Starfield crossed 10 million players in two weeks.



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  • Starfield, the space-faring RPG from Bethesda Game Studios, has amassed over 10 million players in just two weeks of release.
  • It is the most successful launch in the history of Bethesda Game Studios.
  • Xbox Game Pass subscriptions played an important role in player count, with Xbox counting player accounts rather than traditional sales.

shared an interesting update on BethesdaThe official Twitter account ofthe highly anticipated space travel RPG, Starfield, has gained over 10 million players within two weeks of its release. The phenomenal popularity of the game has further cemented its status. Bethesda Game Studios‘ The most successful launch to date.

Released on September 6, Starfield Exclusively available. Xbox Consoles but also playable. PC. Although a specific platform breakdown was not provided, it is important to note. Xbox Given the prevalence of , counting player accounts rather than traditional sales. Xbox Game Pass Subscriptions

Microsoft The position is given Starfield As a potential driver of Xbox Series X|S Sales, which have faced heavy competition. PlayStation 5. In anticipation of the game’s release, Microsoft Take steps to increase your reach and profitability. This includes closing the $1. Xbox Game Pass Testing and introducing an update Xbox Series S Models with increased storage capacity.

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Starfield Signs Bethesda Game StudioFirst new IP in 25 years. The game offers players an open-world experience in space, with multiple planets to explore and the option to follow the main story or engage in quests. of Starfield The release has fueled creativity among players, leading to starship designs inspired by the franchises Star Wars And Star Trek.

As Starfield As it continues to gain traction, gamers around the world await updates on its progress. Microsoft Celebrates this significant achievement in the face of recent challenges.

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