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In the expansive universe of Starfield, the Crimson Fleet Questline offers players a thrilling dive into piracy and trickery. From committing crimes to gaining entry, navigating deep cover missions, to pivotal choices testing loyalty, players must tactically weigh moral versus practical decisions while seeking rewards, influence, and uncovering the enigmatic “Key”.

Key Takeaways

  • Starfield’s Crimson Fleet centers on space piracy and faction loyalty.
  • The Crimson Fleet Questline features six series of missions & a compelling choice to make at the end of it. 
  • Players face moral versus practical dilemmas that shape the storyline.
  • Crucial missions lead to challenging decisions, from Deep Cover to Legacy’s End in Starfield.
  • Rewards vary based on choices, impacting gameplay and character progression.
  • Faction loyalty is tested, determining alliances with either UC SysDef or Crimson Fleet in Starfield.
  • Unique characters like Commander Ikande and Jason Kryx enrich the narrative.
  • The Crimson Fleet questline introduces high-stakes infiltration missions and significant moral outcomes in Starfield.
  • Unlocking The Key becomes pivotal in the overarching Crimson Fleet narrative.

What Is Crimson Fleet In Starfield?

Crimson Fleet
Crimson Fleet (picture credits: eXputer)

The Crimson Fleet in Starfield is a space-faring pirate faction, where players can align with this faction, facing unique challenges and missions, such as infiltrating enemy lines, settling internal disputes, and making pivotal loyalty decisions.

The Crimson Fleet Questline intertwines with major characters and events, offering players moral dilemmas that influence their journey in Starfield. The player’s choices, especially concerning loyalty to the United Colonies (UC) or the Crimson Fleet, shape the narrative and outcome of this intricate storyline.

Role of Crimson Fleet Faction

In Bethesda’s expansive game, Starfield, players encounter numerous factions, each bringing its unique flair and challenges to the game’s rich narrative. Among them, the Crimson Fleet stands out, especially for players who have an inclination toward the high-stakes world of space piracy.

Nature of The Faction

Important: The Crimson Fleet’s core identity revolves around piracy in Starfield.

This faction isn’t for the faint of heart, as its notorious reputation extends across the Settled Systems. Regarded by many as ruthless and immoral, they bring a sense of lawlessness in the vast expanse of space, further emphasized by their might, firepower, and tales circulating about their escapades.

Gameplay Challenges

The choices players make, especially regarding their factional alignment, have tangible gameplay implications in Starfield. By aligning with the Crimson Fleet, players can expect mission structures and challenges that revolve around the faction’s piratical endeavors.

These choices in Starfield might involve covert operations, confrontations with other factions, especially the United Colonies, and decisions that test the player’s morality and allegiance.

All Crimson Fleet Missions Questline & Rewards In Starfield

Embarking on missions associated with the Crimson Fleet in Starfield can be a roller-coaster of intrigue, subterfuge, and high-stakes negotiation. Here’s an insightful breakdown of the mission “Deep Cover” and its corresponding rewards:

1. Deep Cover Mission

Deep Cover Mission
Deep Cover Mission (picture credits: eXputer)

Deep Cover Mission isn’t just a mission; it’s an immersion into the complexities of interstellar politics and covert operations in Starfield, promising both thrilling gameplay and substantial rewards.

  • Arrest in New Atlantis: Initiating the mission requires the player to purposely get arrested in Starfield New Atlantis. This sets the stage for a deeper engagement with the Crimson Fleet.
  • Infiltration for the United Colonies: While under arrest, players are approached by the United Colonies to act as their spies, offering them a chance to infiltrate the Crimson Fleet from within. This objective will challenge players’ stealth and persuasion skills.
  • Debt Settlement: In the course of the mission, players are thrust into the murky world of space debts. They must broker peace between two characters: Karl Fielding and Adler Kemp in Starfield, which may involve negotiating, fighting, or employing other strategic means.
  • Europa Moon Meet: The mission culminates in a rendezvous with Naeva Mora on Europa Moon. Players should anticipate potential plot twists and strategic decisions during this interaction.


