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There are five major factions you can join, and each one has a huge impact on your playstyle, so you should carefully choose the best faction and the best faction trait in Starfield, especially But during the early game. Thankfully, you can join any faction after completing the tutorial missions.

Key takeaways

  • There is Five major factions That you can join Starfield.
  • These include Ryujin Industries, Constellation, Crimson Fleet, United Colonies, and Freestar Collective.
  • Joining a faction can really change the way you play and can be huge. Effects of On You Play through
  • Some factions are also really important to the main plot and story.
  • Certain factions require you to play as a bad guy, but others want you to be as good as possible.
  • are also Various benefits Each major faction to join, as some provide more money while others provide more XP through missions.
  • Each faction is also specific. group mission, And you can also choose a faction trait during character creation.
Important: There are a lot of factions. Starfieldbut only make up five major factions and may actually include more.

The best factions in Starfield

Here’s an overview of all the major factions you can join in Starfield:

A large faction Description
Revgen Industries Ryujin Industries is the best faction because it offers amazing rewards and you can use its influence to convince people.
Nakshatra This is the first major faction you join and it really helps you understand the core mechanics and even provides early game upgrades.
Crimson Fleet Crimson Fleet allows you to play as a space pirate and you can loot and loot different spaceships in the starfield.
United Colonies It is basically the largest faction in Starfield and a military force that can be added to your playthrough to have an easy time.
Freestar Collective The Freestar Collective faction offers minimal rewards compared to other major factions but the faction missions are really good from a narrative perspective.

1. Revgen Industries

Group in game
Joining Revgen Industries at Starfield (photo courtesy of us)

Revgen Industries faction is unmistakable. The best groupAs it comes with excellent financial benefits and some amazing missions. You can also join this faction in the early game after going through the tutorial missions and getting your hands on your spaceship. Aside from the monetary benefits, you can also use the Ryujin Insutries name to persuade various NPCs in conversations, as the faction has a lot of influence.

As background, Ryujin Industries is a large corporation based primarily in Neon, the capital of the planet Volii Alpha. The corporation controls this capital, and Neon also offers a very futuristic aesthetic. You take on missions for the faction and work in the shadows to raise your ranks in the company, which will also earn you additional benefits.

How to join

  • You have to make your way to Neon, which is located on the planet Alpha.
  • Explore the main area of ​​Neon, and you’ll find a quest. Go back to to grind.
  • This quest will take you to the Ryujin Industries Kiosk, where you can fill out a form to join the faction.
  • After filling the form, you will be called for an interview at the headquarters.
  • Keep following the quest, and you’ll become an employee or faction member.

2. Constellation

Starfield's best faction
Joining Constellations in the Star Field (Image courtesy of eXputer)

Constellation certainly is The best group for you Early game. Not only does it help you understand the world of Starfield in the first few missions, but there are also some upgrades that you can only unlock through constellation factions. This faction also plays an important role in the main plot, but you should stick with it for at least the first few hours of your playthrough.

Constellations are actually made up of people who want to uncover any or all mysteries in the world of Starfield. It puts more emphasis on exploration than any other faction, which becomes really clear. Completing constellation faction missions will really help you level up faster during your early game.

How to join

  • Just go through Starfield’s tutorial mission.
  • Accept Barrett’s suggestion to join the turret during this mission.
  • In the end, you will make your way. New Atlantis.
  • See you. Sarah Morgan Here, who will help you join the Bridge.

3. Crimson Flat

Starfield's best faction
Joining the Crimson Fleet in the Starfield (screenshot taken by eXputer)

If you want to be Space pirates and steal money and weapons, then Crimson is probably the best choice for you. You will have to sacrifice your reputation because you are joining the bad guys who only steal. But joining the Crimson Fleet faction also has a huge upside, including earning good money and getting your hands on some of the best stolen weapons.

Once you join the Crimson Fleet, your main objective in Starfield will be to loot as much treasure as possible. Even the leader of the Crimson Fleet’s primary goal is to find some long-lost treasure. This faction’s missions aren’t really about exploring and learning about the mysteries of space.

How to join

  • The Constellation Faction quest will also lead you to the Crimson Fleet.
  • However, there is a faster way to join a faction.
  • You will have to commit crimes in areas that are specifically controlled by the United Colonies faction.
  • Once the United Colonies faction captures you, they will send you to the Crimson Fleet location.
  • Now you can become a space pirate after finding the Crimson Fleet and doing some work for them. Cydonia

4. United Colonies

Group in game
Joining the United Colonies at Starfield (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

Perhaps the United Colonies. The largest faction In terms of sheer scale, as it has access to various planets in the starfield. It basically consists of an army, and you can get an easy experience by joining this faction. You’ll make your playthrough more straightforward by joining the good guys. But the rewards you get for completing the United Colonies faction missions aren’t worth it.

If you are looking for a simple playthrough and just want to deal with the story and plot, then just join United Colonies. You don’t have to have a lot of experience because you have to keep those goody two shoes while in this group.

How to join

  • Once again, joining the Constellation Faction is key to getting to the United Colonies quickly.
  • A small step The first is the main mission, and during the mission you will meet John Tuala.
  • You can join the faction by talking to John, and he will also take you to the main headquarters.

5. Freestar Collective

Starfield's best faction
Joining the Freestar Collective in the Starfield (photo taken by us)

Finally, Freestar Collective is definitely a great faction if you’re looking for rewards. This faction doesn’t have much to offer in this category. But Freestar Collective probably is. The most unique group That you will find. The faction consists mainly of space cowboys, and you’ll be able to become one yourself.

The faction missions are really good from a narrative perspective, but the rewards aren’t. It’s worth it to join a faction for these missions alone, but you should definitely join when you’re already strong enough. Also, the main message of Free Star Collective is to provide maximum freedom to its members.

How to join

  • You have to make your own way. A lonely cityLocated on the planet Aquila in the starfield.
  • You will face a hostage situation in the bank which you need to solve.
  • After resolving the situation, find The Rock location within the city and talk to Emma Wilcox inside.
  • After talking to him, you’ll need to complete a few tasks before you can become a full member of the Freestar Collective.

The best faction features

You can choose three specific traits for your character during character creation in Starfield. Also, there are Three group characteristics Who belong to three major factions. You can actually start your playthrough with the bonus of keeping in touch with your favorite faction.

The best faction trait really comes down to the fact that it depends on which faction is your favorite and which faction you will spend most of your gameplay time with.

Group trait Description
Freestar Collective Settler Get better rewards from special dialogue options and faction missions for the Freestar Collective faction.
United Colonies Local Get high rewards from United Colonies faction missions and also unlock special dialogues for that faction.
Neon Street Rat Earn bonus rewards and special dialogue options by completing missions on Neon City.

Keep in mind that you can only choose one faction trait. Also, choosing a faction trait for your favorite faction will increase rewards for that faction, but it will also increase your favor among other factions.

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This concludes my guide on the best majors. Gang in Starfield, Including great options not only for early game but late game as well. I have also explained in detail how to join each of these factions. I hope the guide was helpful to know about the best factions. Let me know what you think of Starfield in the comments below!


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