Starfield: All Powers & Effects (Ultimate Guide)



Delve deep into the cosmic universe of Starfield, where Bethesda invites players to master the art of utilizing Powers, and magical abilities rooted in ancient artifacts and temples. From manipulating the very fabric of gravity to peering into potential futures, Starfield offers a vast array of strategic and immersive capabilities that can profoundly impact the course of your space-faring adventures. Whether you’re a novice explorer or a seasoned space traveler, you must make yourself well-versed with the 24 Powers in Starfield.

Key Takeaways

  • Starfield’s powers enhance players’ combat, exploration, and strategic abilities in its vast universe.
  • Derived from ancient artifacts and temples, they add layers of mystery and discovery to the gameplay.
  • Mastery of powers provides significant advantages against formidable adversaries like the Starborn.
  • Temples in Starfield scattered throughout the universe hold the secrets to unlocking these unique abilities.
  • Vladimir Sall’s insights can guide players to hidden temples and their powers in Starfield.
  • In the Starfield New Game Plus, enhanced versions of powers offer even greater in-game capabilities.
  • Neglecting to harness powers may hinder players from fully experiencing Starfield’s depth and challenge.
  • Quantum Essence, obtained from defeating Starborn, boosts power usage frequency in Starfield, emphasizing their importance.
  • The powers’ strategic implications make them invaluable, not just as combat tools, but as exploration aids.

All Powers List In Starfield

Here is a quick look at all 24 Powers in Starfield, what they do & the best combat usage of each one of these powers in the game.

Serial Number Power Name What This Power Does Best Combat Usage of This Power
1 Anti-Gravity Field Creates a profound low gravity field. Suspend enemies; prevent them from shooting.
2 Create Vacuum Hinders oxygen supply of adversaries. Incapacitate foes without engaging.
3 Creators’ Peace Pacifies foes; they drop weapons. Retrieve weapons; calm hostile NPCs.
4 Earthbound Adjusts gravity to Earth’s level. Change gravitational properties.
5 Elemental Pull Dislodges inorganic resources; attracts them. Instantly mine minerals and metals.
6 Alien Reanimation Revives a deceased alien for aid. Tactical advantage when outnumbered.
7 Eternal Harvest Allows flora to regrow in radius. Ensure a continuous source of resources.
8 Grav Dash Uses gravity to thrust forward. Enhance inflicted damage temporarily.
9 Gravity Wave Releases gravity wave; topples enemies. Target enemy weak points, like heads.
10 Gravity Well Creates dense gravity area; compresses all. Attract and compress objects and enemies.
11 Inner Demon Enemies confront fears; manifest hostile images. Divert enemy’s focus.
12 Life Forced Extract life force from entities; assimilate it. Harm foes while rejuvenating oneself.
13 Moon Form Increases resistance; player becomes stone-like. Defensive stance against damage.
14 Parallel Self Summons player’s alternate version from another dimension. Aids in combat; wields player’s current weapon.
15 Particle Beam Discharges pure particle energy beam. Inflict considerable damage to adversaries.
16 Personal Atmosphere Creates unlimited oxygen zone around player. Ensure oxygen supply; enhance mobility.
17 Phased Time Decelerates universal time progression. Make everything move in slow motion.
18 Precognition Glimpse into future events and actions. Anticipate actions and conversations.
19 Reactive Shield Creates shield; reflects incoming projectiles. Defend against bullets or lasers.
20 Sense Star Stuff Discern all life forms around. Aid in navigation and strategy.
21 Solar Flare Releases plasma orb; incinerates foes. Set adversaries ablaze.
22 Sunless Space Shoots icy coldness; freezes entities. Freeze any living entity in blast range.
23 Supernova Detonate with supernova energy. Cause massive damage to surroundings.
24 Void Form Bends light around player; almost invisibility. Use for stealth and surprise attacks.

What Are Powers In Starfield?

In Starfield, Bethesda’s latest open-world RPG set in space, Powers are essentially magical abilities players can harness.

These Powers, derived from artifacts and their associated temples, offer unique combat, exploration, and interaction benefits, ranging from manipulating gravity to foreseeing future actions. Players can unlock and utilize these abilities throughout their game journey, enhancing both offensive and defensive capabilities.