Completing the Deep Cover mission in the Crimson questline of Starfield is rewarding in both experience and in-game currency:

  • Experience Points (XP): 250 XP
  • Credits: 4800 credits

2. Rook Meets King Mission

Rook Meets King
Rook Meets King (picture credits: eXputer)

Rook Meets King is a pivotal mission in the Crimson questline of Starfield, weaving together personal choices, tactical gameplay, and expansive narrative in a galactic exploration. 

Enceladus – The Ragana

Players are directed to Enceladus, one of Saturn’s icy moons in Starfield. Within its shimmering ice fields lies “The Ragana,” an enclave or perhaps a ship, where the traitor Austin Rake is believed to be hiding. This location promises challenges that test navigational and tracking skills.

Life Negotiation

Upon finding Austin Rake in Starfield, players are presented with a moral and strategic dilemma. Do you hand him over to the authorities, or negotiate for his life? Your choice will influence in-game alliances and the trajectory of the narrative.


Completing the “Rook Meets King” mission offers players:

  • Experience Points: 250 XP
  • In-game Currency: A bounty of 5800 credits, invaluable for in-game advancements and purchases.
  • Unique Gear: The “Pirate Swashbuckler Gear” – a rare and potentially powerful set of equipment, signifying your deepening ties with the Crimson Fleet and granting enhanced capabilities.

3. Echoes of The Past Mission

Echoes of The Past Mission
Echoes of The Past Mission (picture credits: eXputer)

Echoes of the Past mission in Starfield is more than a quest; it’s a bridge to the game’s rich lore, offering a blend of stealth gameplay, combat challenges, and lore discovery, all while enhancing the player’s stature and resources in the universe.

Routine With A Twist

Crimson Fleet Duties: Players are immersed deeper into the pirate world as they join the Crimson Fleet’s routine operations in Starfield. This inclusion gives them an inside look into the faction’s workings and dynamics.

Stealth and Strategy

  • Sneak Missions: This objective demands finesse and stealth over brute force. Sneaking through undisclosed locations will test players’ adaptability, patience, and strategic gameplay.
  • Encounter with Grylloba: Players should be prepared to face formidable adversaries, particularly the Grylloba in Starfield. Knowing their weaknesses and strengths will be crucial in these engagements.

Unraveling Galactic History

Legacy Ship Information: The mission’s core objective is the discovery of details surrounding the enigmatic “Legacy” ship. This arc could be crucial to understanding broader game narratives and hidden histories.


Successfully navigating through “Echoes of the Past” offers players:

  • Experience Points: 350 XP
  • In-game Currency: A considerable sum of 20,000 credits
  • Unique Equipment: The “Keelhauler” 

4. The Best There Is Mission

The Best There Is
The Best There Is (picture credits: eXputer)

The Best There Is mission in Crimson questline of Starfield presents a blend of stealth and information reconnaissance, emphasizing the player’s strategic approach.

High-risk Stealth Operation

Infiltrating SY-920 alongside Huan Daiyu: This portion suggests a strategic infiltration, likely involving stealth mechanics. The inclusion of Huan Daiyu in Starfield, a character presumably adept in such operations, can mean potential team-based strategies or skills utilization. It adds depth, as players might need to rely on Huan’s abilities or coordinate actions with him.

Objective Focus – The Compspike

This central mission element hints at the significance of the ‘Compspike’ to the plot. Players would be expected to navigate through the ship’s security, interact with the onboard system, or perhaps confront ship personnel to gather this vital information.


Upon successful mission completion, players will be awarded:

  • Experience Points: 250 XP
  • In-game Currency: 9600 credits

5. Absolute Powers Mission

Absolute Powers Mission
Absolute Powers Mission (picture credits: eXputer)

Absolute Powers offers players a multifaceted mission involving tactical decision-making, potential combat, and meaningful character interaction in the Crimson Fleet questline of Starfield.

