Starfield: 10 BEST Armor Sets



In the vast expanse of “Starfield,” armor is crucial for survival and dominance. While several suits stand out, from the rare Starborn Spacesuit Avitus to the sleek Va’ruun armor, the Bounty Hunter and UC Security Spacesuits offer impressive balance, making them some of the game’s top choices for both combat and exploration.

Key Takeaways

  • There are more than 25 armor or spacesuits in Starfield for players to get & fancy in the cosmos.
  • Some of the best armors are hidden within specific quests, emphasizing exploration and engagement.
  • Starfield offers armor tailored to combat, exploration, or a blend of both, catering to player styles.
  • Not all powerful armors rely on stats; some, like the Va’ruun spacesuit, are prized for their unique designs.
  • Higher-tier armor sets often become accessible in the later stages or after multiple playthroughs, promoting replay value.
  • Starfield gives players options to either find armor during exploration or buy them, allowing varied gameplay strategies.
  • Certain suits stand out not just for combat but also for their resistance to environmental hazards.

Starfield Best Armor Sets

Here is an overview of the best armor sets in Starfield showcased along with PHYS, ENGY, EM, Thermal, Corrosive, Airborne, Radiation, Mass, and Value stats in the game:

Serial No. Name PHYS ENGY EM Thermal Corrosive Airborne Radiation Mass Value
10 UC Security Spacesuit 80 48 64 0 15 30 15 7.4 6235
9 Bounty Hunter Spacesuit 128 132 136 15 15 15 15 20.9 20780
8 Va’ruun Spacesuit 68 64 72 15 15 15 15 13.3 10095
7 Mercury Spacesuit 108 92 100 25 25 25 25 16.83 23534
6 Monster Costume 50 50 50 0 0 0 0 7 2360
5 Mantis Armor 116 84 100 15 0 30 15 16.2 31755
4 Gran-Gran’s Marine Armor 76 60 68 35 20 10 15 8.14 6858
3 Mark 1 Constellation 120 136 128 20 0 30 10 7.5 35410
2 Shocktroop Armor 80 84 88 30 15 0 15 7.5 9660
1 Starborn Spacesuit Avitus 235 235 235 50 50 50 50 17.40 67025

10. UC Security Spacesuit

UC security spacesuit
UC security spacesuit (picture credits: eXputer)
Armor Stats Value
EM 64
Thermal 0
Corrosive 15
Airborne 30
Radiation 15
Mass 7.4
Value 6235

The UC Security Spacesuit in Starfield can be purchased from Aito Suzuki in the Ryujin Tower lobby, offering players diverse resistance stats vital for the “Access is Key” Faction mission.

  • Within the cosmic vastness of Starfield, the UC Security Spacesuit claims its position as a highly valued armor for its balanced resistance.
  • Acquirable from Aito Suzuki during the “Access is Key” Faction mission, it offers players a tactical edge with a range of resistances.
  • Boasting 80 in PHYS, 48 in ENGY, and 64 in EM, it establishes itself as a reliable choice in various combat situations in Starfield.

Additionally, its multi-environmental resistance, including 15 for Corrosive and Radiation and 30 for Airborne, makes it adaptable to different hazardous conditions.

With a weight of just 7.4 units and a value of 6235, it’s a lucrative investment for any interstellar adventurer. Its accessibility through Aito Suzuki ensures players can easily obtain it, especially when the mission’s objectives demand such armor. All in all, the UC Security Spacesuit isn’t just a protective garment; it’s a game-changer for those seeking both combat readiness and environmental adaptability.

9. Bounty Hunter Spacesuit

Bounty hunter Spacesuit
Bounty Hunter Spacesuit (picture credits: eXputer)
Armor Stats Value
PHYS 128
ENGY 132
EM 136
Thermal 15
Corrosive 15
Airborne 15
Radiation 15
Mass 20.9
Value 20780

The Bounty Hunter Spacesuit in Starfield is a balanced armor piece strategically located in the Mantis’ Lair during the quest.

