Starfield BEST Ships And How To Get Them (Top 17)



In the expansive universe of Starfield, a ship defines a player’s journey. From the combat prowess of the Abyss Trekker, and the versatility of the Star Eagle, to the sheer dominance of the Watchdog III, selecting the perfect vessel is crucial. Each ship, with its distinct strengths and weaknesses, promises a unique adventure.

Key Takeaways

  • Starfield features 75 Ship types in the game. 
  • Owning a ship opens up vast, uncharted galaxies for exploration.
  • Best ships ensure superior combat prowess against formidable adversaries in Starfield.
  • Maintaining premier vessels demands a hefty investment in credits and upgrades.
  • Ships with larger crew capacities offer diverse gameplay dynamics and team strategies in Starfield.
  • Without a reliable ship in Starfield, players risk frequent space ambushes and loss by Space Pirates.

Best Ships In Starfield

 Here is a quick look at the list of best ships in Starfield written along with Fuel, Hull, Cargo, Reactor, Crew, Jump, Shield, BAL, LAS, PAR, EM, MSL, Mass, and Value stats: 

Serial Number Ship Name Fuel Hull Cargo Reactor Crew Jump Shield BAL LAS PAR EM MSL Mass Value
17 Vista III 800 1,336 3,280 38 (C) 6 30 1,350 162 22 0 1 0 2,045 548,900
16 Silent Runner 300 1,164 6,080 34 (C) 5 29 975 0 0 38 0 96 2,463 390,150
15 Stronghold 2,200 1,047 2,360 27 (C) 6 30 1,600 48 36 0 0 0 2,030 400,125
14 Wanderwell 200 502 800 20 2 27 LY 455 27 N/A N/A 37 N/A 622 71,186
13 Starborn Guardian N/A 649 950 22 5 30 LY 630 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 9,843
12 Vanquisher III 1,100 908 4,120 20 6 21 LY 730 149 6 34 0 0 2,087 335,655
11 Razorleaf N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 16 LY 468 N/A 6 N/A 16 N/A N/A N/A
10 Renegade III 500 1,488 4,367 27 6 23 LY 850 100 48 37 N/A N/A 2,050 270,062
9 Kepler R 2,800 1,000 3,550 24 6 28 LY 805 N/A 44 38 N/A N/A 2,642 457,641
8 Conqueror 2,800 999 3,905 24 N/A N/A 805 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 433,570
7 Shield breaker 550 940 2,280 27 5 22 LY 610 28 24 N/A N/A N/A 1,238 265,443
6 Kepler S N/A 689 3,200 18 3 27 LY 570 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 1,474 176,240
5 Crimson Fleet Wight III N/A 1,516 957 N/A Up to 7 crew members N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A The Key for 300,000 Credits
4 Narwhal 560 2118 1760 36 7 30 LY 995 114 24 N/A N/A 86 1593 N/A
3 Watchdog III 50 619 805 23 4 25 LY 550 N/A N/A N/A N/A 172 473 140,643
2 Star Eagle 140 948 2,736 29 N/A N/A 912 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 57,228
1 The Abyss Trekker 950 1,031 340 27 (C) 6 28 LY 850 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 1,282 347,230

17. Vista III

Vista lll
Vista III (picture credits: eXputer)
Ship Stats Value
FUEL 800
HULL 1,336
CARGO 3,280
SHIELD 1,350
BAL 162
LAS 22
EM 1
MASS 2,045
VALUE 548,900

The Vista III ship in Starfield is a formidable “flagship” type vessel, boasting impressive stats like a substantial crew capacity of 6 members, powerful weapon systems, a hefty cargo hold of 3,280, and one of the game’s best shields at 1,350. These features make it an ideal choice for various in-game scenarios, ensuring confidence in almost any situation.

  • The superiority of the Vista III lies in its exceptional shield stat of 1350.
  • Few ships in Starfield can rival this, making it particularly valuable in space battles where robust defense is crucial.
  • This reduces concerns about taking extensive damage during skirmishes.

Note: The Vista III isn’t without its drawbacks. Its weaker jump drive and the absence of shielded cargo curtail its initial versatility. Yet, with upgrades, these constraints are manageable.

