Starfield: Crew Skills and Assignments (Deployment and How to Use)



Companions Each one is uniquely equipped to play an important role during your journey. skill. Depending on the crew you assemble in the starfield, you can use their skills to your advantage. These skills can be different from each other and can give you helpful bonuses when used correctly in the game.

Key takeaways

  • Staff members Starfield Possess unique skills that activate in appropriate. EnvironmentA strategic assignment is required.
  • Crew members each have skills that match your own abilities, and you can find them. Explanations inside you Skill tree.
  • A skill is represented by the number of skills. Stars on the skill icon, and matching skills with characters improves performance.
  • Recruitment Crew members can be recruited through mission completion and employment at the spaceport and bars.
  • It is important to distinguish between companion And Staff membersAs not all crew members become colleagues.
  • gave No The number of crew members you can assign depends on the availability of crew stations. Checkpoints And ships in Starfield.

How to Use Starfield Crew Skills

Skills Crew Member
Staff Member Skills (Photo by eXputer)

The skills of the crew members are activated when they are in the suitable environment in the starfield. Therefore, it is important to assess their skills and assign roles. Accordingly. Those whose skills are most valuable at the outpost should be stationed there, while those best suited for shipboard tasks should accompany you on spacewalks to maintain the starship in the starfield. It should be.

However, Starfield Crew Skills do not provide immediate benefits to the player.

  • For example, if you have Sarah Morgan With botany skills, take him on a planet exploration.
  • While exploring, she collects autonomously. Plants There’s a chance she’ll give you what she collects.
  • Also applies to other staff. Related Expertise in Starfield; A skilled cook can share the prepared food with you.

Understanding staff skills

  • Every staff member has one. 1 to 4 skillwhich can be found in the Crew Roster menu.
  • Each skill is an exact copy of your skill, and Explanations Can be seen in your skill tree.
  • The skill is indicated by the mastery No of stars on the skill icon.
  • Assign roles to staff members based on their skills. The star Rating on their icons.
  • A low skill gap results in a high. effective staff performance.
  • Typically, assign staff with Tech skills Ships and science and Social skills To the outposts
  • Excel as crew members with strong combat and physical skills A fellow warriorLike Andrej

Recruitment of staff members

Recruitment of staff members
Recruitment of Staff Members (Photo by eXputer)

Expanding your NPC crew is crucial for effective outposts and versatile starships in the starfield.

Two basic ways to get more staff members:

Exploration and Mission Completion:

  • play MissionsSpecifically for unlocking Nakshatra’s key missions, crew members and companions.
  • Completing missions may provide opportunities to recruit relevant crew members.
  • For example, savings mill In Starfield allows you to recruit him to Cydonia.

Hiring in spaceports and bars

  • come visit Space base And bars In the major cities of the Starfield.
  • Find professionals looking for work on board or at an outpost.
  • Some crews have limited skills in the Starfield, suitable for filling gaps, while others offer a wider range of skills.
  • A front The fee Required to hire staff members.

It is important to understand that no crew member is to be boarded. Equivalent To have a companion who is with you everywhere. To clarify, all Starfield companions are part of your crew, but not every crew member becomes a companion. You can invite your teammates to follow you along, while crew members must be assigned specific roles if you want to use their abilities effectively in Starfield.

Assigning crew members to the starfield

Assigning a staff member
Assigning a staff member (Photo by eXputer)

After recruiting a team of staff members at Starfield, the next step is to assign them roles so that they can use their skills effectively. Assignments are not permanent, as you have the flexibility to reassign or remove crew members using the crew menu when your ship is grounded. This is how you recruit or accompany colleagues as needed.

  1. Start by opening the main menu, then select the ship Menu.
  2. Follow the button prompts below to open. ‘Staff’ View the menu and all your available crew members in the roster.
  3. You will get it too. skill of your crew in the roster at Starfield.
  4. Scroll down the roster list and follow the button prompts. Assignment Your chosen staff member at the station.
  5. Select an assignment from the list, such as yours the ship or Checkpointsand that crew member will proceed to their assigned location.


  • Assigning staff members Outpostyou must have built one. Staff station For them to live.
  • You can increase. No of crew members that a checkpoint may hold with or through multiple crew stations. Upgrading Outpost Management skill up to level 3.

the ship

  • The number of crew members you can assign to a ship is also determined by the number. Staff stations he has.
  • Increase the number of Staff stations By using a better cockpit, adding better hubs and more of them (this would require starship design skills), and upgrading Ship command skills.

Do Crew Skills Stack?

Sarah Morgan
Sarah Morgan (Image credit: eXputer)

Staff member skills Specially Benefit them in the starfield, not you. For example, Sarah’s botany expertise means that she, as an individual, is adept at finding plant items and can occasionally share them with you. However, you don’t have the expertise either Skill stack with your own.

Now, about the staff Ship skills In Starfield, they do indeed enhance the ship’s capabilities, but not in the way you might assume. To determine the skill of the ship, it works by selecting the crew member with the highest level of a particular skill. Bonus level Submission of application. Does not stack with bonus. Other staff members‘ bonus, but it combines with any bonuses you personally hold.

For example, if you have a member of staff with you. Rank 2 payloads And with another Rank 3 payloadsthe game will only apply bonuses from crew members of rank 3 payloads, but the bonus will complement any payload perk bonus. you have it.

This is everything you need to know about Starfield Crew Skills. Be sure to use this when recruiting crew members To convince, as this can help reduce fees and save you some credit. You can try to recruit some staff members. New Atlantis And Neon City


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