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In Star Wars Jedi Survivor, players can find up to 10 stim upgrades and one perk that will allow BD-1 to carry 13 stims, which can be used to heal Cal Kestis. Some of these stims can be found right after the intro mission while some are later game finds. Finding some of these stim upgrades can prove to be hard for a lot of players. So, in this guide, I will be covering Star Wars Jedi Survivor all stim locations and how to get your hands on these stim upgrades.

Important: Players are notified to explore and find the locations mentioned in this guide beforehand. Otherwise, they won’t be able to fast travel to the meditation points.

Key Takeaways

  • By default, BD-1 can carry only 2 stims to heal Cal.
  • The number of stims carried by BD-1 can be increased by finding the stim upgrades available in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.
  • These stim upgrades allow BD-1 to carry a total of 12 stims.
  • By the addition of the perk “Fellowship” to your perk slots, the number of total stims will increase to 13.
  • Overall, BD-1 can carry a maximum of 13 stims in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.
  • Star Wars Jedi Survivor all stim locations, where players can find the stim upgrades are:
    • Undercity Meats
    • Sheltered Hollow
    • Doma’s Shop
    • Basalt Rift
    • Foothill Falls
    • Viscid Bog
    • Derelict Dam
    • Observatory Understructure
    • Crypt of Uhrma
    • Automated Forge
  • The location where the “Fellowship” Perk can be found is, Boiling Buffs.

All Stim Locations In Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Star Wars Jedi Survivor provides a total of 10 stim upgrades. These upgrades can be used to increase the number of stims that BD-1 can carry as BD-1 can carry two stims by default so these upgrades can allow it to carry 12 stims. However, BD-1 can carry a total of 13 stims if you use the perk “Fellowship.”

Right after starting the campaign of Star Wars Jedi Survivor, I found out that BD-1 can carry only 2 stims in order to heal Cal. As healing is necessary for a lot of situations, especially when fighting legendary bosses in Star Wars Jedi Survivor, and two stims just don’t feel enough. So, I started to explore the universe of Star Wars Jedi Survivor for all the stim locations.

Upon exploring, I found Star Wars Jedi Survivor all stim locations where the stim upgrades can be found. The location where the “Fellowship” perk can be found is also shared in this guide.

Undercity Meats

The first stim upgrade that can be acquired in Star Wars Jedi Survivor is on planet “Coruscant“. This is the only stim upgrade that is available on Coruscant. This upgrade can be acquired while completing the tutorial mission. While you are at the meditation point in Undercity Meats, head to the platform with glowing red lights. 

Red light platform
Platform with glowing red lights

Once you climb up the platform, there you will see a yellow chest. However, this chest is being guarded by a KX Security Droid. Before you can get your hands on the chest, you have to defeat the droid. After defeating the droid, open the yellow chest, and you will find your first stim upgrade.

Yellow Chest
Opening the chest after defeating the Droid

Sheltered Hollow

This is probably the easiest stim upgrade that one can find in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. You can get this stim upgrade right after the cutscene, where Cal and Marin get stuck in Sheltered Hollow during that storm.

Inside the cave
Inside the cave with Marin

Once you are inside the cave, follow Marin to the exit of the cave. Keep a keen eye on the left side of the cave. While you are close to the exit, you will find a chest hugging the left wall of the cave. This is the chest that contains the stim upgrade. Open the chest, and you will get the stim upgrade.

Stim upgrade
Stim upgrade chest found close to the left wall

Doma’s Shop

While you are on the planet “Koboh,” follow the below instructions in order to get your hands on the next stim upgrade:

  • Head to Doma’s shop.
  • Interact with Doma.
Interacting with Doma
Interacting With Doma
Purchasing the keycode
Purchasing the mysterious keycode
  • In order to purchase the mysterious keycode, make sure that you have 10 Priorite Shards.
  • Purchasing this keycode will allow BD-1 to slice a locked door inside Doma’s shop.
Slicing the backdoor
Slicing the backdoor
  • Go inside the room and there you will find a yellow chest.
Chest inside Doma's Shop
Chest inside Doma’s Shop
  • Open the chest, and you will get the stim upgrade.

Basalt Rift

In order to acquire this stim upgrade, you will have to fast-travel to the Basalt Rift meditation point. Once you have fast-traveled to Basalt Rift, head to the North and cross the fallen pillar. Pass through the single archway, and you will see a short hill up ahead.

Small Hill
Short Hill ahead

Climbing the short hill will lead you to two different paths. Take the left route, and right ahead, you will see a platform. There is a mogu waiting for you. Defeat this mogu. 

The Mogu
The Mogu

Now you have to get to the platform above you. For that wall, run on the walls of the current platform circularly, and you will reach close to the top. From there, grab the green vines and get to the top. The rest of the route is simple. Follow the route until you reach a yellow chest with a flyer sitting on it. Open the chest, and you will get the stim upgrade.

