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Jumping on to the vast expanse of Starfield worlds offers players not just a journey through the cosmos but also a tailored experience through its difficulty settings. Whether you’re a story-driven explorer or a battle-ready spacefarer, this learning about the intricacies of each setting will ensure that your celestial adventure aligns perfectly with your desired challenges and preferred playstyle in the game.

Key Takeaways

  • Starfield offers five distinct difficulty levels tailored to varied playstyles.
  • Difficulty settings can be adjusted in-game via the Settings > Gameplay menu.
  • Levels range from “Very Easy” for story immersion to “Very Hard” for intense combat challenges in Starfield.
  • Each difficulty affects enemy health, damage output, and potentially loot quality.
  • Players seeking narrative depth might prefer “Very Easy,” while combat enthusiasts might opt for “Very Hard.”
  • Bethesda’s history showcases the importance of tailored gameplay experiences in their titles.
  • The chosen difficulty can significantly shape your spacefaring journey in Starfield.

What Are Difficulty Settings In Starfield?

Difficulty settings in starfield
All Difficulty settings in Starfield (picture credits: eXputer)

In Starfield, difficulty settings tailor your cosmic adventure. Ranging from very easy to very hard, these options affect enemy health, damage, and loot quality.

Players can always adjust the difficulty settings in-game via the Settings > Gameplay menu, ensuring an experience suited to their desired challenge, be it narrative exploration or intense space combat in Starfield.

How To Access Difficulty Settings In Starfield

Access difficulty settings
How to access difficulty settings in Starfield (picture credits: eXputer)

Starting your space odyssey but want to adjust to the challenge? Here’s a quick guide to finding and tweaking Starfield’s difficulty settings:

  1. Begin at the Character Menu: While in-game, open up your character menu.
  2. Main Menu: From the character menu, delve deeper by heading into the main menu.
  3. Spot the Settings Option: Within the main menu, you’ll see various options. Look for one labeled Settings. That’s your gateway to customization.
  4. Go to Gameplay: Once inside Settings, there’s a subsection called Gameplay. Click on it to discover the difficulty menu.
  5. Choose Your Difficulty Level/Type: Now, you’ll see five difficulty levels: very easy, easy, normal, hard, and very hard. Whether you’re seeking a breezy space stroll or a nail-biting alien combat, there’s a setting tailored for you.

Remember, your Starfield journey is yours to shape. Pick the setting that feels right, and you can always change it later if the cosmos feels too friendly or fierce!

All Difficulty Options In Starfield

easy difficulty
easy difficulty in Starfield (picture credits: eXputer)

Starfield provides a galaxy of challenges tailored to every kind of space adventurer. The game introduces five unique difficulty levels, each differentiated mainly by the health (HP) and damage output of enemies you’ll encounter.

1. Very Easy

Starting with Very Easy, this level is perfect for those who wish to immerse themselves in the expansive lore and interstellar exploration. It’s less about the combat and more about the journey and narrative.

2. Easy

Moving up to Easy, there’s a sprinkle of challenge added, but the game remains primarily story-centric. This setting ensures you can appreciate the plot without being overwhelmed by combat.

3. Normal

Normal serves as a middle ground. Here, combat and challenges are well-balanced, providing a fair degree of difficulty without being too demanding. It’s ideal for those familiar with the RPG genre and looking for a steady-paced adventure.

4. Hard

Venturing into the Hard realm, players will need to think strategically. Combat becomes more intense, requiring not only skill but also a tactical approach to encounters.

5. Very Hard

Lastly, for those seeking the ultimate space challenge, Very Hard is the way to go. This level isn’t just about combat—it’s about meticulous planning, understanding your surroundings, and being ever-prepared for the unexpected. Only the bravest space explorers should venture here.

So, whether you’re a lore enthusiast or a battle-hardened space commander, Starfield has a setting perfectly suited for you. Choosing the best difficulty in the Starfield level plays a pivotal role in shaping your spacefaring journey.

It’s not just about the challenge; it’s about tailoring the game to your personal playstyle and preferences. Drawing from Bethesda’s rich gaming history, the importance of difficulty settings has been evident in their past titles. Just like those games, Starfield offers players the flexibility to craft an experience that resonates with them.