How To Get

Acquiring the Vista III is straightforward. It’s available for purchase in Neon’s Ship Services, priced at 300,000 credits. Investing in this ship ensures a significant advantage in Starfield’s expansive universe.

16. Silent Runner

Silent runner ship
Silent Runner ship (picture credits: eXputer)
Ship Stats Value
FUEL 300
HULL 1,164
CARGO 6,080
PAR 38
EM 0
MSL 96
MASS 2,463
VALUE 390,150

The Silent Runner ship in Starfield is renowned for its unmatched base cargo capacity, a staggering 6,080, making it the go-to vessel for players prioritizing storage. This unrivaled carrying capacity allows adventurers to essentially disregard weight limits when collecting resources, a significant benefit given Starfield’s emphasis on acquisition.

  • While the Silent Runner’s storage prowess is undisputed, the ship isn’t perfect.
  • Its speed is unremarkable, it underperforms in combat, and its fuel capacity is disappointingly limited.
  • Yet, the sheer value of its immense cargo hold — even without a shielded cargo feature — is hard to overlook.

How To Get

To secure the Silent Runner in Starfield, head to HopeTown, situated on Polvo within the Valo star system. At Hopetech HQ, players can approach Inaya Rehman, who sells the ship for 390,150 Credits.

Important: While this price might seem steep, the ship’s exceptional storage capability justifies the investment. Upon purchasing, players can also enhance the already impressive cargo space further.

For those unwilling to spend hours fine-tuning ship configurations, the Silent Runner presents an almost ideal solution, assuming one can afford it. It’s a worthy investment for those focused on maximizing storage potential in the vastness of Starfield’s universe.

15. Stronghold

Stronghold ship
Stronghold ship (picture credits: eXputer)
Ship Stats Value
FUEL 2,200
HULL 1,047
CARGO 2,360
SHIELD 1,600
BAL 48
LAS 36
EM 0
MASS 2,030
VALUE 400,125

The Stronghold ship in Starfield stands true to its name, emerging as one of the premier “defensive” vessels in the game. With its robust shields and substantial Cargo Capacity, it ensures players can navigate the galaxy without the constant threat of destruction.

  • What sets the Stronghold apart is its unparalleled resilience in Starfield.
  • While the considerable price tag categorizes it as a late-game, specialty option, its worth becomes evident to those mapping planets and galaxy-hopping.
  • The Stronghold ship’s towering defenses, combined with a high fuel capacity, an impressive 30-lightyear jump capability, and generous cargo hold, position it as a powerhouse among Starfield’s ships.

Its main trade-off, however, is its notable lack of agility. But for those prioritizing protection and extensive travel capabilities, the Stronghold’s benefits often outweigh its mobility constraints.

How To Get

To acquire the Stronghold, adventurers need to head to Akilia City in Starfield, where it can be purchased for 400,125 Credits.

Though its price is steep, its defensive capabilities and transport efficiency render it a valuable asset for players seeking safe, long-range transport of vast cargo amounts. Investing in the Stronghold offers a remarkable balance of defense, capacity, and interstellar travel.

14. Wanderwell

wanderwell ship
wanderwell ship (picture credits: eXputer)
Ship Stats Value
Fuel 200
Hull 502
Cargo 800
Reactor 20
Crew 2
Jump 27 LY
Shield 455
BAL 27
EM 37
Value 71,186
Mass 622

The Wanderwell ship in Starfield is an early-game vessel, superior to the starter ship, Frontier, in many vital categories and is obtainable almost from the game’s outset. However, to unlock it, players must select the Kid’s Stuff Trait during the initial character creation.

  • The Wanderwell’s main draw lies in its enhanced carrying capacity, a significant advantage in the early game phases.
  • While some may argue there are more preferable Traits in Starfield than Kid’s Stuff, those eager for an expanded ship early on will find this option enticing.

While the Wanderwell offers certain early-game advantages in Starfield, particularly in cargo capacity, its overall utility might not warrant the selection of the Kid’s Stuff Trait for all players, given the game’s plethora of ship options and trait combinations.

