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Holotactics is a mini-game that you can unlock and play to acquire certain rewards and even a trophy. It requires you to carefully plan out your moves and defeat your enemies while ensuring your own troops survive. But, due to the many options and different costs, it can be quite confusing. Besides just taking down enemies and exploring ruins and different planets, there are many other things that you can do in Jedi Survivor. The Star Wars Jedi Survivor Holotactics is one of the many different activities that you can indulge in to kill some time.

Important: Not every opponent will be available initially; you’ll need to progress further in the story and recruit them before they join you at the table.

Key Takeaways

  • Holotactics is a strategic auto-battler mini-game found in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, located at Pyloon’s Saloon on Koboh.
  • Holotactics consists of multiple rounds, where you draft AI-controlled units using Battle Points to fight for you on the battlefield.
  • To unlock Holotactics, you must complete the side quest “Locate the Odd Pair” by rescuing Tulli Mu and Bhima Ook on the planet Koboh.
  • To expand your roster of units in Holotactics, you need to defeat enemies in the main game and have BD-1 scan them.
  • Success in Holotactics relies on strategic thinking, unit selection, and positioning.
  • Some of the best units in Jedi Survivor include the Droideka, Roller Mine, Magnaguard, Heavy Assault Trooper, and Bedlam Smasher.

  • To win the Gambler Trophy, you need to defeat eight different opponents in Halotactic.
    1. Turgle: Use Raider Grunts or Dark Troopers and Droideka to counter simple melee troopers.
    2. Greez: Utilize a combination of Droideka, Raider Grunt, and B1 Droids to deal with melee and ranged units.
    3. Tulakt: Employ Droideka with B1 Droids, Magnaguards, and melee distractions to tackle progressively tougher waves.
    4. Merrin: Choose units like Sentry Droid, Purge Troopers, Stuban Alpha, and Bedlam Smashers to overcome diverse opponents.
    5. Caij: Counter ranged enemies with heavy melee units like Bedlam Smasher and used Droideka with light melee droids for the final wave.
    6. Skoova: Deploy a mixture of units like Bedlam Smasher, BX Droid, and ranged units to manage increasing difficulty.
    7. T-1N8: Overwhelm the enemy with cheap melee units or heavy melee fighters, and use Bedlam Smashers in the final round.
    8. Tulli: Utilize aggressive melee units like Sutaban Alphas or Bedlam Smashers and multiple Droidekas and Heavy Assault Troopers to defeat the AT-ST.

  • Opponents get progressively harder, and each opponent requires different strategies and units to defeat.
  • Utilize a variety of units to adapt to your opponent’s strategies and make use of your available Battle Points.
  • Save some Battle Points during earlier rounds when possible, so you have more options during the final round.
  • Focus on countering your opponents’ strengths and exploiting their weaknesses, using units that can deal with the specific challenges each round presents.
  • Rewards are given after defeating each opponent, including items like Priorite Shard, Pilot’s Jacket, and Anodized Metal Paints.

What Is Holotactics In Star Wars Jedi Survivor 

Holotactics, an engaging mini-game found in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, provides players with a strategic challenge that can be both exciting and rewarding. Located at Pyloon’s Saloon on Koboh, this strategy-based side quest requires you to draft a team of AI-controlled units, each with their own unique abilities and attributes, in order to defeat an opponent in a series of rounds.

Round System

Holotactics rules explained Star Wars Jedi Survivor
Wave Complete (image by us)

As you embark on your Holotactics journey, you’ll begin each round with an allocated number of Battle Points that can be used to draft AI-controlled units to fight for you on the battlefield.

  • The ultimate goal is to outsmart your opponent and emerge victorious as your units engage in a battle to the death.
  • With Star Wars Jedi Survivor functioning as an auto-battler, you’ll need to carefully select and position your NPCs to maximize their potential on the table.

The challenge of Holotactics lies in its multiple rounds, ranging from two on the easier side to four on the more difficult end.

  • In order to claim victory, you must win all consecutive rounds; failing at any point means starting over from scratch.
  • This demands that you not only choose the right units but also strategically place them in the most advantageous positions on the board.
  • As you progress through Jedi Survivor, you’ll be given more Battle Points, which can be used to take on increasingly difficult opponents.
  • If there is a round where you don’t use a certain amount of Battle Points, they will get carried over to the next round.
  • Success in Holotactics relies heavily on your strategic thinking, as well as your ability to adapt to various situations by selecting the most suitable units for the job.
  • However, even the best strategies are not guaranteed to work every time, as the AI-controlled nature of Jedi Survivor always leaves an element of chance.

Unlocking More Units

To enhance your gameplay experience and expand your roster of units, you’ll need to defeat enemies in the main storyline and have BD-1 scan them.

