Star Wars Jedi Survivor bug causes pre-order items to disappear



New reports claim that some Star Wars Jedi Survivor pre-order bonus items have now disappeared from your inventory.

Some players have now come forward and reported that your pre-order items have suddenly disappeared from your inventory after the latest patch for Star Wars Jedi Survivor. They revealed that Hermit’s customization options for outfit and lightsaber components now disappeared after launching the game.

One of the players recently posted a complaint on Steam saying the same thing: their pre-order items are now gone after the last update. When they went through their character customization menu, the cosmetics were gone, the lightsaber components were gone, etc.

There seems to be a fix for this issue on Steam. One player suggested that they should go to the game’s downloadable content list on the right hand side of the games in the library welcome page. Once there, simply uncheck the pre-order DLC, check it again, and restart the game. Pre-order items came back after doing that.

It seems that the Xbox side is out of luck, as one player revealed that when they tried to check the game’s DLC, the pre-orders completely disappeared. They weren’t even locked and not visible, just completely removed from the game after the update.

EA has not yet shared any feedback regarding this issue.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor is out now for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.



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