Star Wars Jedi Survivor – Chamber of Reason Walkthrough



The Star Wars Jedi Survivor’s Chamber of Reason is one of seven Jedi Chambers that you will need to complete to unlock the Map update: updateswhich acts as a cheat sheet, revealing the locations of all perks, perk slots, and skill points in each different area of ​​the game.

In this guide, we will show you a walkthrough on how to find and complete the Chamber of Reason puzzle in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, where Cal must work with moving bridges to cross the gaps within the chamber.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor – Chamber of Reason Location and Walkthrough

Star Wars Jedi Survivor - Location and walkthrough of the Chamber of Reason - Image 1

He chamber of reason It can be found in Koboh, inside the Basalt Forest in the Basalt Rift. From the broken wooden bridge, don’t cross the gap, but instead take the path to the left towards the pipe, and you should see the golden chamber door just on the other side of the broken metal bridge.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor - Chamber of Reason Location and Guide - Image 2

Once you are inside the chamber, go down to the lower level and grab the orb from the stand ahead. Place it on the nearby amp and then flip the switch to move the amp. This will also move the jumper that projects the amp.

Once you complete the Chamber of Reason, you will be a few steps away from unlocking the Map update: updates in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

If you’re done with this Jedi Chamber, you can go to our other Jedi Chamber walkthrough guides to unlock the map upgrade:



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