  • The more formidable the enemy, the more powerful the unit you can command in Holotactics.
  • To ensure you have the best possible options at your disposal, I advise you to complete the entire Jedi: Survivor campaign and scan all opponents you encounter along the way.
  • But while choosing Units, it is important not to opt for just the most expensive as certain weaker units tend to have their own advantages as well.

The rewards offered by Holotactics are well worth the effort, as each opponent you defeat brings unique benefits. As you explore the expansive open-world locations in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, you’ll come across new NPCs that can be recruited back to Pyloon’s Saloon. Some of these characters will become new challengers at the Holotactics board, while others might be familiar faces.

How To Unlock Holotactics In Star Wars Jedi Survivor 

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Holotactics
Holotactics Unlocked (screenshot by us)

In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, unlocking the strategic mini-game Holotactics requires completing a sidequest called “Locate the Odd Pair.” This quest involves rescuing two characters, Tulli Mu and Bhima Ook, at a location known as the Boiling Bluff. Upon successfully completing this sidequest, you’ll gain access to Holotactics by speaking with Tulli and Bhima, who can be found on the second floor of Pyloon Saloon in Ramber’s Reach.

Locate The Odd Pair

As you progress through Jedi Survivor, it becomes necessary to recruit new allies to aid you on your journey.

  • Recruiting Bhima and Tulli on the planet Koboh is a crucial step in unlocking the Holotactics mini-game, as they are the ones responsible for running it.
  • Once you’ve brought them into your team, you can find the Holotactics board on the upper floor of Pyloons Saloon on the same planet.

To begin the “Locate the Odd Pair” sidequest and ultimately unlock Holotactics, you’ll first need to hear a Rumor about Tulli and Bhima from Moran, a patron in Pyloon’s Saloon.

  • This rumor becomes available just after you complete the Forest Array main quest.
  • Armed with this information, you can set off to find the two NPCs who hold the key to Holotactics.
  • Your journey will take you to the Boiling Bluff, located beyond the Untamed Downs zone.
  • Tulli and Bhima can be found near the fast travel point in this area, but in order to make them feel safe, you’ll need to defeat a Mogu (also known as a Forest Wampa) first.
  • Once the threat is eliminated, engage in conversation with Tulli and Bhima, and they’ll agree to relocate to Pyloon’s Saloon.

Best Units In Star Wars Jedi Survivor Holotactics

Best Units in Holotactics Star Wars Jedi Survivor
Different Units Available (image by eXputer)

Victory in a Holotactics match depends greatly on the team and unit that you choose. Although you need to be careful of what your opponent is choosing, there are certain units that greatly outshine others in Star Wars Jedi Survivor Holotactics. These units are capable of eliminating the lower leveled opponents with ease, and if you’re slightly careful with the tougher enemies, they can help you win as well.


Droideka is considered the cheesiest unit in Holotactic. If you choose it, you’re almost guaranteed to win, as long as your other units aren’t completely random.

  • The Droideka is a ranged unit and can shoot massive bursts of bullets at enemies.
  • Ideally, you want to place it far from your enemies so that it has enough time to eliminate them before they can get too close.
  • When I was placing melee units in front of the Droideka, I found that it was sufficient defense, and even when the melee units died, the Droideka would land the final hits needed to win the match.

Roller Mine

The Roller Mine is useful against larger targets as it rolls over to them and detonates.

  • Usually, the detonation is enough to bring down one giant enemy but not enough for multiple melee units.
  • Therefore, it is situational but quite handy.
  • Additionally, you should aim to use ranged units alongside the Roller Mine so that they don’t get caught in the blast radius.


When it comes to melee, the Magnaguard tends to be the best bang for the buck. For its price point, it provides enough resilience and damage that even if it dies, you’ll likely have at least another unit to finish the job.

Heavy Assault Trooper

In the earlier matches, you won’t have that many points. That’s why the Heavy Assault Troopers will come quite handy, and for just six points, they can be considered the best cheap ranged units. They definitely stand above Stormtroopers.

Bedlam Smasher

It might take you a while to unlock the Bedlam Smasher, but it is by far one of the most useful melee units available. It swings around a heavy mace, and once it begins attacking, it is capable of stringing together three to four attacks which is usually enough to take down even the strongest units.

Tactics Against Every Opponent In Holotactics

If you want to get the Gambler Trophy, then you’ll need to defeat all of the opponents in Halotactic. There are eight different opponents that you need to win against, and they get progressively harder. You will also get a reward for beating every opponent.


star wars jedi survivor turgle holotactics
First opponent Turgle (image by eXputer)

Your first opponent will be Turgle.