How To Get

To procure the Wanderwell in Starfield, one needs to opt for the Kid’s Stuff Trait at the game’s commencement and subsequently visit their in-game parents, who then grant them the ship.

While the ship’s marked improvement over the UC Prison Shuttle, it still doesn’t match up to the initial game’s ship. The Wanderwell boasts a Fuel capacity of 200, Hull strength of 502, Cargo space of 800, Shield of 455, Reactor power of 20, and a value of 85,475.

13. Starborn Guardian

Starborn guardian ship
Starborn guardian ship (picture credits: eXputer)
Ship Class A
Reactor Power 22
Crew Capacity 5
Gravity Jump Distance 30 LY
Shield 630
Fuel 1,500
Hull 649
Cargo 950
Value 9,843

The Starborn Guardian in Starfield is a reward vessel, only accessible post-campaign in a New Game+ run.

The Ship stands out as a formidable combat ship, boasting unique weaponry and commendable stats, optimal for interstellar travels.

  • The Guardian is versatile.
  • Its combat prowess stems from its Solar Flare Beam and Gravity Torpedo, making it a dominant force in battles.
  • With a Fuel of 1,500, Hull of 649, Cargo of 950, Crew capacity of 5, and Shield at 630, it showcases balanced stats, particularly appealing to players wanting to traverse different star systems swiftly.
  • It can grav jump up to 30 lightyears, demonstrating significant range.

However, The Guardian’s acquisition after completing the main campaign might deter some players. While its stats are impressive, the Guardian’s inability to undergo upgrades limits its long-term potential. Consequently, while it serves as a solid starting ship for New Game+ mode, players might transition to more customizable ships once they accumulate sufficient credits.

How To Get

Important: To obtain the Starborn Guardian, one must finish the Starfield main campaign and embark on a New Game+ journey.

As a kick-off to this mode, players are automatically granted access to the Guardian. A notable feature is its exclusive weaponry, potent in confrontations, but the fixed cargo space can become a limitation as exploration progresses.

12. Vanquisher III

Vanquisher lll
Vanquisher lll (picture credits: eXputer)
Ship Stats Value
Fuel 1,100
Hull 908
Cargo 4,120
Reactor 20
Crew 6
Jump 21 LY
Shield 730
MSL 149
PAR 34
Value 335,655
Mass 2,087

The Vanquisher III in Starfield is a mammoth star cruiser, ideal for those prioritizing expansive cargo space without sacrificing speed, albeit at a steep price.

  • Undoubtedly, the Vanquisher III shines in its sheer size and functionality. It boasts a cargo capacity of 4,120, equalizing with its hull stats at 1,392.
  • Unlike some ships, it retains missile capabilities, offering versatility in combat.
  • However, this doesn’t overshadow its weaker shields, a potential vulnerability during skirmishes.

The ship’s capacity to house up to six crew members while efficiently navigating the vastness of the galaxy makes it indispensable for resource-focused missions.

If you desire a robust star cruiser that optimizes both space and speed, the Vanquisher III stands as a premium and the best ship choice in Starfield. Just ensure you’re equipped to handle potential combat vulnerabilities due to its weaker shields.

How To Get

Important: To own this behemoth, Vanquisher III in Starfield, be prepared to spend a whopping 490,000 Credits, which might seem exorbitant, but the benefits it offers warrant the price tag.

The Vanquisher III can be acquired in Starfield New Atlantis, and though its cost surpasses its counterpart, the Renegade III, its enhanced features and capabilities make it a worthy investment.

11. Razorleaf

Razorleaf ship
Razorleaf ship (picture credits: eXputer)
Ship Class A
Reactor Power 19
Crew Capacity 2
Gravity Jump Distance 16 LY
Shield 468
BAL none
MSL 36
PAR 16

The Razorleaf in Starfield is arguably the best early-game ship, perfect for those valuing speed and combat capabilities, and can be obtained as early as Level 10.

  • What sets the Razorleaf apart is its exemplary combat performance, coupled with a blazing speed.
  • An intriguing feature is its unique effect that makes many bandits flee upon spotting it, providing an implicit combat advantage.
  • However, it does come with a modest cargo capacity, although a portion is shielded, making it suitable for smuggling endeavors.

