Starfield Becomes Bethesda’s Biggest Launch As It Crosses 6 Million Players



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  • Starfield, arguably Bethesda’s magnum opus, has launched to rave reviews across the board, having globally released on 6 September. The RPG is set in space and features open-world, free-roaming travel around the cosmos coupled with Bethesda’s characteristic combat mechanics. 
  • The game started clocking records soon after its early access was unlocked for those who bought its Premium or Constellation Edition, considering the overall anticipation that it had gathered. 
  • In a new tweet by the developers, It’s been officially announced that Starfield has crossed over 6 million players, subsequently becoming the US-based developer’s biggest launch to date.

Bethesda has seemingly won over the hearts of millions of people with its latest venture in space—Starfield. The RPG has been officially confirmed to have crossed 6 million players across the board, subsequently becoming Bethesda’s biggest launch to date. The US-based studio has a handful of noteworthy titles in its catalog, including The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and Fallout 4, so this is no small feat.

There’s little in the way of brilliance here for Starfield, as heaps of players are starting to gather around to enjoy what Bethesda’s 25-years-in-the-making RPG has to offer, minus the grievances here and there. For instance, the game was reported to be riddled with sound stuttering issues for some players, but a good Samaritan Redditor came forward with a potential fix to that hassle in time.

Optimization issues for Starfield have run rampant up until now, but it appears that the Bethesda frontman Todd Howard thinks otherwise. When confronted directly about why the developing studio did not tweak Starfield for PC, Todd replied with the following, ascertaining that the issue may not reside on the title’s side all the time. 

We did, it’s running great. It is a next-gen PC game, we really do push the technology, so you may need to upgrade your PC for this game, but it’s got a lot of great stuff going on in it and the fans are responding awesome.

Someone took that seriously though, and created a mod for Starfield that allows it to run on ancient hardware. The Potato Mod is famous among other titles as well, as its sole purpose is to strip down the textures and liberate VRAM while doing so, thereby allowing games to run smoother at the expense of downgraded visuals. 

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In other news, Todd Howard is glad that Starfield is an exclusive title, considering how the man thinks that it makes the game better. Sitting down in an interview with BBC, Todd expressed that Bethesda had ease of access to the audience that the game was being developed for. Having a partnership with Xbox has apparently helped in acquiring a clear vision of who this title is for and what direction it needs to have.  

When you’re making something exclusive then the more you can focus. You know this is the hardware or the thing people are playing on, so the ability to focus on that always yields a better product. You do want people to be able to access it of course. But being with Xbox means there is an ease of access for us.” 

Oh, and if you’ve been trying to grind levels in Starfield, do know that one of the best ways to do that is by sleeping with your romance partner. We’re not joking. Sleeping with your significant other grants you a buff called Emotional Security, which lets you acquire XP 15% more for the next 24 minutes. We’ll leave you at this now. 

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