Often concealed and overlooked, it boasts commendable resistance ratings.

  • The Bounty Hunter Spacesuit shines as one of Starfield’s most well-rounded defensive equipment. Acquirable in the Mantis’ Lair quest, its concealed placement often causes players to bypass its potent benefits.
  • Unlike many armors, it offers an admirable equilibrium of damage and environmental resistance.
  • Its impressive resistances of 128 for PHY, 132 for ENGY, and 136 for EM position it as a combat juggernaut.

Moreover, it stands out in exploration scenarios, offering a robust 15 resistance across all four environmental categories.

This versatility means that once equipped, players can feel confident across a myriad of in-game situations, from hostile engagements to hazardous planetary explorations.

Furthermore, its mass is tactically advantageous on low-gravity planets. Especially in boarding combats or close-quarter battles, the Bounty Hunter Spacesuit is not just protective armor; it’s a strategic advantage. With such stellar stats, players may find themselves in no rush to switch it out.

8. Va’ruun Spacesuit

Va'ruun Spacesuit
Va’ruun Spacesuit (picture credits: eXputer)
Armor Stats Value
EM 72
Thermal 15
Corrosive 15
Airborne 15
Radiation 15
Mass 13.3
Value 10095

The Va’ruun Spacesuit in Starfield is a visually stunning piece of gear associated with the reclusive and enigmatic race, the Va’ruun.

These suits are worn by members of a deep-space-dwelling cult who venerate the Great Serpent.

  • Though the Starfield universe boasts many unique armors, the Va’ruun Spacesuit stands apart.
  • Unlike the more commonly found Crimson Fleet spacesuits, Va’ruun attire is both elusive and rich in lore.
  • Donned by the rare Va’ruun occultists in Starfield, these spacesuits not only serve as a testament to their unique culture and fierce religion but also offer balanced protection in combat scenarios.
  • Their medium-quality damage resistance is complimented by an all-encompassing environmental shield, making them versatile for various challenges.

The true allure of Va’ruun Spacesuit armor in Starfield, beyond its aesthetics, lies in its rarity and the adventure it prompts.

To obtain Va’ruun Spacesuit in Starfield, players must traverse various star systems, encountering and defeating Va’ruun warriors in space — a feat easier said than done. Securing the Va’ruun Spacesuit isn’t just about enhancing your character’s stats; it’s an emblem of the profound journeys and battles faced in the vast expanse of Starfield. It’s a symbol of one’s dedication to exploration and conquest.

7. Mercury Spacesuit

Mercury spacesuit
Mercury spacesuit (picture credits: eXputer)
Armor Stats Value
PHYS 108
EM 100
Thermal 25
Corrosive 25
Airborne 25
Radiation 25
Mass 16.83
Value 23534

The Mercury Spacesuit in Starfield is an iconic blend of last century’s sci-fi aesthetic, featuring a distinctive bulbous helmet paired with a tinfoil texture reminiscent of nostalgic childhood adventures.

  • Starfield offers players a vast array of armor choices, but few can claim the charm and efficacy of the Mercury Spacesuit.
  • Hidden away in the Nova Galactic Base on Earth, its acquisition requires the navigation of the intricate “Unearthed” questline, an evocative journey through remnants of humanity’s history and a wasteland Earth.
  • Upon landing in what was once Florida, players venture to a haunting NASA landmark to uncover this piece of retro sci-fi couture.

But Mercury Spacesuit isn’t just a stylish nod to yesteryears; it is a late-game behemoth, boasting damage resistance upwards of 90, coupled with 25 protection from environmental hazards.

Its arduous acquisition journey culminates in a suit that’s as protective as it is evocative, cementing its reputation as one of the best armor sets in Starfield. Whether you’re drawn to its unparalleled protection or the allure of wrapping yourself in a memory-laden tinfoil, the Mercury Spacesuit is undeniably worth every effort.