  • As he is the first, expect an easy match-up with only two waves.
  • You will have six battle points for the first wave and 12 for the second one.
  • He will use simple melee troopers.
  • You can easily defeat them by using the Raider Grunts or the Dark Troopers.
  • For the second wave, you’re better off using the Droideka.
  • Reward: Priorite Shard.


Star Wars Jedi Survivor Holotactics explained
Greez battle (screenshot by us)

Greez is a familiar face, as he will be with you since the start of the journey.

  • There will be three different waves.
  • The first wave will give you 16 points, then 18, and finally, the last wave will have 16 Battle Points.
  • Greez is trickier than Turgle, and you’ll need to deal with melee and ranged units.
  • Try not to use a single powerful ranged or melee unit, as you’ll find yourself outnumbered.
  • Instead, invest in cheaper units with more variety.
  • The combination of Droideka and the Raider Grunt is quite useful.
  • You can also use the B1 Droids if you have extra battle points.
  • Reward: Pilot’s Jacket.


Tulakt fight (screenshot by eXputer)

Up next is Tulakt.

  • There will be three rounds.
  • You will get the following amount of Battle Points as you progress through the waves: 16, 18, and 16.
  • The final wave is the toughest, so I would recommend trying to save 1-2 Battle Points in each round if possible so that you can try to outnumber the units in the final round.
  • The first round is relatively simpler as it is against purely ranged units. Using something like the Droideka with the B1 Droids will be enough to get the job done.
  • There will be relatively tougher units in the second wave, a mixture of melee and B1 Droids.
  • You can match their strength levels by using the B1 Droids yourself and something like the
  • The final wave only has three units, but they’re extremely hefty melee units.
  • Ideally, you want to keep them distracted with simple melee units such as the B1 Droids and have a heavy-hitter-ranged unit like the Droideka doing the real damage from far away.
  • Reward: Anodized Metal Paints.


Star Wars Jedi Survivor best holotactics fight against merrin
Merrin Battle (image by eXputer)

Your fourth opponent will be Merrin. If she is not available, progress through the story and get to the point where she agrees to join you at the Ploon’s Saloon.

  • You will have to go through three rounds.
  • You will be given 25, 26, and 30 Battle Points, respectively, through the three rounds.
  • For the first round, you will go up against three opponents.
  • If you choose the Sentry Droid – Hammer & Staff or the Bedlam Smasher, it will mostly be able to handle the three opponents.
  • But you should also add the Purge Troopers, just in case, as I found that the heavy melee unit usually requires one or two additional hits.
  • The Roller Mine is also a great option, as the enemies are usually bundled up together at the start.
  • For the second round, Merrin will bring out a Stuban Alpha.
  • And although it might sound counterproductive, using a Stuban Alpha yourself can be quite helpful.
  • Just follow it up with any other ranged unit for support to get the job done.
  • The final wave is the hardest, even though there is only one opponent.
  • But if you use two Bedlam Smashers, you’ll be able to win with ease.
  • Reward: Jedi Ancient Scroll.


Holotactics best units Star Wars Jedi Survivor
Caij Fight (image by eXputer)

Up next is Caij. Similar to Merrin, you’ll need to unlock Caij by finding them in Stone Spires and unlocking the Bounty Hunters.

  • There will be three rounds.
  • The number of battle points will be 28, 18, and 25, respectively.
  • In the first round, Caij will choose ranged enemies such as the Rocket Launcher Troopers, B1 Drones, and a heavy ranged fighter.
  • Your best strategy is to choose a heavy melee unit that can get in close and eliminate them quickly.
  • I would not advise fighting back with a ranged unit, as Caji has more units.
  • Something like the Bedlam Smasher is quite useful in round 1.
  • For Wave 2, Caij will deploy a shield trooper and a
  • These are both melee units, and I found that you can easily overcome them even with a single but strong melee fighter such as the Bedlam Smasher.
  • That’ll allow you to carry over some points to the next wave.
  • In the final wave, your biggest threat will be the Purge Trooper Commander, as he has powerful ranged attacks.
  • Choosing something like the Droideka backed up with light melee droids can get the job done.
  • Reward: Bounty Chip


skoova battle
Battle against Skoova (screenshot by us)

Your next opponent will be Skoova. You’ll need to recruit him before being able to play against him.