Specifically, the ship boasts a Fuel of 140, Hull of 469, Cargo of 420 (including a shielded capacity of 160), Shield of 390, and Reactor of 18, and is valued at 17,393 credits.

Razorleaf stands as an enticing early-game upgrade in Starfield, particularly for players interested in smuggling or those seeking a more agile space cruising experience. Though it has some limitations in cargo capacity and shield strength, its speed, combat proficiency, and acquisition cost (free!) make it a worthwhile asset for Starfield adventurers.

How To Get

Important: To acquire the Razorleaf, players must undertake the “Mantis” quest, triggered by discovering the “Secret Outpost” datapad found on a Spacer enemy in Starfield.

The quest can be challenging, so it’s prudent to be well-prepared. Successfully completing the Mantis quest rewards the player with the Razorleaf, free of charge. Although the data pad drop is randomized, it’s essential to inspect all Spacer enemy bodies to increase the chances of procuring it.

10. Renegade III

Renegade lll
Renegade lll (picture credits: eXputer)
Ship Stats Value
Fuel 500
Hull 1,488
Cargo 4,367
Reactor 27
Crew 6
Jump 23 LY
Shield 850
MSL 100
BAL 48
LAS 37
Value 270,062
Mass 2,050

The Renegade III in Starfield is a combat-capable, end-game starship, known for its vast cargo capacity and balanced attributes, available for around 490,000 Credits.

The Renegade III is a top-tier choice for those seeking both combat capability and cargo efficiency, especially in end-game scenarios. Its well-rounded attributes cater to various playstyles, making it one of the most sought-after ships in the Starfield universe.

  • One of Starfield’s most commendable ships is the Renegade III.
  • Its unique selling point is its impressive combat versatility combined with a vast cargo hold.
  • It possesses a cargo capacity of 4,367, making it ideal for space truckers or outpost builders to ensure an uninterrupted flow of materials.
  • The Renegade III’s hull capacity stands at 1,488, and it can store 500 fuel. While optimized for cargo and defense, it does miss out on missile weaponry.

How To Get

Important: To procure the Renegade III, players need to spend roughly 490,000 Credits in Starfield.

  • The ship’s availability, however, is somewhat randomized.
  • So far I’ve found potential locations at main starports such as New Atlantis, Neon, Akila City, Cydonia, and Paradiso.
  • Specifically, Neon has offered this ship for 450,000 Credits.
  • Additionally, players have spotted it in Paradiso and the Red Mile on Porrima III.
  • Although the exact location isn’t guaranteed, sticking to the main starports increases the chances of locating this prized vessel.

9. Kepler R

Kepler R ship
Kepler R ship (picture credits: eXputer)
Ship Stats Value
Fuel 2,800
Hull 1,000
Cargo 3,550
Reactor 24
Crew 6
Jump 28 LY
Shield 805
BAL 44
LAS 38
Value 457,641
Mass 2,642

The Kepler R in Starfield is a “free” high-capacity vessel renowned for its crew and cargo space, robust weaponry, shields, and fuel capacity, all enveloped in a unique visual design.

  • The Kepler R stands out as one of the premier early-game ships, offering players a near late-game experience.
  • It boasts a substantial Fuel capacity of 2,800
  • A Hull strength of 999
  • Cargo space of 3,905
  • A Shield rating of 805
  • and a Reactor potency of 24
  • All cumulatively valued at 433,570.

The Kepler R ship serves as a reliable tank in Starfield, shielded by a robust hull and sufficient cargo space, facilitating lengthy space voyages due to its significant fuel storage. However, its sheer size hinders optimal combat performance, and it doesn’t dominate in any specific category.

How To Get

Important: Procuring the Kepler R involves the “Overdesigned” quest, bestowed by NPC Walter Stroud found in The Lodge in New Atlantis.

  • Players guide a Research and Development team in this side quest to craft a novel ship.
  • Success hinges on meticulous choices: opting for a “Larger Budget,” engaging team members supportively while undermining dissenters, focusing on combat missions from the job board, and fostering team cohesion through “Group Meditation,” ensuring consistently positive dialogue interactions.

