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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor features the comeback of numerous allies from Jedi: Fallen Order while also introducing fresh faces like Bode Akuna to the Star Wars universe. While Bode may seem like a friend to Cal Kestis, the events throughout The Jedi Survivor turn sour & the ending is not what you would expect. 

Key Takeaways

  • Bode Akuna is former Jedi introduced in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, assisting Cal Kestis in travel and combat. 
  • Bode’s past is filled with tragedy, including the loss of his wife and his desire to protect his daughter at all costs.
  • Bode Akuna’s character is complex and compelling, with his hidden Jedi identity, tragic past, and morally ambiguous actions adding depth to the story.
  • His betrayal of Cal and the Stinger Mantis crew leads to emotional consequences that affect their relationships and decisions in the game.
  • A heartbreaking twist reveals Bode as an Imperial spy, leading to a series of boss fights and, ultimately, his death.
  • Bode Akuna’s actions have a significant impact on future Jedi titles, with potential for character growth, new story arcs, and new challenges.
  • Defeating Bode Akuna in Jedi: Survivor requires strategic thinking and quick reflexes.

Who Is Bode Akuna In Star Wars Jedi Survivor? 

bode star wars jedi survivor

In Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, the story introduces Cal Kestis’ new allies, including the sarcastic rogue Bode Akuna. As an AI companion, Bode assists Cal in travel and combat throughout the game. Set five years after the events of Jedi: Fallen Order, the game explores the relationships between Cal and his new companions, revealing how these connections have evolved and changed over time.

  • At first glance, Bode Akuna appears to be a Han Solo or Poe Dameron-esque character with his sarcastic and jovial demeanor.
  • However, as the story unfolds, it becomes apparent that there is more depth to his character than meets the eye.
  • Bode’s complicated past and the secrets he harbors contribute to making him an intriguing and multi-layered addition to the Star Wars canon.
  • His journey in Jedi: Survivor showcases the dynamic between him and Cal, as well as the impact their relationship has on the overall narrative.

Bode Akuna’s Tragic Past 

As the story of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor progresses, players learn that Bode Akuna shares a similar past with Cal Kestis. Both characters were former Jedi who was hunted after the Great Jedi Purge following the events of Revenge of the Sith.

Bode served as a Jedi Knight during the Clone Wars, but he kept this part of his life hidden from Cal and others to avoid drawing unwanted attention. Throughout the game, Bode’s Force-sensitivity and exceptional lightsaber skills become evident as he engages in duels with Cal.

  • He utilizes the Force to augment his physical abilities, allowing him to move with incredible speed and gain an advantage in combat.
  • However, Bode has chosen to abandon his Jedi teachings and adopt a different approach to fighting, relying on a jetpack, blasters, and shock grenades instead of his lightsaber.
  • The reason for Bode’s secrecy lies in the tragic loss of his wife, Tayala, to the Imperial Inquisitors. This traumatic event left Bode deeply affected and determined to protect his daughter, Kata, at all costs.
  • As a result, he is willing to undertake morally questionable actions to ensure her safety.
  • Bode’s tragic past, hidden Jedi identity, and the lengths he goes to protect his daughter make him a complex and compelling character in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

As Star Wars Jedi: Survivor progresses, a shocking twist is revealed: Bode Akuna has been working as an Imperial spy. In a desperate bid to keep himself and his daughter safe, Bode made a deal with the Imperial Security Bureau. He agreed to infiltrate the Stinger Mantis crew, using his skills in deception and manipulation that he had developed during his time in hiding. This revelation is particularly heart-wrenching, as Bode and Cal had developed a close, brotherly bond throughout their time together.

  • Their friendship was genuine, and the betrayal comes as a devastating blow to Cal and the rest of the Stinger Mantis crew.
  • The twist reaches its climax when Bode confronts Cal and Merrin at the Jedi Temple on Tanalorr, a hidden planet that Cal hoped could become a sanctuary for those persecuted by the Empire.
  • During this confrontation, Cal attempts to reason with Bode and offers him and Kata safety with the Stinger Mantis crew.
  • However, Bode’s desperation and rage have consumed him to the point where he inadvertently harms Kata with a Force Push when she tries to intervene.
  • Ultimately, Cal is forced to kill his friend, marking a tragic end to Bode’s story.
  • The heart-wrenching twist of Bode’s true motives and betrayal adds depth to his character and significantly impacts the narrative and the relationships between the characters in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor.

