the Starfield quest line.
  • There will be a request. Seven different questionsAnd it doesn’t matter if a player answers them correctly.
  • If a player answers the questions correctly, he will be considered the best candidate for the executive assistant job.
  • Eventually, Trevor will ask to be hacked. Tia’s computer To delete the applications of all other candidates.

Executive Assistant Questions at Starfield

Talking to Trevor
Talking to Trevor (Image credit: eXputer)

To be accepted as an executive assistant, you must answer seven questions on the application. The answers don’t have to be correct, because it won’t matter in the end.

As stated earlier, you will need to go to Mars and help Trevor start the Red Tape Blues Coastline. So, when the search begins, you will have to answer several questions to be accepted for the job.

Executive Assistant Question (Photo taken by US)

Following are the questions and their answers:

Question answer me.
How many years of experience do you have as an executive, administrative, or other corporate assistant? 5-10 years.
What is the highest level of education you have completed? Bachelor Degree.
The executive wants you to bring him “whiskey, neat.” what is the meaning of this? Trick question. Executives are not allowed to drink alcohol at work.
A VIP arrives at the office to meet with the executive, who is inexplicably running late. What should you do? Serve drinks. Apologize and assure that the exec will be back soon.
A malfunction prevents the Executive’s starship from launching, and they need to get to an important off-world meeting soon. What procedure do you take? Use the company’s credit to instantly charter an expensive luxury craft.
While handling the executive’s email, you receive a message from someone who claims to have damaging information about the executive. What should you do? Take the information to the board of directors so they can handle it.
The executive contacts you and asks you to meet him in his office at midnight. You can tell they are drunk. What do you do? Contact security and let them deal with it.

Deleting applications

Deleting all other applications
Deleting all other applications (image taken by eXputer)

The quest isn’t over yet, because when you submit the request, go to Trevor and talk to him. Once you tell him that you have submitted your application with all the correct answers to the executive assistant questions at Starfield, the next step is Red Tape Blues The questline will be activated. Now, Trevor will ask you to hack into Tia’s computer in Cydonia, which contains all the applications.

He is asking you to hack the computer to delete every single application except yours. If you do, you will see that you were. Best candidate For the position as you answered each question correctly, you would have been selected for the role regardless.

Hacking Tia’s computer in Starfield

Only the applicant remains (grab the screenshot from us)
  • The perfect time to hack Tia’s computer is just around the corner. 5-6 p.m In Starfield, because she won’t be near her computer.
  • If she is still there, you can wait a little while as she will leave soon.
  • When you succeed. All applications are dismissed Leaving you, go back to Trevor and talk to him.

If you go with the answers I provided, you will be the perfect candidate for the job. However, even if you don’t get the answers right, it won’t really affect the results. This is because you will delete every other application.

That’s almost everything you’ll ever want to know. Starfield Executive Assistant Questions. The answers can be tricky, but the guide has the correct answers, so make sure they are answered correctly. I Reddit thread, a person is confused because they are listed as top applicants. However, there is no need to worry about it.

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