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Starfield has several. exploitation In it, which are basically cheats and glitches that you can use to have fun with these game mechanics. There is Cheat codes Available for almost everything in Starfield. Need a weapon? Do you want to use cheat code or need unlimited resources? Use cheat code. need to Teleport From one place to another? Use cheat code. There are several Starfield Cheat codes you can search.

Key takeaways

  • Cheat codes and achievements are available for things like getting weapons, unlimited resources, In teleportation, and more Starfield.
  • some of Most useful Starfield cheats include god mod, immortal mod, mini hack, unlocking door hack, specific item hack and set your level hack.
  • Players can use cheat codes for various manipulations. Aspects In the game, like becoming invincible, getting unlimited money, and even flying around the map.
  • May use cheat codes. Disabling achievements, Players are therefore advised to save their progress before using and be careful about possible consequences.

Best achievements in Starfield.

Here are some of the most useful feats you can use in Starfield to use in-game:

The name of the exploit Description Cheat code/input
god mode Totally invincible, unlimited ammo. thm
Immortal mode Take damage but don’t die, health won’t go to zero. Tim
Money Hack Unlimited Amount Specify the desired amount. Player: additem f (value)
Unlocking the Door Hex Open doors/chests without interaction. Unlock
Specific Item Hack Get anything you need (eg guns, spacesuits). Player: additem (item id) (value)
Set your level hack. Change your level to your desired level. Player: set level (value)
Free Fly Hack Fly around the map. tfc
Character Collision Hack Disable character collisions, go through walls and objects. tcl
Toggle Combat AI. Disable AI targeting during combat. tcai
Time duration pass Manipulate playtime as needed. Pass Time (hours)

With Starfield still a new release, gamers have already discovered more and more cheats. These cheats basically make it too much. easy for the player. You can literally do anything in Starfield with cheat codes. In the beginning, people had no idea what it was, but later, exploitation was everywhere.

1. The design of God

God Mode exploits in Starfield.
Starfield: God Mode (Image Credit Copyright: Exporter)

You can activate god mode in Starfield by using a simple cheat code. Write on Command console box, and that’s it, your cheat is activated. It will give you complete. Invincibility from everything. You will be completely invulnerable to everything, and your ammo will be unlimited, which will help you a lot during your gameplay. As such, God Mode is often considered one of the most useful cheats in Starfield.

Code for input: thm

2. Immortal mode

Immortal mode exploit in Starfield
Immortal Mode (screenshot taken by eXputer_

Immortal mode can be activated by typing a simple Cheat code In the command console. This cheat code is also very useful and can help you in Starfield. By activating the cheat code, you will take damage but not die, or have your health reach zero. In other words, you’ll be done Immortality

Code for input: Tim

3. Money Hack

Exploit Money Hack in Starfield
Money Hack (Image credit copyright: eXputer)

Money Hack In Starfield you will be able to get unlimited or unlimited money. You can buy anything or use it wherever you want because it’s all your money. Basically, all you have to do is type the cheat code, and when typing the cheat code in the console command, put this as well. Value or the amount the money you want.

Once the cheat is activated, the amount or amounts you entered will be credited to you. It was then. The first Starfield exploits will be discovered.

Code for input: Player: Additional f (value)

4. Unlocking the Door Hex

Unlocking door hexes in SF
Unlocking the Door Hex (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

Open Doors Hack is an amazing exploit to start you on your exploit journey. In Starfield, to open gave the door Gives you the advantage of just aiming at the chest or door you want to open without doing anything. Just activate the cheat code, and your door or chest will open.

Code for input: Unlock

5. Specific Item Hack

Specific Item Hack Cheat Code
Specific Item Hack (Screenshot taken by eXputer)

The craziest cheats in games are the ones where you can have anything. you need, Whether it’s a gun or a spacesuit or anything you need. You can get it by simply activating a cheat code in Starfield and getting yours. Desired Item

Code for input: Player: Additional Items (Item ID) (Value)

6. Set your level hack.

Set Your Level Hack Cheat Coes
Set Your Level Hack (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

Although it seems so. Impossible, You can also change the level you want in Starfield, which is very convenient and very useful for players. The ‘Set Your Level Hack’ can really come in handy, especially when you want to level up faster.

Code for input: Player: set level (value)

7. Free Fly Hack

Free Fly Hack in SF
Freefly Hack (grab screenshot: eXputer)

Every player has thought about flying around the Starfield map, so they don’t have to spend that much time. Travel So yes, in Starfield, this is possible just by using a simple cheat code that you will use in your command console. The ‘Freefly Hack’ cheat code will allow you to. Flying around Map.

Code for input: tfc

8. Character Collision Hack

Character Collision Hack Exploit in Starfield
Character Collision Hack (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

Clash of character Can be easily disabled by activating a simple cheat code on your command console. By disabling character collisions, you will benefit. Flight Through walls and objects. The skirmish hack will be very useful during combat or if you want to run or take cover.

Code for input: tcl

9. Toggle Combat AI.

Toggle Combat AI in SF.
Toggle Combat AI (screenshot capture via eXputer)

During your fights or battles, this AI combat can give you tough competition, so by enabling just one cheat code, you can do things that combat AI won’t. Target the player So that you may be safe from them. This exploit can be extremely useful during battles and fights in the starfield.

Code for input: tcai

10. Time Duration Pass

Time Duration Pass Exploit in Starfield
Time Lapse Pass (Image via eXputer)

Spend your time Can be really hard sometimes during the runthrough, but not in Starfield. You can easily activate cheats and pass the time as much as you want. immediate This can be very useful when you have a mission or task during a certain time. You can activate the cheat code and change the time. whatever you want.

Code for input: Pass Time (hours)

The command console is a box where you Type your cheat codes.. Cheats can only be used. PC platforms though it was launched. xbox, Achievements can only be used by PC players. To access the command console and activate the cheat, you need to follow the given steps. steps below

  1. First, press ‘@’ key to open the command console.
  2. If that doesn’t work, try pressing ‘~’ key to open the command console.
  3. A command console will open, and you can type any cheat code you want to type, but make sure you type one at a time.
  4. The best part is that the cheat codes you type in the command console are not. Sensitive Case, Which means if you too investment A word or not, it doesn’t matter.

Being aware of things

There are a few things you must have aware Related to these codes in Starfield.

Achievements of the Disabled in Starfield Exploits
Passive Achievements (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

First, you should know when you open Command console list as mentioned in this Reddit post.a window will do Pop up Saying that if the command console is used to enter cheats, it will. unfunctional ACHIEVEMENTS Be sure to manually save the playthrough before activating any cheat codes.

Secondly, using these cheat codes will greatly increase your gameplay. simple, But the thing is, no one knows what consequences the players may face in the future. Therefore, it is imperative to save the run-through before doing anything in case anything happens. You will have yours. Data stored At the last checkpoint.

These were by far only the most useful exploits that players could use, although Starfield has had hundreds of cheat codes and hacks since it just launched. These hacks can make Starfield a lot easier, and on the other hand, they can increase Starfield’s risks. crash down or something else?

These codes in Starfield can be dangerous at times. Make sure you save it If you lose your progress, your game before trying anything new. If you like the information from this article and want to know the answers to similar questions. Can you steal a ship in Starfield? Also, consider reading. All signs of Starfield.


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