Complete List of Powers In Starfield

Harnessing these powers can shape the course of adventures in Starfield, offering a multitude of strategies and ways to engage with the game’s expansive universe. Whether for offense, defense, exploration, or utility, mastering them can make the difference between success and setback in the vast expanse of space.

1. Anti-Gravity Field

Anti-Gravity Field
Anti-Gravity Field (picture credits: eXputer)

In Starfield, the Anti-Gravity Field power produces a field of profound low gravity, showcasing a planet’s intrinsic strength. With a cost of 45 energy units, this power can suspend enemies in the air, making them momentarily unable to shoot.

For players just starting in Starfield, this will be the inaugural power unlocked, and its associated temple can be located on Procyon III.

2. Create Vacuum

Create Vacuum
Create Vacuum (picture credits: eXputer)

By utilizing the Create Vacuum power in Starfield, players can hinder the oxygen supply of adversaries within its effect radius for a set period. At the cost of 25 energy units, it’s a strategic move, especially when looking to incapacitate foes without directly engaging them.

3. Creators’ Peace

Creators' Peace
Creators’ Peace (picture credits: eXputer)

A power that emanates tranquility, Creators’ Peace in Starfield, when invoked, pacifies all foes within its radius and forces them to drop their weapons. For 25 energy units, this power not only brings peace but also gives players an opportunity to retrieve those weapons.

Moreover, if villagers or other non-enemy NPCs become hostile, this power can also calm them down. The path to obtaining this power is through the Artifact Nu, which is found during the mission titled “All That Money Can Buy.”

4. Earthbound

Earthbound (picture credits: eXputer)

A reminiscence of home, the Earthbound power in Starfield adjusts the surrounding gravity to mimic Earth’s gravity levels for a set duration. It’s an affordable power with a cost of 15 energy units and can be used strategically to change the environment’s gravitational properties.

5. Elemental Pull

Elemental Pull
Elemental Pull (picture credits: eXputer)

In the vast landscapes of Starfield, Elemental Pull proves to be a highly advantageous power. It discharges energy to dislodge inorganic resources in the vicinity and draws them towards the user.

For a mere 25 energy units, players can skip using mining lasers, as this power instantly mines minerals and metals from a planet’s surface in Starfield.

6. Alien Reanimation

Alien Reanimation
Alien Reanimation (picture credits: eXputer)

A power that blurs the line between life and death, Alien Reanimation in Starfield, for 35 energy units, revives a deceased alien, compelling it to fight alongside the player. It’s a tactical advantage when outnumbered, bringing forth an otherworldly ally from the beyond.

7. Eternal Harvest

Eternal Harvest
Eternal Harvest (picture credits: eXputer)

Nature’s rejuvenation embodied in power, the Eternal Harvest, allows previously harvested flora within a large radius to regrow. Costing 25 energy units in Starfield, it offers a continuous source of fauna nodes, ensuring that players never run short of natural resources.

8. Grav Dash

Grav Dash
Grav Dash (picture credits: eXputer)

Gravity becomes a tool for momentum with the Grav Dash. For 15 energy units in Starfield, players can manipulate gravity to thrust themselves forward, enhancing their inflicted damage temporarily.

Grav Dash power, like several others, can be unlocked in any sequence following the completion of missions like “The Empty Nest” and “Power from Beyond.”

9. Gravity Wave

Gravity Wave
Gravity Wave(picture credits: eXputer)

Unleashing a formidable wave of gravity in a cone direction, the Gravity Wave in Starfield has the potential to disbalance and topple enemies. At 25 energy units, it’s not just a tool for offense but also a way to strategically target enemy weak points like their heads.

10. Gravity Well

Gravity Well
Gravity Well (picture credits: eXputer)

Gravity Well, a formidable power costing 45 energy units, creates an area pulsating with dense gravity. This potent force attracts and compresses everything in its vicinity, both objects and beings.

11. Inner Demon

Inner Demon
Inner Demon (picture credits: eXputer)

An introspective power with a twist, the Inner Demon in Starfield forces adversaries to confront their deep-seated fears, resulting in the manifestation of a hostile mirror image of themselves. For 35 energy units, it’s a strategic way to divert an enemy’s focus.

12. Life Forced

Life Forced
Life Forced (picture credits: eXputer)

Life Forced power delves into the very essence of life, enabling the player to extract the life force from a living entity and assimilate it. At the cost of 25 energy units, it’s a dual-purpose power – causing harm to foes while rejuvenating oneself.

