Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Devastated Settlement Chamber Puzzle Guide



The Star Wars Jedi Survivor Devastated Settlement Chamber puzzle is one of seven Jedi Chambers puzzles that you will need to complete to unlock the Map update: updateswhich acts as a cheat sheet, revealing the locations of all perks, perk slots, and skill points in each different area of ​​the game.

Read on and this guide will teach you how to find and solve the Shattered Settlement Chamber puzzle in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, where structures were once built around the cliffs leading to the Great Courtyard and hidden Jedi chamber, but most of they have collapsed which made traversing a challenge.

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How to find the Devastated Settlement Chamber in Star Wars Jedi Survivor?

How to find the Devastated Settlement Chamber in Star Wars Jedi Survivor?

Fast travel to the Grand Courtyard meditation point and look to the left side where you will find a cube on a cliff below and a passage to the side of the cliff below the cube.

The entrance to the Shattered Settlement chamber is inside the hallway, but before you go here, head towards the orb amplifier that is firing its laser into this general area (it should be the third and last laser you activated when you first get to the Shattered Settlement). this area). location).

Star Wars Jedi Survivor: Ravaged Settlement Chamber Solution and Walkthrough

Star Wars Jedi Survivor - Shattered Settlement Chamber 1 Solution and Walkthrough

Move the amp so that its laser is pointing from the geyser to the wall near the hallway. Then, ride the nearby relter and glide down the passage.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor - Shattered Settlement 2 Chamber Walkthrough and Solution

Once you’re in the passageway, use BD-1’s Koboh Grinder to create a channel from the laser beam onto the vine wall leading to the meditation chamber. You will then get the ambidexterity buff that increases the attack damage of your lightsaber when you fire at enemies with your blaster. You can also get a data disk and the fallen padawan Scan inside the chamber.

Once you complete the Shattered Settlement Chamber, you will be a few steps away from unlocking the Map Update: Improvements in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

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