Starfield Burden of Proof: All Evidence Locations



Part of going undercover for UC Vanguard means collecting evidence against the Crimson Fleet in Starfield as part of the Burden of Proof mission. Lieutenant Toft asks you to collect everything he can find and there are 20 pieces of evidence and some may be lost. The more evidence you collect, the better the reward you will get.

How to start loading the test in Starfield

Burden of Proof will begin once you become an undercover UC SysDef agent and are tasked with infiltrating the Crimson Fleet. Commander Ikande will ask you to report to Lieutenant Toft, who will ask you to gather all the evidence you can against the pirates.

Can evidence be discarded under the burden of proof?

There are certain pieces of evidence in the Burden of Proof mission that cannot be missed if you don’t pick them up when they become available. Some tests cannot be missed as they are part of the main objectives of the Crimson Fleet questline. If you want to find all the evidence of the Burden of Proof, you must do so before the Crimson Fleet faction questline ends.

All Starfield Test Charge Evidence Locations

The evidence you find for the Burden of Proof mission looks like notebooks. They are small and sometimes easy to miss, but they are marked “Evidence” so you know what you are looking for. Evidence can be found throughout the different missions you undertake for the Crimson Fleet and some is found in their main base, The Key.

1. Naeva Encounter Test Location

The Naeva Meet Up (Evidence) can be found behind Kemp on the table. Go to Sydonia on Mars, which is located in the Solar System. This evidence can be collected during the Deep Cover mission, which tasks you with joining the Crimson Fleet by impressing Adler Kemp.

2. Location of evidence from Carter’s concert

This evidence can be found during the Echoes of the Past mission. Carter’s concert is considered a key item you need to finish the mission, so you can’t miss it. To find it, open the lockers in the bathroom of the D-Block section.

3. Keeper’s Record Evidence Location

This can be found in the Guardian’s office during the Echoes of the Past quest. Follow the yellow painted rooms and go up the stairs. You’ll find the Keeper’s Log (Evidence) in the corner of one of the desks. Unlike the other evidence found on this mission, this one cannot be detected.

4. Request Evidence Location Denied

Request Denied is a test that can be found during the mission Breaking the Bank. It is on top of the shelf next to the bed in the captain’s room within the crew quarters. It’s on the second floor which you can head to after talking to Rokov. Head to the kitchen on the left and enter the crew quarters. Continue down the hallway until you see a red vending machine. The Captain’s Room is on the right.

5. Location of evidence of Dumbrosky’s embezzlement scheme

You have to pay Gabriel Vera 2500 credits for Dumbrosky’s embezzlement scheme (Evidence). Since you are instructed not to deviate from the Breaking the Bank mission, this is the best way to collect this evidence without problems.

6. Location of Huan talk evidence

This evidence can be found on the bottom floor of Kay’s house in the mission All the Best There Is. Go to Kay’s house in The Well after talking to Huan about work. You can find Kay’s House on the lower floor. You can find Huan’s Talk (Evidence) in the back kitchen, on a table.

7. Eubanks & Woods Testing Location

After reaching Gabriel Vogel’s laboratory, explore the back room to his right and you will find this evidence. Eubanks & Woods (Evidence) can be found in the cart near the computers. This test can be bypassed as you will not be able to re-enter the SY-920 ship after exiting it.

8. Request evidence location A17

Found in The Key, head to Jazz’s Ship Services office. Application A17 (Evidence) is to the right of your computer terminal.

9. Location of evidence of Misa’s death

This evidence is found within The Key. Inside one of the first floor rooms located in the Bunk Bed. The room you’re looking for has a dumbbell on the other side of the bed. Misa’s disappearance (evidence) is on the table on the left.

10. Location of evidence of Voss pieces

Go to the Operations Center in The Key and go up the stairs. The Voss Parts (Evidence) are located next to Delgado’s computer.

eleven. Location of Gennady Ayton evidence

Go to The Key Clinic and talk to Samina to ask if she needs help. This will start the mission Doctor’s Orders, where you will venture to the Clinical Space Station to search for Gennady Ayton. You can find Gennady Ayton (Evidence) behind him on top of some computer parts.

12. Message for the location of the swamp evidence

Talk to Bog at the Last Nova bar and ask him what’s bothering him. He will send you on the Recover the Past mission to find his ex-partner’s ring. The problem here is that the outpost for this mission appears to be randomly generated, meaning you could end up with enemies above your weight class. You will find the Message for Bog (Evidence) in a military box inside the same room where you find the ring.

13. Location of evidence from the chunk heist

This evidence can be found in Porimma 3. Travel to the Porimma System and land on the Red Mile in Porimma 3. You will find Chunks Heist (Evidence) on the left side of the bar counter.

14. Location of chiropteran evidence

The Chiroptera (Evidence) can be found at Lizzy’s Bar in Gagarin. Travel to the Alpha Centauri System and land on the planet. This evidence can be found at the counter at Lizzy’s Bar near the spaceport, just before the statue.

fifteen. HopeTown Raid Evidence Location

This evidence can be found at The Pit Stop in HopeTown. Travel to Planet Volvo in the Valo System. It’s on the bar counter in front of the fire extinguisher.

sixteen. Kreet Offer Evidence Location

This evidence can be found on a table right when you enter The Den in the Wolf System. It is on the planet Chthonia. Once you’ve docked inside, pick up the Kreet Offer (evidence) on the table in front of the large neon sign that says “Open.”

17. The location of the Big Score evidence

This evidence can be found during the Absolute Power quest for the Crimson Fleet quest line. Once you’ve landed in Ebbside in Neon, go to the Madame Sauvage bar and then head to the door on the left to find a bedroom. The Big Result (Evidence) is on the nightstand.

18. Meeting with the location of Bayu’s evidence

During the Absolute Power mission, you have the optional task of breaking into Ayumi Komiko’s office, where you can find this evidence. Head to the Generdyne offices and speak to Ji Nashida, who works at the front desk. Convince Nashida to let you into Ayumi’s office after mentioning Komiko or lock it yourself.

19. Ayumi’s Offer Evidence Location

Ayumi’s offer (evidence) can be found behind the bar in the members-only lounge at Euphorika. You will end up arriving here because of the Absolute Power quest. However, entry will cost 5,000 credits.

twenty. Location of Mortem Obire evidence

You can find Mortem Obire (Evidence) right next to Jasper Kryx’s body in the Eye of the Storm quest. This is the penultimate mission of the Crimson Fleet faction questline before you have to decide between siding with the pirates or the UC SysDef.

Test Evidence Reward Loading in Starfield

Finding all 20 pieces of evidence for the Burden of Proof quest will reward you with the legendary Memento Mori pistol and a few thousand credits. After collecting the last evidence, return to UC Vigilance and talk to Lieutenant Toft, who will tell you about his past and give you rewards for finding all the evidence you need.

If you side with UC SysDef to fight the pirates, you will gain more support from the faction in the attack on The Key. Although just because you gave Lieutenant Toft all the evidence doesn’t mean you have to side with UC SysDef. You can immediately return to The Key to deliver Kryx’s Legacy to Delgado and side with the pirates.



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