Foothill Falls

Use the meditation point to fast-travel to “Mountain Ascent” on Koboh. From the meditation point, follow the straight route and get to Foothill Falls. In Foothill Falls there, you will find a blue abandoned shack. Once you get inside the shack, there you will find a giant door. On the other side of the door, there is a chest that contains stim upgrade. 

Follow the given instructions, and you will be able to get your hands on the chest:

  • Get out of the shack and call a Nekko.
  • On the backside of the shack, there is a blue wall.
Blue Wall behind the Shack
Blue Wall Behind the Shack
  • Ride the Nekko to the blue wall and super jump off the Nekko in order to get to the upper level of the wall.
  • Once you climb up the wall and jump to the platform on the left, you will see 2 poles ahead.
  • Jump across the poles to the other side.
  • On the other side, you will find a terminal. 
  • Interact with the terminal using BD-1.
Interacting with the terminal
Interacting with the Terminal
  • After the interaction, a roller mine will come out. 
  • While you are standing at the edge of the platform, you will see a huge hole in the roof of the blue shack.
  • Use the “Force” to grab and throw the roller mine into the hole.
Throwing the roller mine
Throwing the Roller Mine into the Shack
  • Now go back into the blue shack.
  • There you will see that the giant door has been blasted away by the roller mine.
  • Now go through the giant door and claim the stim upgrade inside the chest.
Chest inside the shack
Chest inside the Shack

Viscid Bog

Viscid Bog is a location outside the Luker Hulk. Once you fast travel to the meditation point at Viscid Bog. Take the zipline right in front of you. Just cross over the mud by using the grapple or super jumping on the stones. Get to the yellow platform in front, however you want. 

Taking zipline
Taking zipline over the mud

After reaching the yellow platform, use Force Lift to lift the stone pillars that are stuck inside the mud. Cross these pillars and reach the platform in front.

using force lift
Using Force Lift to lift the stone pillars

There you will find a yellow chest. But getting this chest won’t be easy. Because it is guarded by two ferocious enemies, one is a mogu and the other is a legendary boss “The Mire Terror“. 

The Mire Terror Defeated
The Mire Terror Defeated

After defeating these two enemies, you will be able to acquire the stim upgrade inside the chest.

Derelict Dam

Another Location inside Koboh, where you can find the stim upgrade is the “Derelict Dam.” Upon fast traveling to Derelict Dam, find the big tunnel in front of the yellow bridge near the river.

Tunnel infront of the yellow bridge
Tunnel in front of the Yellow Bridge

Get inside the tunnel, and there you will find a roller mine. Let the roller mine follow you until you see the workbench. Stand at the edge of the platform, and you will see a cave. Its entrance is blocked by a huge chunk of breakable wall. Throw the roller mine towards the cave entrance, and it’ll break the wall that was blocking the entrance.

Destroying the breakable wall
Destroying the Breakable Wall

Now go through the cave until you come across a giant yellow gate. Use Force Lift to open this gate. Pass through this gate and keep moving forward until you come across the legendary boss, “Gorocco Matriarch“. Defeat this legendary boss and grab the stim upgrade from the chest.

Chest containing the stim upgrade
The chest containing the stim upgrade

Observatory Understructure

The next location where I found one of the stim upgrades is “Observatory Understructure” on planet Koboh. In order to get this stim upgrade, first of all, you have to use fast-travel to the meditation point in Observatory Understructure. From there on, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Go up the rope that is right in front of you, and this will take you to the top of the platform.
  • Once you are at the top, from there, jump to the closest platform. 
  • After covering some distance straight, you will see a wall with some golden wires on it.
  • Use BD-1’s electro dart to bring the wall down. 
Using electro dart
Using Electro Dart on the wall
  • Wall run to the left and jump onto the platform in front.
Wall running to the left
Wall running and grabbing the platform in front.
  • While you are on top of this new platform, again, use BD-1’s electro dart to bring the wall up. 
Using Electro dart again
Using Electro Dart again on the wall
  • Now wall run towards the right side.
  • During the wall run, you will see a top-shaped wall in front.
  • Jump onto this wall.
Wall running to the right
Wall running to the right and grabbing the top-shaped wall
  • This wall will start rotating.
  • Once the rotation stops, jump to and grab the next wall in front of you.
  • This wall will also start rotating.
  • Once the rotation stops, You will see a rotating wall in front. 
  • Jump on and grab this wall. 
  • Climb to the top while navigating through this rotating wall. Also, watch out for the electric charge.
  • After making it to the top of this wall, you will see a ledge ahead.
  • Jump and grab this ledge.
  • Climb up the ledge, and you will reach another platform. 
  • On your right, you will notice three rotating arms.
The three rotating arms
The three rotating arms
  • Jump and grapple across these arms to cross the electric currents.
  • While you have crossed the current, on the left, you will see a wall. Grapple onto that wall and grab it.
  • Climb to the top of this wall.
Climbing the wall
Climbing to the top of the wall
  • Upon reaching the top of this wall, on the left, you will see a room.
  • Inside this room, there is a Grapple device.
The grapple device
The Grapple Device
  • Pick up and throw this grapple device, and it will create a grapple point in the air.
  • Use your grapple on this grapple point.
using the grapple point
Grappling onto the Grapple Device
  • Upon reaching this grapple point, you will see a platform behind you.
  • Jump and try to get on top of it.
The platform behind
Getting on top of the platform behind
  • Once you get on top of this platform, there you will find a chest containing the stim upgrade for BD-1.