13. Moon Form

Moon Form
Moon Form (picture credits: eXputer)

With the Moon Form power, players fortify themselves to the point of becoming as resilient as stone. Although rooted in place, they experience a heightened resistance to all forms of damage. It requires 35 energy units to invoke this formidable defensive stance.

14. Parallel Self

Parallel Self
Parallel Self (picture credits: eXputer)

A marvel of multidimensional physics, the Parallel Self power in Starfield summons an alternate version of the player from a different dimension. At the steep cost of 45 energy units, this doppelganger, armed with the player’s current weapon, aids in combat. Even weapons without ammo can be wielded effectively by this twin.

15. Particle Beam

Particle Beam
Particle Beam (picture credits: eXputer)

Focused cosmic energy finds its application in the Particle Beam power in Starfield. Players can discharge a beam of pure particle energy that inflicts considerable damage to adversaries in its path for just 15 energy units.

16. Personal Atmosphere

Personal Atmosphere
Personal Atmosphere (picture credits: eXputer)

Breathing becomes effortless with the Personal Atmosphere power. By generating a small zone of unlimited oxygen around the player, ensures that the player’s oxygen meter remains full. With a cost of 45 energy units, it can also be used strategically to enhance mobility, especially when encumbered by heavy objects.

17. Phased Time

Phased Time
Phased Time (picture credits: eXputer)

Challenging the very fabric of temporal flow, the Phased Time power lets players momentarily decelerate the universal progression of time. By spending 45 energy units, everything seems to move in slow motion, except the player in Starfield.

18. Precognition

Precognition (picture credits: eXputer)

The mysteries of the multiverse unfold with the Precognition power. For 35 energy units, players can glimpse into the myriad possibilities of future events, anticipating actions and conversations of other entities before they transpire.

19. Reactive Shield

Reactive Shield
Reactive Shield (picture credits: eXputer)

With the Reactive Shield, players envelop themselves in an unstable antimatter shell. This dynamic shield, available for 35 energy units, not only augments resistance against attacks but also reflects incoming projectiles, making it a perfect defense against a barrage of bullets or lasers in Starfield.

20. Sense Star Stuff

Sense Star Stuff
Sense Star Stuff (picture credits: eXputer)

Bonding with the very essence of creation, the Sense Star Stuff power lets players discern all life forms around them. For 15 energy units, every living entity, be it human, alien, or Starborn, manifests as a glowing silhouette, aiding in navigation and strategy.

21. Solar Flare

Solar Flare
Solar Flare (picture credits: eXputer)

Channeling the scorching heat of stars, the Solar Flare power releases a plasma orb that can incinerate foes. At 25 energy units in Starfield, it’s a straightforward yet effective offensive tool, capable of setting adversaries ablaze.

22. Sunless Space

Sunless Space
Sunless Space (picture credits: eXputer)

The cold, unforgiving vacuum of space is encapsulated in the Sunless Space power. For 35 energy units, players can shoot a ball of icy coldness, freezing any living entity ensnared in its blast.

23. Supernova

Supernova (picture credits: eXputer)

Embodying the explosive climax of a star’s life, the Supernova power lets players detonate with the energy of a supernova. This massive explosion engulfs the surrounding area, causing tremendous damage for just 45 energy units.

24. Void Form

Void Form
Void Form (picture credits: eXputer)

A play on perception, the Void Form power bends light around the player, rendering them almost invisible. For 45 energy units, it’s an invaluable tool for stealth and surprise attacks.

How To Unlock Powers In Starfield

Game Scene
How to unlock powers in Starfield (picture credits: eXputer)

In Starfield, players can unlock a myriad of intriguing powers, with the first one becoming available after completing the mission titled “Into The Unknown.” This mission is a pivotal juncture for players. It tasks them with locating the “Scanner Anomaly” and then delving into the depths of Temple Eta.

  • Inside this temple, players will navigate a mesmerizing, starlit expanse, floating through patches of ethereal light.
  • The main objective here is to activate a portal, the reward for which is the coveted “Anti-Gravity Field” power.
  • As players progress in their journey, they’ll discover that the Settled Systems is dotted with a multitude of Temples.
  • Each of these mysterious structures harbors its own unique power.
  • A mission named “Power From Beyond” will serve as a guide, leading players to another temple, hinting at the wealth of powers yet to be unearthed.