The diverse objectives combined with the significant rewards highlight its pivotal role in the overarching narrative.

Ship Access Challenge

Assisting Crimson Fleet with a Blocked Ship: This phase of the mission in Starfield implies a potential puzzle or technical challenge. Players might need to bypass a security system or find alternate routes to access the ship, showcasing their problem-solving skills.

High-Value Tech Retrieval

Obtaining Conduction Grid Tech at Generdyne: A heist element is introduced here. The Generdyne facility in Starfield, likely a heavily fortified or technologically advanced location, guards the coveted Conduction Grid Tech. Expect stealth sequences, potential combat engagements, and maybe mini-games related to tech retrieval.

Character Confrontation

Interaction with Stelle Vincent: The nature of ‘dealing’ with Stelle Vincent remains ambiguous, suggesting choices. Players could negotiate, form an alliance, or perhaps enter into combat, depending on the narrative or character allegiance.


Successful completion yields:

  • Experience Points: 350 XP 
  • In-game Currency: 12400 credits

6. Legacy’s End Mission

Legacy's end
Legacy’s end (picture credits: eXputer)

Major Decision Point

Loyalty Test: Players will be faced with a significant moral and strategic choice. Their decision to align with either the UC (United Colonies) or the Crimson Fleet will likely determine future story arcs, alliances, and potential enemies.

Action Outcomes Based On Decision

  1. Destruction of Crimson Fleet Base: Choosing this path may lead to intense ground combat or strategic ship warfare against the pirates, ending their reign of terror.
  2. Neutralize UC Watcher Ship & Prisoner Liberation: This route suggests not only ship combat but also close-quarter skirmishes on the UC Watcher ship. Liberating prisoners could add allies or unlock new narrative branches.


  • Regardless of the choice made in Starfield’s Legacy’s End mission, players earn 350 XP. The 250,000 credits denote the high-stakes nature of this mission, allowing significant gear, ship upgrades, or resource acquisition.

Recommendation For Players

“Legacy’s End” is a pivotal mission in the Crimson Fleet questline of Starfield, likely influencing the narrative tone for subsequent gameplay.

Players should make an informed choice, weighing the pros and cons of each faction.

Important: Considering the sizable credit reward, it’s advisable to invest in equipment or skill upgrades post-mission to face heightened challenges ahead. The Legacy’s End Mission’s consequences will be long-lasting, so decisions should align with the player’s desired role-playing path and endgame.

Should You Join UC SysDef or Crimson Fleet In Starfield?

join UC SysDef or Crimson Fleet
join UC SysDef or Crimson Fleet (picture credits: eXputer)

The crux of this Crimson Fleet questline mission revolves around a Moral vs. Practical Dilemma in Starfield.

Players will grapple with their ethical beliefs against the pragmatic benefits of allying with one faction over the other in Starfield.

Faction Consequences

Important Choices:

  • UC SysDef: Aligning with the United Colonies System Defense (UC SysDef) in Starfield probably favors order, governance, and established rule. Players might expect more structured missions but with the backing of an organized militia.
  • Crimson Fleet: Opting for the pirates signifies a preference for freedom in Starfield, albeit with the inherent unpredictability and potential anarchy of a pirate lifestyle. Missions might lean toward stealth, hit-and-run tactics, and subterfuge.

Major Impacts

  • Battles: Expect differing combat scenarios based on your chosen allegiance. UC SysDef might involve defending key locations or strategic assaults in Starfield, while Crimson Fleet could focus on ambushes or resource heists.
  • Loyalty Decisions: Both factions will test the player’s commitment. This could manifest in missions challenging previous affiliations or calling for sacrifices for the greater good (or personal gain).
  • Rewards: Each side will have unique incentives. The UC SysDef could offer advanced military-grade equipment, while the Crimson Fleet might provide rare, unconventional gear or access to black markets in Starfield.