6. Monster Costume

Monster spacesuit
Monster spacesuit (picture credits: eXputer)
Armor Stats Value
EM 50
Thermal 0
Corrosive 0
Airborne 0
Radiation 0
Mass 7.00
Value 2360

Monster Costume in Starfield is a unique full-alien outfit acquired on Titan by completing the “Tourists Go Home” mission with Dr. Guiliana Lakota.

It’s iconic for its ability to scare tourists in the void of space.

  • The Monster Costume stands out as the best armor in Starfield, not for its practical utility but for its uniqueness.
  • While offering no environmental protection, its aesthetic appeal is undeniable.
  • With stats like 50 Phys, 50 Engy, and 50 EM, it replaces the Space Suit, Pack, and Helmet, drawing remarks from NPCs on its intimidating look.

Located in New Homestead, a living museum in space, the costume’s acquisition journey is as memorable as its design in Starfield. Besides its visual charm, its rarity and connection to a fun mission make it an unmissable collectible.

5. Mantis Armor

Mantis spacesuit
Mantis spacesuit (picture credits: eXputer)
Armor Stats Value
PHYS 116
EM 100
Thermal 15
Corrosive 0
Airborne 30
Radiation 15
Mass 16.20
Value 31755

Mantis in Starfield refers to a coveted armor set obtained by completing a challenging puzzle in the Lair of the Mantis on planet Denebola I-B.

The Mantis Armor is arguably the best armor suit in Starfield for multiple reasons.

  • First and foremost, it’s a free, legendary armor set accessible early in Starfield, provided players can navigate the level 30 system of Denebola.
  • As players venture through the galaxy and clash with spacers, a hint leading them to the secret base housing the Mantis Armor becomes available.
  • Upon discovery, players encounter the Mantis quest and, upon completion, are rewarded with the Mantis armor set.

Not only does the Mantis Armor boast impressive resistances, but it’s also endowed with legendary perks in Starfield.

These perks, while random, can be strategically re-rolled by players saving just before entering the Lair, enabling them to fine-tune their armor’s attributes to perfection. The combination of its inherent capabilities and the potential for customization sets the Mantis Armor apart as the top-tier choice in Starfield.

4. Gran-Gran’s Marine Armor

Gran-Gran’s Marine Armor
Gran-Gran’s Marine Armor (picture credits: eXputer)
Armor Stats Value
EM 68
Thermal 35
Corrosive 20
Airborne 10
Radiation 15
Mass 8.14
Value 6858

Gran-Gran’s Marine Armor in Starfield is an exclusive, upgraded UC Marine suit boasting enhanced damage resistance, gifted to players who opt for the Kid Stuff trait during character creation.

  • The true value of Gran-Gran’s Marine Armor lies not only in its superior damage resistance but also in its innate value as a keepsake from Starfield’s personal narrative.
  • Acquiring Gran-Gran’s Marine Armor involves an emotional journey with the player’s in-game parents, making it an item of sentimental significance.

Although Gran-Gran’s Marine Armor lacks legendary perks in Starfield, this absence becomes its strength as it allows for extensive modding, catering to diverse playstyles.

Its ease of accessibility, via following the parent-centered storyline, combined with its solid base attributes, makes it a top choice for players. Furthermore, the potential for enhancement through the Spacesuit Workbench ensures its adaptability, making it both a practical and sentimental favorite in Starfield.

3. Mark 1 Constellation

Mark 1 Constellation
Mark 1 Constellation (picture credits: eXputer)
Armor Stats Value
PHYS 120
ENGY 136
EM 128
Thermal 20
Airborne 0
Corrosive 30
Radiation 10
Mass 7.5
Value 35410

The Mark 1 Constellation Armor in Starfield is a sleek, high-quality suit found in the Constellation headquarters in New Atlantis, recognized for its superior early-game resistances across physical, energy, and electromagnetic domains.

