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In the vast expanses of the starfield, structural materials stand as primary assets, critical to improving outposts and ensuring smooth interstellar navigation. As explorers embark on their cosmic journeys, mastering the art of acquiring these materials becomes critical. From shopping vendors to sacking enemy bases, and the bounty of interspecies flora and fauna, opportunities abound. Let’s consider the most effective ways to secure these indispensable resources.

Key takeaways

  • are structural materials. It is necessary to increase the capabilities of the outpost. Starfield.
  • Buying from vendors provides convenience but can be expensive.
  • Enemy bases, especially the bases of pirates and smugglers, are places to mine.
  • There are planets like Porrima II and Eta Cassiopeia. Important harvest locations In Starfield.
  • Investing in Starfield’s best starting skill Like Botany or Zoology promotes the cutting of the outpost.
  • Balancing the methods of obtaining materials ensures a constant flow without excessive costs.

What are the structural materials in Starfield?

Structural materials
Structural Materials (Image credit: eXputer)

Structural materials are important resources that players often need in Starfield, as they play an important role in enhancing outpost capabilities, facilitating sustainable travel in the game.

Important: Structural materials can be obtained through a variety of sources such as purchasing from vendors, clearing enemy bases, and harvesting from diverse flora and fauna on different planets. These planets include prominent ones like Prima II and Eta Cassiopeia.

Best ways to get structural materials

There are a number of ways that players can go about and speed up the process of getting textured content. However, in the vast world of Starfield, not knowing can cost you. Time And in turn, you’ll be cultivating less content if you have the right information. That’s why I’ve listed the best ways to form for structured content here in Starfield.

1. Purchase from vendors

the seller
Vendors (Image credit: eXputer)

When venturing into the expanses of Starfield, one of the main resources you’ll often need is structural materials. These components play an important role in growth. Your outpost abilitiesThus ensuring a sustainable journey in Starfield. Here’s a breakdown of the main way to get them: through vendors.


Purchase of structural materials from vendors in Starfield Offers an element of convenience to players.. This is the most direct route, enabling you to get resources without the extra effort of looting or farming.


  • While shopping can be hassle-free, it may not always be the fastest way to accumulate large amounts in the Starfield.
  • Additionally, this method is heavier on the player’s credit, making it less cost-effective in the long run.
  • A key limitation of relying on vendors is their stock availability at Starfield.
  • If a vendor runs out, players have to wait for restock, which can introduce unwanted downtime, especially if you need the material urgently.

Best seller

  • General Stores: As a rule of thumb, players should gravitate towards all-purpose stores in settlements in the Starfield. These shops, unlike those specializing in weapons or food, are more likely to store structural materials.
  • Jamieson Mercantile in New Atlantis: A prominent vendor often known to have structural materials in their inventory.
  • Distribution center in New Atlantis Commercial District: A reliable source for these resources, especially for players based around New Atlantis in Starfield.
  • Shepard’s General Store in Aquila City: Another great vendor to keep on your radar when passing through Starfield.
  • Sieghart’s Outfitters and Newell’s Equipment Neon: These vendors often store structured materials, offering players more options for acquiring resources.

2. Clearing enemy bases

Clearing enemy positions
Clearing enemy bases (Image credit: eXputer)

In the vast universe of Starfield, enemy bases offer unique opportunities for players to acquire valuable resources. Key areas of cleaning include:

  • Pirate Base: Often isolated and heavily guarded, but baked from a mixture of looted supplies and materials at Starfield.
  • Traffickers’ Hideouts: Hidden and treacherous, they usually contain forbidden and rare content.
  • Spacer Stations: Floating in the void, these bases can hold basic structural materials as well as valuable technology.
  • Zealot Sanctimus: Expect to find the unique and sacred, usually with a strong and religious undertone. Itemssome of which can be reproduced.

Places to focus your search.

When rotating these bases, specific areas in the Starfield contain gold mines for structural materials and valuables:

  • Countertops: Often overlooked, these surfaces can hold small but essential items.
  • Workbenches: A focal point for any base, they usually contain tools, components, and sometimes rare materials.
  • Crates: Cleaning is the bread and butter of Starfield. Rummage through them for a chance to discover an assortment of items, from weapons to structural materials.


