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In order to master any game, you need to get used to the sensitivity and controller settings. Starfield is a highly-anticipated space exploration game and finding the optimal settings can greatly enhance your gaming experience. Whether you’re a seasoned spacefarer or a rookie astronaut, you must know the Starfield best controller settings to maximize your gaming experience and dominate your opponents.

Key Takeaways

  • To dominate the Starfield universe, players must have the perfect controller settings and key bindings.
  • Players can change the settings and allocate the buttons according to their choice in the settings menu.
  • The main section to focus on is the Sensitivity Settings in Starfield, as it performs a major role in your gameplay experience.
  • Players can find the best settings with some practice and test out different configurations to see which one works out for them.

Starfield Best Controller Settings

Starfield best controller Settings
Starfield Settings (Image by eXputer)

Starfield features plenty of customizable configurations that you can alter in order to set the settings according to your ease. Each player might prefer different types of settings. So, doing some personal experimentation to find the right one is the best option to go for. However, you must have a general idea of where to start from.

Main Gameplay Settings

Starfield Key Bindings
Key Bindings (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)
Action Button
Primary Attack RT
Secondary Attack LT
Melee RS
Throw Grenade RB
Activate A
Reload/Sheathe Weapon X
Jump Y
Power LB+RB
Hand Scanner/Flashlight LB
Sprint LS
Sneak B
Quick-Key Up Up (D-Pad)
Quick-Key Down Down ((D-Pad)
Quick-Key Left Left (D-Pad)
Quick-Key Right Right (D-Pad)

Sensitivity Settings

Starfield best controller Settings
Sensitivity Settings (Image by eXputer)

Once you set your primary controls, the second most crucial thing is optimizing your sensitivity settings. Here, you can have a general idea of decent sensitivity settings, but you can alter it according to your playstyle.

Action Button
Invert Y Off
Invert Flight Y Off
Invert Menu Camera X Off
Invert Menu Camera Y Off
Flight Stick Swap Off
Roll Dominant Off
Look Sensitivity V 60
Look Sensitivity H 60
Aim Sensitivity V 50
Aim Sensitivity H 50
Controller Look Sensitivity 50
Controller Cursor Sensitivity 25
Mouse Look Sensitivity 50
Ship Reticle Sensitivity 50
Controller Vibration On
Controller Hotswap On
Outpost Item Rotation Speed 5.00x
Outpost FlyCam Translation Speed 2.00x
Outpost FlyCam Rotation Speed 1.50x
Outpost FlyCam Distance Speed 1.00x
Outpost FlyCam Starting Pitch 50
Outpost FlyCam Starting Distance 50

Other Important Settings

Once you set the difficulty settings in Starfield, primary controls, and sensitivity settings, there are some other crucial settings to check. Here are a few important options in the settings that you can pay attention to.

Spaceship (Flight)

Spaceship Settings (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

You can use the following key bindings when you’re flying a spaceship:

Action Button
Fire Boosters LS
Switch Flight Modes RB
Toggle POV View Button
Fire Weapon 0 RT
Fire Weapon 1 LT
Fire Weapon 2 Y
Ship Action: 1 X
Select Target A
Cancel B
Increase System Power Up (D-Pad)
Decrease System Power Down (D-Pad)
Previous System Left (D-Pad)
Next System Right (D-Pad)
Open Scanner LB
Repair RS

Menu Navigation

For Menu Navigation, you can use the following controls:

Action Button
Accept A
Cancel B
UP Up (D-Pad)
Down Down (D-Pad)
Left Left (D-Pad)
Right Right (D-Pad)
Previous Tab LB
Next Tab RB
UI Action 1 X
UI Action 2 Y
UI Action 3 View Button
UI Action 4 LS
UI Action 5 RS
Zoom Model In RT
Zoom Model Out LT


In Starfield, you can use the following settings for Outpost:

Action Button
Build/Confirm/Edit A
Cancel B
Up Up (D-Pad)
Down Down (D-Pad)
Previous Variant Left (D-Pad)
Next Variant Right (D-Pad)
Rotate Object Left LT
Rotate Object Right RT
Delete/Replace Object X
Change Color/Previous Category LB
Repair Object/Next Category RB
Toggle View View Button

Photo Mode

Starfield Photomode
Photomode (Image by eXputer)

While doing certain missions and objectives, you will have to use the Photo Mode option in Starfield, for which you can use the following settings.

Action Button
Snapshot A
Exit B
Reset Settings View Button
Toggle UI Y
Next Mode X
Move Camera Up RT
Move Camera Down LT
Next Category RB
Up Up (D-Pad)
Down Down (D-Pad)
Left Left (D-Pad)
Right Right (D-Pad)
Toggle Headtracking RS
Toggle Helmet LS


To operate the Starmap, you can use the following controls:

Action Button
Open Mission Menu: Option Button
Show Me: Y
Zoom In: RT
Zoom Out: LT
Surface Map: RB
Set Route Destination: X
Pan Up: Up (D-Pad)
Pan Down: Down (D-Pad)
Pan Left: Left (D-Pad)
Pan Right: Right (D-Pad)
Reset Camera RS
Fast Travel to Ship Y

Ship Settings

While interacting with the sips, you can use the following settings:

Action Button
Floor Up Up (D-Pad)
Floor Down Down (D-Pad)
Right Shoulder RB
Left Shoulder LB
Add/Edit/Confirm A
Cancel B
Delete X
Duplicate/Flip Y
Undo/Previous Variant Left (D-Pad)
Redo/Next Variant Right (D-Pad)
Flight Check Option Button
Color LS
Repair A
Cargo Hold X
Crew Y
Previous Ship LB
Next Ship RB
Exit B
Inspect RS
Home Ship Option Button
Register Ship View Button

Finding the perfect controller settings in Starfield is a highly personalized experience. What works for one player might not work for another. Therefore, take the time to experiment with different configurations and find the settings that align with your playstyle and comfort. Whether you’re a daring space captain or a meticulous explorer, optimal controller settings will help you make the most of your journey across the Starfield universe.

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