  • The charm of the Mark 1 Constellation Armor is multifaceted.
  • Initially, its aesthetic, aligning with Starfield’s NASA-style theme, makes it a sought-after choice.
  • From a functional standpoint, its substantial early and mid-game resistances are unparalleled.
  • Although devoid of innate legendary perks, its design welcomes extensive modding, making it a versatile platform for players to tailor according to their progression.

Retrieving Mark 1 Constellation armor requires a combination of narrative progression, namely completing the “One Small Step” quest in Starfield and the prowess in security skills, highlighting its exclusivity.

While at a glance, the Mark 1 may seem like a mere prototype with no evident modifications, its true strength lies in its potential. With the capability to embed potent mods, players can augment damage resistance, enhance melee capabilities, or even improve stealth. In essence, the Mark 1 Constellation Armor not only serves as a testament to the player’s advancement in Starfield but also as a canvas for individualized gameplay strategies.

2. Shocktroop Armor

Shocktroop Armor
Shocktroop Armor (picture credits: eXputer)
Armor Stats Value
EM 88
Thermal 30
Corrosive 15
Airborne 0
Radiation 15
Mass 7.50
Value 9660

The Shocktroop Armor in Starfield is Bethesda’s nod to the ODST suits from “Halo,” offering an early-game upgrade with enhanced resistance, particularly against extreme temperatures.

  • Arguably one of the best armor in Starfield based on aesthetics, the Shocktroop Armor channels the iconic design of Halo’s ODST combat suits, making it a treat for fans of the genre.
  • But the suit’s real value isn’t merely cosmetic.
  • When you’re charting your early journey in the vast expanse of space, the Shocktroop set emerges as a reliable ally.

Boasting improved stats over the Constellation set, it serves as a tangible representation of progression. Positioned in the Commercial District of New Atlantis, the Outland shop offers this armor as a testament to your early achievements in Starfield.

While it might not have jaw-dropping inherent abilities, its forte is its formidable resistance against harsh temperatures, a trait that’s invaluable during initial explorations. The heightened defense facilitates smoother combat and expedites storyline progression. In essence, the Shocktroop Armor is not just an ensemble; it’s a statement – a blend of legacy-inspired design and solid early-game utility.

1. Starborn Spacesuit Avitus

Starborn Spacesuit Avitus
Starborn Spacesuit Avitus (picture credits: eXputer)
Armor Stats Value
PHYS 235
ENGY 235
EM 235
Thermal 50
Corrosive 50
Airborne 50
Radiation 50
Mass 17.40
Value 67025

The Starborn Spacesuit Avitus in Starfield is a coveted reward, attainable after eight New Game Plus playthroughs, and accompanies the Starborn Guardian VI Spaceship.

Starfield is a game of exploration, challenge, and rewards, and among those rewards, the Starborn Spacesuit Avitus stands tall as an emblem of perseverance and dedication.

Important: A testament to the player’s tenacity, obtaining Starborn Spacesuit Avitus requires beating Starfield New Game Plus not once, not twice, but eight times.

Each victorious iteration brings with it a new variant of the Starborn Spacesuit, and the Avitus, in its glory, boasts impeccable stats across the board: from physical to energy, electromagnetic, and even thermal resistances. Its rarity is only eclipsed by its power, making it the zenith of Starfield armor.

As players traverse the vast cosmic playground, this suit becomes more than just armor; it’s a symbol of countless hours spent, battles won, and stories forged. And while there are 10 Starborn variants in total, each more impressive than the last, the Avitus holds a special allure for those who’ve journeyed long and hard through the cosmos. The pinnacle of protection, it’s the epitome of what Starfield rewards its dedicated players with.

To sum it up, venturing into the cosmos in Starfield requires the right gear. From the aesthetics of the Va’ruun to the sheer resilience of the Bounty Hunter armor, players have a plethora of choices. Yet, regardless of aesthetics or acquisition challenges, the most critical aspect is finding the armor that aligns with your playstyle and journey.

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