Bode Impact On Future Jedi Video Games

Although star wars jedi survivor Bode met his ends, the consequences of his actions and the emotional impact of his betrayal will likely reverberate throughout future installments in the Jedi series. Bode’s death and the events surrounding it create opportunities for character growth and new story arcs in the following ways:

  1. Kata’s Role: With Kata joining the Stinger Mantis crew after her father’s death, she could play a significant role in upcoming titles. Her presence on the team may serve as a constant reminder of Bode’s actions and his ultimate sacrifice. Kata might also develop her own unique storylines and relationships with the crew, creating new narrative possibilities.
  2. Cal’s Development: Bode’s betrayal could have a profound impact on Cal Kestis, making him more cautious and reluctant to form new friendships in the future. This development could shape Cal’s character arc, pushing him to confront his trust issues and reevaluate his approach to forming relationships.
  3. Force Ghosts or Flashbacks: Bode’s death doesn’t necessarily mean he is gone for good. There is a possibility that he may return as a Force ghost or through flashbacks, offering guidance or closure to Cal or other characters in future games.
  4. New Enemies and Challenges: The consequences of Bode’s actions as an Imperial spy could lead to further complications for the Stinger Mantis crew. The Empire may have gained valuable information from Bode, which could create new challenges and adversaries for the team to face in subsequent titles.

Bode Akuna Boss Fights

Bode Fight Star Wars Jedi Survivor - How to Defeat BODE - Final Boss Fight And Ending
Bode Fight

First Encounter and Chase: After Bode’s true intentions are revealed, a high-stakes chase scene ensues with Cal hot on his tail. This leads to the first of two boss fights with Bode. During this encounter, players are required to engage in combat, but the fight is not meant to be won. Cal is destined to lose this fight in order to progress the story.

  • Players must focus on staying alive as long as possible while parrying and dodging Bode’s attacks.
  • Since BD-1 is not present and Cal cannot heal, the fight will be intense and short-lived. After losing the battle, Bode escapes, leaving Cal injured.

Second Encounter on Nova Garon: Cal and Bode cross paths again on Nova Garon, where Bode has been under Imperial protection with his daughter.

  • Another chase scene occurs, with Bode managing to escape once more.
  • This time, he heads to Tanalorr, with the Stinger Mantis crew following him after visiting the Alignment Control Center on Koboh.

Final Confrontation on Tanalorr: Upon reaching Tanalorr, Cal must confront Bode for the final time, initiating the ultimate boss fight of Jedi: Survivor.

  • Bode proves to be the most challenging opponent yet, with a variety of attacks that Cal must counter and evade.
  • This fight occurs in two phases, with the second being significantly more difficult than the first.
  • Bode will stagger his attack timing, making blocking more challenging. When his stance is broken, he only leaves a brief window for a counterattack before retreating.

How To Defeat Star Wars Jedi Survivor Bode Akuna 

Bode Boss Fight star wars jedi survivor
Bode Boss Fight

Defeating Bode Akuna in the final confrontation of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor requires strategic thinking, quick reflexes, and effective use of Cal’s abilities. Here are some tips to help you emerge victorious in this challenging boss fight:

  1. Learn Bode’s attack patterns: Observe and memorize Bode’s various attack moves, especially his unblockable attacks.
  2. Look for the right timing to dodge or parry these moves to create openings for counterattacks.
  3. Dodge the shockwave attack: One of Bode’s most challenging moves involves sticking his lightsaber into the ground, creating a shockwave. Dodge in the direction of the side, he plants the lightsaber to avoid this attack.
  4. Utilize Cal’s Force abilities: Use the Force to pull Bode towards Cal, prompting him to retaliate with an attack that can be parried. This move helps to close the distance that Bode frequently tries to create.
  5. Exploit Bode’s grenades: Bode uses grenades that are not Force-sensitive and stick to the ground. Force him to remain near the grenades, as they can cause damage to him as well.
  6. Deflect blaster shots: Bode will occasionally fire blaster shots at Cal. Be prepared to deflect these shots back at him for additional damage.
  7. Break Bode’s stance: When Bode’s stance is broken, he will leave a brief window for a counterattack before jumping away. Be ready to strike fast when this opportunity arises.
  8. Manage your healing: Since BD-1 is not present during the first encounter, you won’t be able to heal. However, during the final confrontation, use BD-1’s healing ability wisely to ensure you have enough health to survive the entire fight.
  9. Stay patient and focused: The fight against Bode Akuna can be long and challenging. Maintain your focus, and don’t get discouraged if you struggle at first. Learn from each attempt and adapt your strategy accordingly.


I hope you learned everything about Bode in this star wars jedi survivor Bode guide! Please feel free to read our take on Reaching The Forest Array and Survivor Blaster Stance.


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