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The Star Wars Jedi Survivor Chamber of Detachment puzzle is one of seven Jedi Chambers puzzles that you will need to complete to unlock the Map update: updateswhich acts as a cheat sheet, revealing the locations of all perks, perk slots, and skill points in each different area of ​​the game.

Read on, and this guide will teach you how to find and complete the Chamber of Separation puzzle in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, where Cal must place cubes in particular locations and in the correct order to make a path to reach the meditation chamber.

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Note: It is recommended to complete the main story first as you unlock all the necessary requirements, such as BD-1 Koboh Grinder update and the Dash skill, to complete this chamber.

How to get to the Task Force Chamber in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

How to get to the Task Force Chamber in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

To get to the Detachment Chamber, head to the Mountain Climb Meditation Point and you will see a green laser door on the head. Go through this door and you will see a waterfall. Behind this waterfall is the entrance to the Detachment Chamber.

Before going to the camera, you should have received Merrin’s Charm after completing the Locate Brother Armias objective to be able to go through green laser doors. You will also need to have unlocked the koboh grinder ability for BD-1 upon completing the Tanalorr Research objective.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Detachment Chamber Solution and Walkthrough

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Detachment Chamber Solution and Walkthrough

Once you enter the chamber, you will see a long hallway with a moving cube at the other end that is stuck under an elevator. Remove this cube to reveal a corner where you can find an orb.

Take this orb over to the right side where there is an amplifier behind a revolving window. Placing the orb on the amp will cause the amp to fire a laser beam.

With BD-1, use the Koboh grinder to burn the vines just above the wall to get a data disk. Next, shoot the Koboh grinder at the side of the cube and move the cube in front of the laser to ignite the crystals. Move the cube back to the vine wall to reveal the second cube. Taking out the second cube will reveal a chest containing Jedi Paint.

With two cubes on the rail, move the second cube to the center of the room where the pressure pad is. This will take the elevator down, so make sure the first cube isn’t in the way.

Once the elevator is down, move the first cube so that it slides onto the elevator. Move the second cube away from the pressure pad and towards the first cube to pick up the first cube.

You can then use the vines on the cubes to climb up to the meditation chamber and get the Patience buff that allows you to restore some HP every time Slow Time activates.

Once you complete the Detachment Chamber, you will be a few steps away from unlocking the Map Update: Updates in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

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