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Starfield It has some great sniper rifles that players can choose from, including the MagSniper, Hard Target, and the Old Earth Hunting Rifle. Sniper rifles are The best weapon With higher precision and a wider range, more precision will be required. Players will want to know what are the best sniper rifles.

Important: Players will need to attach mods to their sniper rifles to enhance their performance.

Key takeaways

  • It has 3 official sniper rifles. StarfieldWhile rifles like the Marksman A99 and Beowulf can function as sniper rifles after using mods.
  • gave Sniper Rifles in Starfield Serve as weapons with greater accuracy and greater range.
  • gave Benefit The use of sniper rifles is that they deal more damage while also giving players excellent range.
  • one Error The thing about sniper rifles is that they require more precision to fire properly.
  • Modes The performance of these rifles can be enhanced, such as those that increase accuracy, increased damage, magazine size, enlarged sights, and more.

The best starfield sniper rifles

Below is a summary version of sniper rifles and their advanced slots, fire rate, accuracy, range, advantages and The best mods To equip in the game.

Starfield Best Sniper Magniper Hard target Old Earth Hunting Rifle
The best mods Stabilizing Barrel, Long Scope, Shock Charge Band, Recon Laser Light, High Powered, Long Barrel, Muzzle Brake, Penetrator Round Bell barrel, large magazine, long scope, high powered, laser sight, tactical grip, suppressor Hair trigger, high powered, laser sight, small magazine, high velocity
Mod slots 6 7 3
Rate of fire 17 25 40
correction 86.1% 74.2% 86.8%
Range 100 100 100
Benefits Mod slots, one-shot damage, versatility Stealth, high fire rate, suppressive mode Accuracy, rate of fire, high range

1. Magniper

Magsniper (Screenshot by eXputer)
Magniper Stats Attributes
Type of weapon Rifle
Gunpowder 6.5 mm
on a large scale 9.55
Mod slots 6
Loss of base 268 physical
Rate of fire 17
Range 100
correction 86.1%
Magazine 12

The MagSniper is one of the best sniper rifles in Starfield, known for dealing extremely high damage.

  • Overall usage: It has a range of 100, an overall fire rate of 17 and a base accuracy of 86.1%, making it a great choice for players.
  • Mod Slots: It also has 6 mod slots, enabling it to be equipped with broken mods that can make it better than other rifles in your arsenal.
  • One shot damage: The magsniper is also generally known for its excellent damage output, which is used to decimate enemies over and over again.

The Magniper Rifle in Starfield can be purchased from shops such as:

  • Centurion Arsenal
  • Neon Tactical
  • Roland Arms

2. Hard targeting

Hard target
Hard Target (Image credit eXputer)
Hard target stats Attributes
Type of weapon Rifle
Gunpowder .50 caliber
on a large scale 9.15
Mod slots 7
Loss of base 139 physical
Rate of fire 25
Range 100
correction 74.2%
Magazine 5

Hard target sniper rifles in Starfield are known for their high rate of fire, which is used to create stealth.

  • sneak upIf you prefer a stealth-oriented build, Hard Target can be a great sniper rifle in Starfield.
  • High rate of fire: Compared to MagSniper, Hard Target offers players a higher rate of fire of 25, making it more useful.
  • Suppressive mode: One thing that players should be aware of is that Hard Target can use Suppressor Mode compared to the MagSniper.

Hard Target can be purchased from stores such as:

  • Centurion Arsenal
  • Neon Tactical
  • Roland Arms
  • UC Exchange

3. Old Earth Hunting Rifle

Old Earth Hunting Rifle
Old Earth Hunting Rifle (Image Credits Exporter)
Ancient Earth Hunting Rifle Stats Attributes
Type of weapon Rifle
Gunpowder 9 x 29 mm
on a large scale 3.15
Mod slots 3
Loss of base 36 physical
Rate of fire 40
Range 100
correction 86.8%
Magazine 20

Old Earth Hunting Rifles will provide a high accuracy combined with an excellent fire rate, making them the best option for picking off enemies in the Starfield from a distance.

  • correction: The Old Earth Hunting Rifle gives players an overall accuracy of 86.8%, making its shots very accurate.
  • Rate of fire: When it comes to fire rate, it has a fire rate of 40, which makes it an even better choice.
  • High range: The rifle also has a very high range of 100.

Players can buy this specific. Sniper rifles in Starfield Through shops as mentioned below, or they can be stolen. United Colonies Surplus

  • Excellent defense
  • Collectors of Centurion Clint
  • Roland Arms

Advantage of Sniper Rifles in Starfield?

What are sniper rifles?
What are sniper rifles (Image credit eXputer)

Sniper rifles in Starfield are long-range, high-accuracy guns that demand more accuracy but deal more damage.

Starfield has a wide selection of rifles that players can choose from in terms of rifles in Starfield, including laser rifles as well as ballistic rifles, and even particle beam rifles. Still, the choices for sniper rifles are few and far between.

There are a few reasons why players may want to use sniper rifles to begin with, and they are as follows:

  • High health: Sniper rifles generally provide better accuracy when used in mid-battle than other guns.
  • More damage: The overall damage output provided by a sniper rifle is also excellent. Hence it is preferred.
  • Modes: With the help of mods like suppressors, scopes and barrels, it can increase the sniper rifle’s capability and make it more usable.

And that’s just about it! All the things players need to know. Starfield sniper rifles Lead the way, and with that, let’s wrap it up! While you’re here, why not read on? Starfield Ship Storage leader? In addition, the How to use Boost Pack Starfield The guide is a must read! Refer to it. Sniper rifle Reddit thread For further discussion of this weapon type.

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