Crypt Of Uhrma

While you are on the mission to the safe house in order to rescue Brother Armias, you will pass through the Crypt of Uhrma on planet “Jedha.” When you reach there, you will find a puzzle on the back wall. This puzzle involves a few pillars. 

Puzzle on the wall
Puzzle on the back wall

To solve this puzzle, you need to pull the two outside pillars on the top and the two inside pillars on the bottom. Use the image provided below for help:

Puzzle solved
Puzzle Solved

After solving the puzzle, a door will open. Get inside and follow the path straight. Jump across the two platforms, and to the right corner, you will see a chest. Open the chest and grab the stim upgrade.

Automated Forge

On the planet “Shattered Moon“, you will find the final stim upgrade on Automated Forge. Fast-travel to the meditation point that is available on Automated Forge. From there, pass through the yellow door in front.

Yellow Door in front
Yellow Door in front

You will eventually run into a zipline. Take the zipline. This zipline will take you to a point where you will see two paths ahead. Now, take the right path. Cover some distance, and you will see a drop-down ledge. 

Drop down ledge
The Drop Down Ledge

Drop down from this ledge and grab the wall. Now go towards the right, and you will see a white wall. Wall run the right on this wall; to the right, you will see a zipline. Jump and grab onto the zipline. Now while you are in the middle of the zipline, drop down from the zipline to the platform below you.

While standing on this platform, look towards the right, and you will see a grapple point on a wall. Use the grapple to get to the top of the wall. Now take the zipline in front of you and make sure to jump over the electric current flowing through the zipline. 

Electric current
Electric Current flows through the zipline.

Once you land on the platform to where the zipline leads, go towards the right and keep moving until you find a chest. In this chest, you will find the last stim upgrade. Now BD-1 can carry the maximum number of stims in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. 

Final Stim Upgrade
Final Stim Upgrade Acquired

Fellowship Perk

Apart from the Star Wars Jedi Survivor all stim locations, there is one more location that you have to explore. This location is known as “Boiling Bluff.” Here you will be able to find the Fellowship perk, which allows BD-1 to carry one extra stim along with the 12 others.

How To Find The Fellowship Perk

In this part of the guide, I will explain how I was able to find the Fellowship Perk. It is not that hard to find this perk. All you have to do is follow the listed instructions, and you will find it easily.

  • Fast travel to the Boiling Bluff meditation point on Koboh.
  • Follow the route and go out into the open fields.
  • There you will come across a chamber.
Chamber in the open field
Chamber in the open field
  • But the chamber is located on a higher platform, and the path leading inside is broken.
  • So, to get inside the chamber you will have to call a Nekko.
  • Get close to the broken path and jump while riding the Nekko.
  • Now super jump from Nekko’s back and grab the vines under the chamber.
  • Using the vines, climb up to the chamber.
  • Go through the yellow door and get inside the chamber.
The yellow door
The Yellow Door of the Chamber
  • Inside the chamber, you will see giant blue blocks.
  • Get on top of these blocks and use push and pull force to navigate them.
Navigating the blue boxes
Navigating the Blue Boxes
  • There is no exact way to navigate these blocks.
  • Keep navigating these blocks until you reach a platform that has a glowing altar.
The glowing altar
The Glowing Altar
  • Jump from the block to that platform and get to that glowing altar.
  • This is where you will find the Fellowship Perk.
Obtaining the Fellowship Perk
Obtaining the Fellowship Perk
  • Now equip this perk to one of your perk slots, and it will allow BD-1 to carry one extra stim.


With all the stim locations provided above, our guide on Star Wars Jedi Survivor all stim locations comes to an end. In this guide, I have shared Star Wars Jedi Survivor all stim locations and explained how to get the stim upgrades available in these locations. However, players are reminded again that they must have these locations explored beforehand. Otherwise, they won’t be able to use the fast travel.

Apart from this, if you are trying to make a balanced skill tree using the best skills in the game, then make sure to read our guide on the Best skills of Star Wars Jedi Survivor. Other guides like, How to Beat Oggdo, how to Reach the Forest Array, and all planets and locations in Star Wars Jedi Survivors have also been covered by our team.


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