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With different religions offering different benefits and dialogue options to the character, one should know in detail about all religions and which one is which. Starfield Best Religion. Different religions can also make playthrough somewhat unique, as players can get different missions and change how certain areas treat them.

Key takeaways

  • There is Three Religions in Starfield: enlightened conscience, Universal, and House Varuna (Embracing the Serpent).
  • Players can choose their own. Religion When they are creating their own. Starfield the role
  • Once players choose a religion, they have a choice. Condemnation This later, but they can not choose a new religion.
  • Each religion offers different advantages and disadvantages.

Religions in the Starfield

I’ve created a table that lists all the pros and cons offered by each religion in Starfield:

Religions Benefits Disadvantages
Enlightened conscience Drink Pack: Water
-Med pack x5
– Penicillin XX2
Settler Poncho Dress
– Charity in the Godless-Universe: Part I
– Charity in the Godless -Universe: Part II
– Charity in the Godless -Universe: Part III
– Charity in the Godless – Universe: Part IV
-You will lose access to the Sanctum Universum store.
-Cannot be combined with any other religious trait.
universal -Adicron X2
– Boom Pop! orange
-Festive novelty poncho
-Med pack x5
– The Sacred Universe, Volume 1 (Book)
– The Sacred Universe, Volume 2 (Book)
– Sacred Universe, Volume 3 (book)
-You will lose access to the Enlightenment Store.
-Cannot be combined with any other religious trait.
Embrace the snake -Gives you a perk that increases the player’s health and O2 by +25 whenever they Grav Jump. – The online perk lasts for 4 hours and players will need to jump in again to reactivate it.
– Cannot be combined with any other religion traits.

How to choose a religion

Best Religion Starfield
Character creation (image taken by us)

Players have the option to choose a religion during character creation when they are choosing their traits in Starfield.

Remember that these are all religions. Mutually exclusive, and you can pick only one of them. There are three religions available to the player:

  • Enlightened conscience
  • universal
  • House Varun (Embracing the Snake)

All religions offer certain advantages and disadvantages to players. While the players have the option. Leave Their religion gets rid of them later and with both benefit and loss, they are not allowed to join any other religion after character creation.

Allow me to first list all the pros and cons offered by all three religions, before going into which one is which. Starfield Best Religion.

Enlightened conscience

Best Religion Starfield
Raised Enlightenment (Image courtesy of eXputer)

Aside from getting some unique dialogue that is different for each religion, the main thing for Enlightenment is that players have access to chests. The home of the enlightened In good Atlantis.

Arguing whether or not the items offered by the chest are actually worth it is a separate argument entirely. These items can help very early game but not so much later.

The items players will get from chests are:

  • Drink Pack: Water
  • Med Pack x5
  • Penicillin XX2
  • Settler Poncho Dress
  • Charity in a Godless Universe: Part I
  • Charity in a Godless Universe: Part II
  • Charity in a Godless Universe: Part III
  • Charity in a Godless Universe: Part IV

gave Enlightened conscience And universal are somewhat polar opposites of each other. So, one of the downsides of joining the Enlightenment is that you will lose access. The Sacred Universe Store


Different traits
Razed Universal (Image credit: eXputer)

As the benefits offered by universal Religion is similar to Enlightenment, with minor differences, as players will have access to a special chest. But apart from that, players will also get a huge discount. The Sacred Universe Store

The items players will get from chests are:

  • Addichrone x2
  • Boom Pop! orange
  • Festive Novelty Poncho
  • Med Pack x5
  • The Sacred Universe, Volume 1 (Book)
  • The Sacred Universe, Volume 2 (Book)
  • The Sacred Universe, Volume 3 (Book)

As I mentioned earlier, Enlightenment and Universalism are polar opposites, so if you join a Universalist religion, you will lose access. Enlightened store.

Embrace snakes

Different traits
Hugging snakes (photo taken by us)

gave Embrace snakes is a unique religion compared to Enlightened conscience And universal. The unique dialogues presented by snakes adopting religion are more specific and do not present a specific chest.

Rather, the biggest advantage of adopting the snake religion is that it gives you an advantage that increases the player. Health And O2 by the +25 Whenever you jump into yourself. the ship. The benefit lasts for four hours.

Which religion is best in Starfield?

Best Religion Starfield
House Varun (Image courtesy of eXputer)

While the extra items you get from special chests are somewhat cool in the early game. However, if I was given a choice between some additional items that would help me in the early game or +25 health And O2 For the whole game, I’d choose the latter anytime.

Hence, Embracing the Serpent easily takes the crown of the best religion in the Starfield.. )

One might counter by saying that the benefits of embracing the serpent only last for four hours at a time. Grav JumpBut it’s not bad by any means, considering how Grav Jump Free and easy to do.

And with that, my guide to explaining all the religions and what is the best religion in the starfield ends. I hope my guide helped you. While you’re at it, why not read on All Skill Tree Guide or a guide What is the maximum level cap in Starfield?? Or consider reading it. Reddit post Where the players are debating which religion they choose. But that’s all from me.

Let me know what you think of Starfield in the comments section below.


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