  • The difficulty level will increase after Skoova, as you’ll now have to face him in four rounds.
  • You will be given 28, 22, 24, and 22 Battle Points, respectively.
  • Your first fight will be against two shield troopers and two heavy troopers.
  • Your main concern is getting past the shielded troopers or distracting them long enough for a heavy melee user such as the Bedlam Smasher to get across the board.
  • For that purpose, a bunch of B1 Droids as a backup can be quite helpful.
  • In round two, you’ll need to face one melee unit, BX Droid, and three ranged units.
  • The biggest threat here is the rocket trooper.
  • But using the Magnaguard or the Bedlam Smasher backed up by one or two D1 Droids will get the job done.
  • In the third round, the Bilemaw will be your biggest threat, followed by the two Heavy Purge Troopers.
  • You can use a Rocket Trooper to take out the big beast, whereas a melee unit such as the DX Droid can take on the Purge Troopers.
  • The final round is filled with a variety of enemies, such as the Droideka, a shielded trooper, and another ranged unit.
  • Therefore, you should also choose a mixture of units such as the Bedlam Smasher, BX Droid (Hybrid), and maybe a few ranged units.
  • Reward: Cal’s Moustache


T-1n8 fight
Fight against T-1N8 (captured by us)

Just before the final battle, you’ll need to face off against T-1N8 as your second-last opponent. You’ll find them in the Abandoned Shack before you can face them in Star Wars Jedi Survivor Holotactics.

  • There will be four rounds.
  • You will have 16, 26, 30, and 26 Battle Points, respectively.
  • Your first round will be relatively simpler as you only need to fight against a
  • You can either opt for multiple units, such as Rocket Troopers and a Dark Trooper or just invest in a single heavy melee fighter, such as the Bedlam Smasher.
  • The Raider Grunts are also a good option here.
  • Round is relatively tougher as now you have to deal with a Bilemaw and a Gorocco.
  • But you’ll have more points, so investing in even more Rocket Troopers and Dark Troopers can help you defeat them.
  • Alternatively, you can overwhelm your opponent with multiple cheap melee units.
  • That is because they mostly focus on a single target at once, so if you’ve got more cheap melee units, they’ll get the job done.
  • I recommend using the cheapest options that only cost 2 Battle Points.
  • For the third round, you’ll be going against two Sutaban Alphas and a Droideka.
  • Using similar tactics as the previous round, where you overwhelm the opponent with a large number of units, will do the trick.
  • The final round will have you fight against a variety of opponents, including the Bedlam Smasher.
  • The best way to deal with the Bedlam Smasher is to deploy two Bedlam Smahers of your own.
  • But for that purpose, you need to ensure that you save up Battle Points during the previous matches.
  • Rewards: Datadisk


Star Wars Jedi Survivor Holotactics Tulli
Finale with Tulli (image by eXputer)

The final opponent in Star Wars Jedi Survivor Holotactics is Tulli.

  • Just like the many rounds before, you will need to defeat Tulli in four rounds.
  • You will be given 25, 45, 50, and 30 Battle Points, respectively.
  • Your first round will be against imperial units, such as the shielded Troopers, and two different variations of ranged units.
  • Considering that you’ll have 25 points, you can deploy some pretty aggressive melee units to get the job done.
  • The ideal case is to use two Sutaban Alphas, as you’ll also be able to save five additional points.
  • Keep them close to the opposing units so that the Alphas can use their initial leaping attack to take out multiple units.
  • Alternatively, you can consider using the Bedlam Smasher.

For the next round, you’ll face off against heavy melee and ranged units. But considering you’ll have 45 Battle Points, you can use multiple Droidekas.

  • Keep them in the lane which is further away from the enemy so that the Droidekas can have enough time to damage the melee units before they catch up to you.
  • In the next round, you’ll need to fight a Bedlam Smasher and a few melee and ranged droids.
  • Similar to the previous round, a bunch of Droidekas with a few melee Droids in front of them will do the trick.

For the final round, you won’t have that many Battle Points unless you were conservative with them in the earlier round, which is what I recommend that you should do.

  • That is because you’ll have to face off against an AT-ST.
  • One of its rockets is enough to eliminate a single, or sometimes even two, unit.
  • That is why the main tactic is to use as many ranged units as possible so that they can deal damage in between the rocket blasts.
  • I would recommend using only a few melee units, as the AT-ST throws out grenades that can deal significant damage to them.
  • Multiple Heavy Assault Troopers is a good tactic against it.
  • Reward: Single Skill Point.


With that you know everything about Star Wars Jedi Survivor holotactics. It is quite a fun mini-game that requires careful planning. Although it is a bit random at times, strategizing and choosing units in accordance to what your opponent has chosen will ensure that you win. Furthermore, unlocking different units can be done by exploring the world and scanning any enemy you see, allowing you to get even more powerful and useful options while fighting against opponents.

Besides just taking part in Holotactics, there is much more that you can do in Jedi Survivor. You can fight against the Spawn of Oggdo and also reach the forest array. If you’re trying to figure out how to increase max health or unlock the blaster stance

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