Acquiring Starfield Powers

Starfield introduces its remarkable powers in a progressive manner, ensuring players remain engrossed in the narrative while unlocking their character’s full potential. The journey to acquiring these powers is intertwined with the Main Quest Line.

  • Players initially embark on quests such as “One Small Step” and “The Old Neighborhood,” setting the stage for their grand adventure.
  • However, it’s during “Into the Unknown” that the true power awakening begins.
  • Within this quest, venturing into the temple is pivotal.

Here, players will encounter a luminous structure, pulsating with an otherworldly energy. Approaching this structure grants the player their first taste of Starfield’s unique powers, setting the course for deeper exploration and more advanced capabilities as the game progresses.

How To Use And Manage Powers In Starfield

Game Scene
Starfield Powers usage and management (picture credits: eXputer)

Harnessing the array of powers in Starfield is both intuitive and strategically deep. Players can easily equip their chosen abilities by navigating to the Powers menu. Once equipped, these powers draw energy from a unique meter labeled “Power.” This meter is not static; it continually recharges, demanding players to manage their power usage judiciously.

  • For those on the Xbox, a simultaneous tap of LB and RB triggers the power.
  • PC players, on the other hand, need only press the (X) key.

Mastering these activation methods is crucial as players journey through the vast expanse of Starfield, facing the challenges that await.

Temples, Artifacts, And Powers In Starfield

Game Scene
Game Scene (picture credits: eXputer)

Starfield’s temples are not mere buildings; they house essential artifacts that forge a deep bond with the powers available in the game. These artifacts, once activated, guide Vladimir in pinpointing the location of the corresponding temple. This element adds a layer of mystery and discovery as players must first find and activate these artifacts to unveil the temple’s secrets.

With 24 distinct powers awaiting, Starfield promises a diverse range of abilities to aid players. These powers not only amplify combat prowess but also facilitate exploration, ensuring that players can harness them to tackle various challenges and fully immerse themselves in the vast expanses of the Starfield universe.

How To Find More Temples

As players delve deeper into the expansive universe of Starfield, the pursuit of uncovering new temples becomes paramount. Two main avenues emerge for this discovery.

  • Firstly, pilots can explore new systems in Starfield, venturing into the unknown and hoping to stumble upon these mystical sites.
  • The vastness of space ensures a trove of secrets waiting to be unlocked.
  • However, for those looking for a more guided approach, consulting Vladimir Sall offers a strategic advantage.
  • Vladimir, with his profound knowledge, can provide insights, hints, or even direct locations to these temples.
  • His expertise can be a game-changer in one’s quest.

In the New Game Plus mode of Starfield, there’s an air of familiarity combined with an enticing layer of novelty. While the primary questline can be bypassed, it provides an avenue to attain enhanced power versions. For instance, players might come across an improved version like Gravity Wave II, further amplifying their in-game capabilities.

However, there remains an air of mystery. It’s still a point of contention whether the temple locations are consistent for every player or if they shuffle with each playthrough. Such uncertainty only adds to the allure of Starfield, prompting discussions and theories among the player community.

Who Are Starborn In Starfield?

Emerging from the enigmatic temples, players will confront the Starborn, a formidable adversary. These entities, set at level 30, pose a challenge not just because of their level but also due to their stealth capabilities.

  • Starborn in Starfield, are not your typical foes; their ability to blend into the surroundings requires players to be especially vigilant.
  • To detect a Starborn, players should keep an eye out for subtle ripples on their screen.
  • This visual cue indicates the presence of these elusive enemies nearby, giving players a chance to prepare for combat.

Defeating a Starborn has its rewards. They drop the coveted Quantum Essence. Possessing this essence is advantageous for players, as it significantly enhances the regeneration rate of the power meter, ensuring that powers can be used more frequently in successive combats and explorations. Collecting Quantum Essence is a strategy that players might want to adopt to maintain an upper hand in battles and exploration.

To wrap it up, in the captivating cosmos of Starfield, harnessing the full spectrum of Powers is paramount for any intrepid explorer. Derived from ancient artifacts and temples, these 24 distinctive abilities offer players unmatched combat, exploration, and strategic depth. Mastering them is essential, ensuring an unparalleled and immersive journey through the vast reaches of space.

That is all about powers in Starfield. If you are interested in knowing more about the game, consider reading All Difficulty Settings in Starfield, and The BEST Starfield Backgrounds.


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