All Difficulty Differences In Starfield

Enemy Resilience 
Increased Enemy Resilience on harder difficulties in Starfield (picture credits: eXputer)

In Starfield, not everything is created equal. Here’s what changes as you toggle between difficulty settings:

Enemy Resilience 

As you ramp up the difficulty, space adversaries don’t just get grumpier; they get tougher! Their health balloons and their punches (or laser beams) pack more of a wallop. Conversely, if you opt for an easier setting, you’ll find them less robust and their hits less daunting.

Loot Quality

Better Gear on Tougher Challenges: Thinking of upping the difficulty? Here’s a silver lining: The tougher the foes, the cooler the gear they drop. It’s a high-risk, high-reward universe out there in Starfield.

Rarity of Drops: On higher difficulty settings in Starfield, not only do you get better equipment, but you also have a higher chance of snagging those legendary, rare, very rare, and epic items. It’s like winning the space lottery but with lasers! All the more reasons for me to toggle higher difficulty settings to get the best rewards in Starfield.

So, when picking your difficulty in Starfield, remember it’s not just about the challenge; it’s about the potential rewards.

Which Difficulty Level Should You Play With In Starfield?

Recommended difficulty gameplay
Recommended difficulty gameplay (picture credits: eXputer)

Embarking on the vast journey that Starfield offers, one of the first decisions you’ll confront is selecting a difficulty level. This choice isn’t just about how tough your enemies are; it’s a reflection of how you wish to experience Bethesda’s newest universe. Let’s delve into each level, helping you align your cosmic journey with your preferred playstyle.

1. Very Easy: The Storyteller’s Voyage

For players captivated by narrative depth and the allure of exploration, Very Easy serves as an invitation to lose oneself in the intricacies of the Starfield universe.

  • On this level, combat plays a secondary role, enabling you to traverse planets, meet characters, and piece together the vast lore without frequently pausing for intense battles.
  • It’s the space odyssey for those who relish in stories and the serenity of space.

2. Easy: Casual Spacefarer’s Delight

Still leaning into the narrative realm, the Easy setting provides a gentle nudge of challenge, just enough to keep the adrenaline mildly pumping. It’s perfect for players who appreciate a good story but also want occasional combat to spice up their journey. There’s resistance, but it won’t deter you from the primary narrative experience.

3. Normal: The Balanced Adventurer

True to its name, Normal strikes a harmonious balance between combat and story, appealing to traditional RPG enthusiasts, and this is why it is the best difficulty setting in Starfield for me. 

  • As you navigate through space, expect a series of formidable encounters that challenge but don’t overwhelm you.
  • This setting captures the essence of space exploration paired with aptly challenging skirmishes, offering a well-rounded Starfield experience.

4. Hard: The Strategic Commander

Stepping into Hard mode, the Starfield universe becomes less forgiving.

  • Combat situations necessitate strategy, forethought, and an understanding of your gear and surroundings.
  • It’s tailored for those who have journeyed through space and time in other Bethesda titles, seeking a challenge that tests both skill and intellect.
  • While the story remains integral, the increased difficulty demands a tactical approach to each encounter.

5. Very Hard: The Galactic Gladiator

For the elite space explorers seeking the ultimate challenge, Very Hard is the crucible of combat.

  • Here, every decision counts.
  • Enemies are relentless, and every planet or space station can house threats that demand impeccable skills and meticulous planning.
  • Very Hard Mode in Starfield is a testament to mastery, designed for players looking to truly test their mettle against the harshest environments the game has to offer.

Note: The titles I have given above besides the difficulty levels are not the actual ones you see in the game. These refer to the type of player or playstyle players may prefer should they go with the respective difficulties mentioned above. .

Navigating Starfield is a journey molded by your chosen difficulty. From tranquil cosmic exploration to adrenaline-pumping space combat, your experience is tailored to fit your playstyle. With this guide, you’re equipped to carve out your ideal path in Bethesda’s vast universe, ensuring every spacefarer finds their perfect challenge.

In conclusion, your chosen difficulty in Starfield should mirror how you wish to interact with Bethesda’s expansive universe. From the tranquil story-driven voyages to the pulse-pounding combats of deep space, there’s a galaxy awaiting every kind of spacefarer.

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