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gave Cosmetic materials A resource thing. To be more precise, it is an organic resource. Starfield which can be obtained from plants and animals such as plants. In-game, it can be used mostly in terms of mechanics for research and crafting, in particular Helmet mods And Ply textiles.

Key takeaways

  • Starfield’s cosmetic content There is a resource item in the game and it can be used for various purposes, such as exploration and crafting.
  • Cosmetic materials are mainly used for this. The helmet And The space suit Modes
  • Players can visit various vendors throughout. Settled Systems To get hands on cosmetic material.
  • Cosmetic materials can also be obtained by looting enemy corpses or various containers.
  • Plants like Flora And Fauna Can also be used as a means to obtain cosmetic materials.

What are the cosmetic ingredients in Starfield?

Cosmetic materials
Cosmetic materials

Important: Cosmetic material is an organic resource that can be used for research and craft purposes.

Cosmetic materials is classified as an organic resource, indicating its origin from sources such as Flora And Animals. This resource serves research and crafting purposes, particularly for the creation of helmet mods, spacesuit mods, and polytextiles.

How to get cosmetic ingredients?

There are several ways to get your hands on it. Cosmetic materials.

  • Players can obtain cosmetic materials by visiting various vendors throughout the location. Settled Systems.
  • Apart from this, you can also get cosmetic materials by looting enemy corpses and various containers.
  • You can also get cosmetic ingredients from different plants.

All the above methods are fully explained as follows:

Buy from vendors

Buying Cosmetic Materials at Jamieson Mercantile
Buying Cosmetic Materials at Jamieson Mercantile

Cosmetic materials Available for purchase at multiple establishments scattered throughout the galaxy, including locations such as Jamieson Mercantile I New Atlantis. The price and quantity of cosmetic materials can fluctuate based on the shop and your character level, so it may be advisable to search different vendors.

Once you have purchased Cosmetic materialsyou may also consider to wait for a period of 24 hours to allow them Inventory To refill and buy again from the same vendor.

Some other vendors where cosmetic ingredients can be obtained are:

  • UC Distribution Center
  • UC Exchange
  • Shepard’s General Store

Looting enemies and containers

Looting of cosmetic materials from containers
Looting of cosmetic materials from containers

You can get Cosmetic materials By defeating enemies and clearing their remains or various containers. Since looting is unpredictable, there’s no guarantee of finding cosmetic materials every time, but it’s advisable to inspect every enemy you encounter or stumble upon. Additionally, you may find other valuable items or credits during your quest.

Get it from plants.

Obtaining cosmetic ingredients from plants
Obtaining cosmetic ingredients from plants

Cosmetic materials An alternative approach can also be achieved by visiting various planets and scanning for their plant and animal life. Some of these entities may acquire cosmetic materials as natural resources accessible through interactive harvesting. Use your scanner to identify plants such as Flora or Animals Because they have cosmetic content and your efforts are focused on them.

However, this approach is cost-free and environmentally conscious, although it may require a lot of patience and dedication to collect sufficient quantities. Cosmetic materials.

Cosmetic Material ID

Command console
Command console
Important: gave Starfield The cosmetic material ID for the command console is 0055A8.

Starfield players can add desired items to their inventory. command console, Which is only available on PC. Using the command console, players can add various items to their inventory as well as use them. Cheat codes I Starfield.

To use the command console, follow the steps below:

  1. Press “~When you are playing Starfield, press the “key” on your keyboard.
  2. gave Command console will pop up.
  3. After the command console is activated, type “player.additem (Item ID) quantity”.
    Using the command console
    Using the command console
  4. In the case of Cosmetic materialsyou can type “player.additem 0055A8 100”.
  5. 100 cosmetic materials will be added to your inventory.
  6. However, using the command console will disable the achievements. Starfield.

With all the information provided above, my guide on how to get Cosmetic materials Finally ends. In this guide, I have mentioned all the details related to cosmetic materials, eg How to get cosmetic resources As well as different Locations of Starfield Cosmetic Materials.

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