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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has a bunch of different bosses in it. There are some optional bosses. A few of these bosses can be quite hard to deal with, as it will take a lot of skill and patience to deal with them. One such is the Rancor in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Before You Start: You will have to get onto the Koboh’s Rambler’s Reach Meditation Point before you can start the Rumor quest.

Key Takeaways

  • Rancor is a powerful Optional Boss in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.
  • To defeat the Rancor, players will have to play safe, as only one of its attacks can kill them.
  • The Rancor has six different attacks.
  • These attacks are divided into two types of attacks, Blockable and unblockable.
  • The Blockable attacks are Swipe Attack, Foot Stomp, Spin Attack, and Power Slam.
  • The Non-Blockable attacks are Shockwave and Grab Attacks.
  • Rumor to get to Rancor is available at Rambler’s Reach in Planet Koboh.
  • Then Players will have to go to Sodden Grotto, where they will finally find Rancor.

Who is The Rancor In Star Wars Jedi Survivor 

One of the optional bosses in Star Wars Jedi Survivor is Rancor. It is a powerful boss that can be disastrous for most of the players. That is because each of Rancor’s attacks can deal massive damage to players. And for that, they tend to avoid it. But I decided to give it a shot and found out the best strategy to deal with it.

IMPORTANT: Rancor can be a powerful boss, so I suggest that you reduce the difficulty.

Rancor in the game.
The Rancor. (Screenshot by eXputer)

Now the Rancor itself is an ugly yet powerful beast. It is an enormous beast that walks on its legs and has razor-sharp claws for its hands. One hit from those can kill you if you’re playing at a higher difficulty. Whereas if you’re on a lower difficulty, that one hit will take out half of your Health. So make sure that you have all the Stim before you go on to fight him.

Strategy To Defeat Rancor In Star Wars Jedi Survivor 

Now to defeat Rancor, you have to come up with the best strategy because it can be a hell of a best. I have had my fair share of deaths when dealing with the Rancor. Most of it was to check out his different attacks and to learn to evade them. Because once you know how each of its attacks works, you can easily avoid them.

Rancor’s Attacks can be divided into two categories. They are the Normal, or blockable attacks, and the Red attacks, or unblockable attacks. Anyways, here are its different attacks and how you can avoid them.

Normal Attacks

Normal Attacks are the attacks that you can Parry or block. But that doesn’t mean that these attacks can’t kill you with one hit. You should still be careful when dealing with them. Here are the four Normal Attacks of the Rancor that I faced.

Swipe Attack:

One of the first attacks that I had to face while defeating Rancor was its Swipe attack. During the move, Rancor will launch two swings at Cal. First, he will attack with his left hand and then with the right. Now you can block them or parry them, whichever suits you. But remember, if you block them, you will run out of force really quickly.

Swing attack of Rancor star wars jedi survivor.
The Swing attack has two swings. (Screenshot by eXputer)

Foot Stomp

So, the next one is more of a situational attack. The Rancor lifted its foot to stomp me underneath it when I was hitting its legs non-stop. That was more of a defensive move than to kill me. It was to force me to keep a distance between me and its legs so that the Rancor could stop me from slicing its legs. If the Rancor uses that attack on you, you have to try your best to get away because I had a problem trying to get away from it.

Spin Attack

As the name suggests, the Spin Attack is where the Rancor will Spin while attacking with its claws. Now, it will spin in both directions, first using its left hand to attack in the clockwise spin. And then, with the Right hand in anti-clockwise. You have to make sure to evade them as they can become a hassle to dodge.

Power Slam

The fourth attack that I faced was when it raised both of its hands over its head and then slammed down on the ground. That is, although another powerful attack that can potentially kill you. So, it is better if you decide to avoid it. Now, upon my investigations, I found that it only uses the said attack when you are jumping around it and attacking it.

Power/Red Attacks

While facing the Rancor, I faced two of its Red attacks. If you were keeping an eye on the tutorial, then you’d note that the Red Attacks can’t be blocked. You will only have to dodge them. That is the only way to save yourself from them. Okay, so here are the Power Attacks of the Rancor.

The Rancor's attack.
Rancor’s Stronger Attacks. (Screenshot by eXputer)


The first power attack of the Rancor that I faced was the Shockwave. In it, the Rancor will raise its arms over its head and then slam them onto the ground. That will create a powerful shockwave. The Shockwave isn’t avoidable at all, so you can only dodge it. For that, I suggest keeping an eye on the Rancor; as soon as it flashes red, run away from it. It’s better if you run to the left or right because that can save you from its next attack too.

Grab Attack

The 6th and last attack that I faced of the Rancor was the Grab Attack. In the attack, it will first glow red and then lunge toward you, trying to reach you. If it is successful, it will grab you and eat you, thus killing you in the process. Now in the Shockwave attack, I explained that when you’re trying to dodge the attacks, it’s better to go either left or right. That is because with the Grab Attack, and due to the size of the Arena, the Rancor will definitely grab you if you don’t dodge it by going left or right.

Getting To Rancor

The Rancor is a side boss. You won’t face it while you’re completing the main quest line. The quest to kill the Rancor is available as a side quest, and that unlocks if you speak with one of the NPCs. The side quests in Jedi Survivor are called Rumors. So, the Rumor of the Rancor quest is called Find the Missing Prospectors.

The Rumor is found at the Rambler’s Reach, next to the Rambler’s Reach Meditation point. There, right next to the Meditation Point, is a female Prospector. I went to talk with her. She informed me about some Prospectors that went missing in Sodden Grotto.

Map of Sodden Grotto
The Rumor’s location on the map. (Screenshot by eXputer)

Inside The Sodden Grotto

Finding Sodden Grotto was no problem. The entrance to the Sodden Grotto is right next to where I got the quest. I entered the Grotto and was welcomed by a large pit. To cross that, some pipes were hanging, through which I crossed the pit. After going a few steps ahead, I came to a blocked path with a path shining blue. That is an indication that players have to use Force there to open the path. Doing so revealed the path.

Then I found myself in a cave system. Here, I had to turn left and found another blocked path with a blue shine. I used the force on it to clear the path. There were a few critters, and then the path was blocked with ropes. From there, I had to wall-run to get to the platform ahead and then go directly right. There, in the center, I turned left and found another shining blue structure. Upon using the force, it made a platform on which I could cross the gap.

From there, I turned right and through the blocking ropes to the way ahead. I decided to stay on the path provided without jumping here and there. I had to go through a small gap in the walls and then turn right. There was a small gap in the platform ahead. You would have to use the double jump there to get on the other side. Up ahead, go through the gap, and you will get near the Rancor.

Now keep heading ahead, and BD-1 will signal a shortcut for you. Just up ahead, Cal will comment on a creature’s carcass. And you will find Sodden Grotto Meditation point. Go there and rest because the Rancor isn’t an easy enemy. Right next to the Meditation point is Rancor.


The reward for killing the Rancor isn’t that much. Only that you will get a perk called Shatter. To pick it up, you will have to look for the small blue marker on the back of the Arena. Once picked up, the perk will increase your block damage against enemies. 

star wars jedi survivor rancor reward.
The Shatter perk is the reward for defeating the Rancor. (Screenshot by eXputer)

Final Words

When you’re trying to fight Rancor, you will have to make sure you have all Stances. They will help you fight against it. Learn about the different Blaster Skills of the Blaster Stance to help you in the fight. Or you can play with your lightsaber using different Lightsaber Colors. You can get the Mysterious Keycode that will unlock a secret door.

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