The Kepler R encapsulates a blend of design aesthetics and functionality, making it a prime choice for those venturing into the expansive Starfield cosmos in the game’s earlier phases.

8. Conqueror

Conquerer ship
Conquerer ship (picture credits: eXputer)
Ship Stats Value
Fuel 2,800
Hull 999
Cargo 3,905
Shield 805
Reactor Potency 24
Cumulative Value 433,570

The Conqueror in Starfield is a mammoth ship, notable for its impressive size, and can be acquired around the game’s midway point.

  • This ship’s appeal lies not so much in its combat prowess – which is decent, not exceptional – but in its enormous fuel capacity, voluminous cargo hold, and spacious interiors.
  • Designed for players who envisage their spacecraft as a mobile command hub during galactic exploration, the Conqueror doubles down on size and utility.
  • Not only does it offer a generous cargo capacity of 2248 kilograms, but it can also accommodate up to 6 crew members.

Surprisingly agile given its massive frame, the Conqueror ensures a smooth flight experience, even if its offensive capabilities might not be its highlight.

How To Get

Important: To acquire the Conqueror in Starfield, players will need to visit the Stroud-Eklund Staryards and be ready to part with approximately 250,000 credits.

If you prioritize size, cargo space, and crew capacity over combat efficiency, the Conqueror is a worthy addition to your Starfield fleet.

7. Shield breaker

Shieldbreaker ship
Shieldbreaker ship (picture credits: eXputer)
Ship stats Value
Fuel 550
Hull 940
Cargo 2,280
Reactor 27
Crew 5
Jump 22 LY
Shield 610
MSL 58
BAL 28
LAS 24
Value 265,443
Mass 1,238

The Shieldbreaker in Starfield is a premier combat ship, renowned for decimating enemy shields with its potent laser arsenal and exemplary agility.

  • True to its name, the Shieldbreaker excels in combat, wielding 24 laser-, 28 ballistic-, and 58 missile-damage capabilities.
  • But it doesn’t sacrifice durability for power; contrary to the typical fragility of combat-centric ships, the Shieldbreaker is surprisingly robust.
  • With a respectable shield rating of 610 and a hull strength of 940, it holds its own in intense battles.

Moreover, this Class B vessel provides a commendable storage space of 2,280, which, though not immense, is certainly adequate for missions interspersed with combat.

How To Get

Important: Those eager to acquire the Shieldbreaker won’t have to venture far. It is available at New Atlantis Spaceport right from the outset of Starfield.

However, its premium features come with a substantial price tag of 250,000 credits. While its cargo capacity may not be monumental, its sheer combat efficiency coupled with its satisfactory storage makes the Shieldbreaker a worthy investment. In essence, for those prioritizing combat prowess without compromising too much on cargo space, the Shieldbreaker stands out as a prime choice in Starfield.

6. Kepler S

Kepler S ship
Kepler S ship (picture credits: eXputer)
Ship Stats Value
Value 176,240
Mass 1,474
Fuel 400
Hull 689
Cargo Capacity 3,200
Shielded Capacity 0
Reactor Class B 18
Crew 3
Jump 27 LY
Shield 570

The Kepler S is a coveted ship obtainable via the Overdesigned quest in Starfield, following the completion of the “High Price to Pay” mission, initiated at The Lodge in New Atlantis.

This ship isn’t merely about aesthetics or prestige; its balanced stats make it a gem for those traversing the vastness of Starfield.

  • The Kepler S is notably distinct from its counterpart, the Kepler R, due to the choices players make during the quest.
  • After succeeding in the persuasion endeavor with Frank, a crucial choice emerges: propose a compromise.
  • This decision, combined with prior successful interactions, culminates in acquiring the Kepler S.
  • Upon quest culmination, players can liaise with Walter Stroud and subsequently claim the Kepler S from the Stroud-Eklund Staryard located in the Narion star system.

How To Get

Important: To secure the Kepler S, players must advocate for a more modest budget with Jules, leading to a pivotal persuasion interaction with Frank.