Additional Considerations

  • Companion Affinity: How will companions react? Your decisions could strengthen or sever bonds, affecting party dynamics, skills, and potential story arcs.
  • Access to “The Key”: A potentially significant artifact or resource, The Key’s access could determine mission options, story developments, or endgame scenarios in Starfield. Decide based on its perceived value and utility.
  • Rewards Revisited: While material gains are evident, players should also ponder intangible rewards like narrative satisfaction, character growth, or unique story arcs.

Recommendation For Players

Important: The Final Decision is the narrative fulcrum in Starfield, setting the trajectory for the endgame and possibly post-game content.

Deliberate on the broader implications of your choice, taking into account your role-playing preferences, desired story outcomes, and gameplay style.

Every decision will ripple through Starfield’s world, shaping your hero’s legacy. Be ready to accept the responsibilities of your choices and the evolving challenges they present.

How To Join Crimson Fleet In Starfield?

Crimson fleet
Crimson fleet (picture credits: eXputer)

Important: To join the Crimson Fleet in Starfield, players will need to commit a notable crime to attract their attention. Once noticed, undertake a special infiltration mission alongside Commander Ikande. Successfully navigate the “Deep Cover” quest, involving intentional arrest in New Atlantis, acting as a spy, settling debts, and a secretive meeting on Europa Moon. Your position within the Fleet solidifies after obtaining “The Key.”

1. Entry Requirements

To even be noticed by the elusive Crimson Fleet, prospective members must first commit a crime in Starfield. This isn’t a simple act of petty theft but a demonstration of skill and audacity that aligns with the Fleet’s values. Committing the crime acts as a calling card, displaying your capabilities and intent.

2. Special Infiltration With Commander Ikande

Once you’ve gotten their attention, the next step is a collaborative mission with Commander Ikande in Starfield. Ikande is a high-ranking official in the Fleet, and impressing them can solidify your place within the group. This mission isn’t just about skill but also about building trust. Show that you can be relied upon in high-stakes situations.

3. Deep Cover Quest Insights

The “Deep Cover” quest is an initiation of sorts. This entails going undercover in a hostile territory:

  • New Atlantis Arrest: Begin by getting arrested intentionally in New Atlantis, setting the stage for infiltration.
  • Infiltration: The main objective is to act as a double agent for the United Colonies while gaining trust within the Crimson Fleet.
  • Debt Settlement: Part of your test will be settling a debt between influential figures, demonstrating both diplomacy and muscle.
  • Meeting on Europa Moon: A covert rendezvous with Naeva Mora on Europa Moon in Starfield will provide additional information and directives.

Choices within the Deep Cover quest can shape your reputation and future standing within the Fleet. Every action will be closely watched and evaluated.

4. After Obtaining “The Key”

The acquisition of “The Key” is a significant milestone in Starfield. While the specifics of this artifact or resource are not detailed here, it’s clear that obtaining it puts you in a unique position within the Fleet.

Joining the Crimson Fleet post-Key means stepping into a world of increased responsibility and recognition. Your role within the Fleet is elevated, offering new opportunities and challenges.

5. Final Choice

Joining the Crimson Fleet is a calculated choice in Starfield, filled with peril and promise. While the rewards can be substantial, the path is fraught with tests of skill, loyalty, and cunning. Think carefully, strategize wisely, and be prepared for a life of high-seas (or high-space) adventure.

In conclusion, the Crimson Fleet Questline in Starfield masterfully intertwines intricate decision-making with a rich narrative arc. As players grapple with moral quandaries and allegiance shifts, they’re thrust into a vivid world of space piracy, challenging missions, and high stakes. It’s a testament to Starfield’s depth, offering both rewards and revelations.

That is all for now and if you want to learn more then I suggest you don’t skip reading Starfield Alternating Currents, All Religions, Starfield Money Glitch, and What happened to the Earth in Starfield guides.


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