While clearing enemy bases may be easier due to their proximity or your current mission, it’s important to recognize its limitations:

  • it is Less efficient for bulk collection. If your primary goal is to collect large amounts of structural material quickly, other methods may serve you better. However, if you’re already infiltrating a base for a different purpose, this is an easy way to round out your stash.

3. Galactic harvesting in the star field

Harvesting the Galaxy
Galactic Harvesting (Image credit: eXputer)

By understanding the correct harvesting methods and identifying key locations, players can efficiently store critical structural materials. The best way? Straight Harvest from diverse flora and fauna Found on different planets.

Harvesting of plants

  • Look closely at any vegetation.
  • Wait for the ‘Harvest’ prompt to appear.
  • Enable content collection.

Harvesting of animals

  • After defeating a creature, examine its remains.
  • Some creatures have body parts. Labeled ‘(structural)’ Shows their effectiveness.

Important locations for efficient harvesting

  1. Higher Vegetative Planets: For example, Purima II It is known for its dense forests and lush landscapes, making it an ideal location for harvesting plant material.
  2. Planets full of creatures: and CassiopeiaFor example, hosts a variety of creatures that are known to often drop structural materials upon defeat.

Destination of key planets

For those truly committed to amassing a collection of structural material at Starfield, focusing on flora and fauna can be fruitful. Choosing planets filled with vibrant plant and animal ecosystems ensures a constant flow of these materials.

Take for example, Oborum I In Oborum Prime System. This grassland is particularly famous for its rich biodiversity. Cook plant– An important source of structural material for dedicated collectors.

4. Harvesting from a checkpoint

Harvesting from the checkpoint
Harvesting from a checkpoint (Image credit: eXputer)

In order to take interest in outpost harvesting, a player must first unlock and master the skill. Outpost Engineering Within science Skill tree in Starfield. This basic step provides the information necessary to exploit checkpoints to extract content.

Diverse skill sets

To maximize the potential of your outpost at Starfield, turn to specialized subjects such as Botany or Zoology is important. Depending on your focus—whether flora or fauna—these skills will enable you to tap into a rich vein of resources, increasing your outpost’s production.

Build effectively

Once the necessary skills are in place, it is important to build specific modules according to your chosen specialty. For example, if you have given the hon. Botany, integrating plant based modules Your harvesting results will increase exponentially.

A word of caution

Although checkpoints promise lucrative returns, it is important to note that this method demands considerable investment in both resources and time. Players should approach this strategy with patience and clear understanding. Starfield’s long-term goals.

My recommendations for getting structured content faster

A balanced and varied approach to assembling structural materials will always yield the best results. By judiciously alternating between purchase and natural collection methods, players can ensure a steady flow of resources in Starfield without burning a hole in their in-game wallet.

Integrating strategies for maximum output

For players looking to maximize their profits on structural materials, a multi-pronged approach is key. Don’t rely on any one method. Instead, combine different strategies to take advantage of your individual strengths.

Target rich planetary environments

Target rich planetary environments
Target-rich planetary environments (Image credit: eXputer)

Planets like Porrima II and Eta Cassiopeia emerge as top contenders due to their natural abundances in the star field.

They offer a quick way to collect, given the wealth of content they have. Adventurers are encouraged to frequent such locations as a primary resource center.

Convenience vs. Cost

While buying from vendors offers instant appeal, it comes at a high financial cost.

  • On the other hand, methods such as pruning and cleaning, although potentially time-consuming, are proven Economical in the long run.
  • Players must evaluate their immediate needs versus the financial situation in play to make an informed decision.

To wrap it up, saving structural materials in Starfield is not just an activity but a strategy, which is crucial to modern gameplay. Whether it’s purchasing, scavenging, or tapping the galaxy’s natural resources, the player’s adaptation to acquiring these materials shapes their journey. Adopt a multidimensional approach, and the secrets of the universe will unfold seamlessly.

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