This conversation is paramount; if players fail to convince Frank about the budget reduction, the Kepler S remains elusive. Hence, gearing up with enhanced persuasion skills or items is advisable prior to this engagement. Failure isn’t the end though; while the Kepler S becomes unattainable, the Kepler R can be acquired, albeit with an additional cost of 100,000 credits.

5. Crimson Fleet Wight III

Crimson fleet wight lll
Crimson Fleet Wight III (picture credits: eXputer)
Ship Stats Value
Shield Strength 2,104
Hull Strength 1,516
Fuel Capacity Fantastic fuel capacity
Crew Capacity Up to 7 crew members
Cargo Capacity 957
Lasers and Ballistics Decent lasers and ballistics backing up incredibly strong missiles
Purchase Location The Key for 300,000 Credits
Join Requirement Requires joining the Crimson Fleet

The Crimson Fleet Wight III in Starfield is an exemplar of pirate ship design, boasting unparalleled defensive capabilities and offering an enticing draw to those flirting with a life of piracy.

  • What makes the Wight III stand out in Starfield’s vast armada? While its defenses, in terms of shield and hull strength, are virtually unmatched, the ship doesn’t compromise on other pivotal features.
  • It’s equipped with an impressive fuel tank, ample crew space for up to 7 members, and a sizable cargo hold.
  • Its offensive prowess allows it to obliterate most adversaries effortlessly.
  • Granted, its engines might not be the fleetest, but given its myriad of strengths, this minor shortcoming hardly diminishes its allure.

How To Get

So, how does one procure this behemoth? Acquiring the Crimson Fleet Wight III necessitates aligning oneself with the Crimson Fleet faction in Starfield.

Once allegiances are declared, aspirants can head to “The Key”, where Crimson Fleet Wight III ship awaits its next commander for the sum of 300,000 credits.

4. Narwhal

Narwhal ship
Narwhal ship (picture credits: eXputer)
Class C Reaction 36
Jump 30 LY
Crew 7
Las 24
Bal 114
Shield 995
MSL 86
Fuel 560
Cargo Capacity 1760
Hull  2118
Mass 1593

The Narwhal is an elite vessel in Starfield, renowned for its potent combination of defense, firepower, and crew capacity, albeit with a substantial price tag.

Why is it considered exceptional in the Starfield fleet? The Narwhal’s formidable hull strength, paired with its admirable shields, ensures its durability in any skirmish. Its superior jump drives provide unmatched galactic mobility.

The ship’s crowning feature, however, is its capacity to accommodate seven crew members. When loaded with a skilled crew that amplifies the ship’s functionalities, the Narwhal is virtually unparalleled. While certain aspects might be perceived as weaknesses, they’re effortlessly rectified with basic upgrades.

How To Get

So, how does one obtain this giant of a ship in Starield? Well, players must begin their journey in Neon City, nestled within the Volii star system on Voli Alpha.

  1. This city, being a recurring point of interest, should be familiar to most players. Seek out the red-interiored Ryujin Industries headquarters at the far end of Neon Core.
  2. Within, head straight to the elevator and select the Taiyo Astroneering destination.
  3. Here, a brief conversation with Veronica Young opens up a plethora of purchasing options, including the coveted Narwhal.
  4. However, a word of caution: this Class C ship demands a pilot with adequate skills.
  5. Additionally, possessing the Commerce skill offers a cost advantage, reducing the ship’s 450,000 Credits price tag.

Once these prerequisites are satisfied, the Narwhal ship in Starfield can be yours, cementing its place as one of the most sought-after ships in the game.

3. Watchdog III

watchdog lll ship
watchdog lll ship (picture credits: eXputer)
Ship Stats Value
Fuel 50
Hull 619
Cargo 805
Reactor 23
Crew 4
Jump 25 LY
Shield 550
MSL 172
PAR 23
Value 140,643
Mass 473

The Watchdog III in Starfield is a highly agile fighter, renowned for its missile firepower and impressive mobility, frequently seen in both Akila City and Neon.

What sets the Watchdog III apart in Starfield’s vast fleet? Primarily, its agility and potent missile capabilities make it a formidable adversary in dogfights. Its compact design doesn’t hinder its efficiency; the ship boasts a large reactor, fueling its power beyond what its size might suggest.

This makes the Watchdog III an invaluable asset for those skilled in ship-based combat, offering both agility and the firepower to devastate opponents.

How To Get

To secure the Watchdog III for your fleet, a journey to either Akila City or Neon is in order. Its presence in these locations, however, can be sporadic, so vigilance is key. Once there, keen-eyed players will find the ship available for purchase, with its value marked at 140,643 Credits.

2. Star Eagle

Star eagle ship
Star Eagle ship (picture credits: eXputer)
Ship Stats Value
Fuel 140
Hull 948
Cargo 2,736
Shield 912
Reactor 29
Value 57,228

The Star Eagle in Starfield is a versatile, well-rounded ship, obtainable relatively early, boasting potent weaponry, a robust hull, and a generous cargo hold.

Why is the Star Eagle a standout? Primarily, it’s the balance it strikes: powerful armaments, substantial cargo capacity, and a rugged hull position it as an invaluable asset early on.

The Star Eagle does have its limitations, notably in its jump capabilities. However, its exceptional performance in many areas means it remains a viable choice for an extended period in the game.

Beyond the raw statistics, the Star Eagle has a unique feature for budding space pirates: a magnet to incapacitate enemy ships, facilitating boarding and raiding. Paired with formidable missiles, substantial shields, and health, it can manage aggressive engagements and quick raids, reinforcing its reputation as an early-game gem.

How To Get

Important: Acquiring the Star Eagle requires engagement with the Freestar Rangers questline, a sequence comprising around eight missions, which originates in Akila City.

It’s notable that this ship isn’t just a complimentary bonus; it’s genuinely competitive, even compared to purchasable ships. In Akila, located in the Cheyenne System, players will intersect with the Freestar Rangers, kicking off with the “Job Gone Wrong” mission. Progressing through their tasks will eventually reward the player with the Star Eagle, a ship that excels in its class.

1. The Abyss Trekker

Abyss trekker ship
Abyss trekker ship (picture credits: eXputer)
Ship Stats Value
Value 347,230
Mass 1,282
Fuel 950
Hull 1,031
Cargo Capacity 340
Shielded Capacity 0
Reactor Class C 27
Crew 6
Jump 28 LY
Shield 850

The Abyss Trekker in Starfield is a combat-centric ship renowned for its impressive firepower and rapid engagement capabilities, despite some inherent trade-offs. 

The Abyss Trekker is among Starfield’s elite.

  • While its cargo capacity leaves room for improvement, spaceport upgrades can mitigate this flaw, ensuring the Abyss Trekker remains a dominant choice for combat-oriented players.
  • One of the standout attributes of the Abyss Trekker is its combat prowess.
  • While it might not be the largest or fastest ship in the game, it compensates with unmatched combat efficiency.
  • Few ships can rival its speed in dispatching enemy vessels.

Furthermore, its ability to customize high-end combat components at its price point is unparalleled. Such powerful combat capabilities, coupled with a commendable jump range, make the Abyss Trekker a force to reckon with.

How To Get

Interested in the Abyss Trekker? Head over to Paradiso in Starfield. With a price tag of approximately 365,000 Credits, the ship can be acquired from the Ship Services Technician.

While a Class C designation, its specifications are noteworthy: a jump distance of 25 lightyears, base missile stat of 96, and ballistics at 162. Despite its formidable combat capabilities, potential buyers should be wary of its limited cargo space.

However, those prepared to look beyond this limitation will find the Abyss Trekker an invaluable asset, particularly when confronted by formidable foes like the Crimson Fleet or the Va’ruun.

To wrap it up, exploring Starfield’s vast cosmos demands a vessel worthy of the challenge. Whether prioritizing combat, speed, or cargo capacity, the Abyss Trekker, Star Eagle, and Watchdog III stand out as top-tier choices. These ships, each exceptional in its own right, ensure every spacefarer’s journey is as thrilling as the destination.

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