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Star Wars Jedi Survivor’s Blaster Skills are unlocked after learning the Blaster Stance in Chapter 3, one of the five stances you can unlock. There are different sets of skills for each stance type that focus on varying combat techniques during gameplay.

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Key Takeaways

  • Players can unlock seven different skills in the Blaster Stance Skill Tree.
  • You can only unlock the Blaster Skills tree after unlocking the Blaster Stance in Chapter 3 of Star Wars Jedi Survivor. 
    1. Flying Lunge adds maneuverability and allows Cal to close the distance between himself and the enemy quickly.
    2. Blaster Cooldown increases the number of bullets that can be regained by hitting enemies with the Lightsaber.
    3. Efficient Heat Transfer allows the player to charge the Blaster more quickly in order to fire a stronger shot.
    4. Improved Clip adds three extra bullets to the total ammunition of the Blaster.
    5. Point Blank allows Cal to parry enemies using the Blaster.
    6. Energizing Flurry adds a combo for the Lightsaber to the Blaster Stance, which also regenerates bullets with every hit of the Lightsaber.
    7. Quick Draw is an extremely useful skill to take out multiple enemies simultaneously with the Blaster.
  • The best Blaster Stance skills include Blaster Cooldown, Efficient Heat Transfer Point Blank, and Quick Draw.
  • Skills in Star Wars Jedi Survivor cost skill points which are obtained by earning XP.

Important: Blaster Stance is unlocked in Chapter 3 of the main story campaign in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

All Blaster Stance Skills

Skill Description Cost
Flying Lunge Allows players to get near their enemies quickly. 1 Skill Point
Blaster Cooldown Increases the amount of ammunition gained by hitting enemies with the Lightsaber for the Blaster. 1 Skill Point
Efficient Heat Transfer Blaster can be charged more quickly to shoot a stronger shot. 2 Skill Points
Improved Clip The maximum number of bullets in the Blaster is increased by three. 1 Skill Point
Point Blank Adds a parry with the Blaster. 1 Skill Point
Energizing Flurry Adds a combo attack with the Lightsaber that also regenerates the ammunition for the Blaster. 3 Skill Points
Quick Draw Allows Cal to take out multiple enemies quickly using the Blaster. 3 Skill Points

There are seven total blaster stance skills that can be unlocked by spending skill points in Jedi Survivor. Most of these skills focus on adding new attacks whilst also making the Blaster Stance more effective at long range. Some skills are cheaper to purchase, while others will cost as much as 3 points to unlock. 

Flying Lunge

star wars jedi survivor blaster skills
Flying Lunge Skill In Jedi Survivor (Image Captured by Us)
  • Skill Cost: 1 Skill Point

The Flying Lunge is the first skill that I was able to purchase in the Blaster Stance skill tree. Even though the stance is about long-range combat, this skill allows us to get close and personal with the enemy. Basically, while using the Blaster Stance, you will mostly stay at the range, but the distance can be reduced quickly by using the flying lunge skill.

  • I used the flying lunge to quickly close the distance and get a few melees hits in with the Lightsaber, followed by running away to finish the job with the Blaster.

Blaster Cooldown

star wars jedi survivor blaster skills
Blaster Cooldown Skill In Jedi Survivor (Image Captured by eXputer)
  • Skill Cost: 1 Skill Point

The Blaster weapon or gun that Cal uses actually has a limited amount of ammo which regenerates when we attack enemies using the Lightsaber. The amount of ammo regenerated can be increased, however, by purchasing the Blaster Cooldown skill in Jedi Survivor. This will allow us to use our Blaster more so that more enemies can be beaten while staying at range.

Efficient Heat Transfer

star wars jedi survivor blaster skills
Efficient Heat Transfer Skill In Jedi Survivor (Image by eXputer)
  • Skill Cost: 2 Skill Points

Cal can charge the Blaster to shoot a more powerful shot that utilizes more ammo but also deals more damage. However, charging the Blaster in order to get that shot mid-fights might get a little time-consuming. That is where the Efficient Heat Transfer skill comes in, which allows us to charge the Blaster more quickly and swiftly in Jedi Survivor.

Improved Clip

star wars jedi survivor blaster skills
Improved Clip Skill In Jedi Survivor (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)
  • Skill Cost: 1 Skill Point

This Improved Clip skill might sound basic enough but Improved Clip is a great upgrade for the Blaster as it increases the maximum number of bullets by three. Paired with the Efficient Heat Transfer, this skill makes the Blaster one deadly weapon at long range.

Point Blank

star wars jedi survivor blaster skills
Point Blank Skill In Jedi Survivor (Image credit: eXputer)
  • Skill Cost: 1 Skill Point

The Point Blank skill adds a defensive layer to the Blaster Stance as it allows Cal to perform something like a parry but with a gun in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. Basically, if you time it right, Cal will destroy his opponents with the Blaster before their attacks can get him. However, if the parry is missed, players will receive a lot of damage. 

  • This is a high-risk, high-reward skill, and you should definitely get it if you can get time parries in Jedi Survivor.

Energizing Flurry

skills in the game
Energizing Flurry Skill In Jedi Survivor (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
  • Skill Cost: 3 Skill Points

If you’re looking for a combo in the Blaster Stance, then you should definitely get the Energizing Flurry skill. It not only unlocks a barrage of Lightsaber swings, but each swing will also replenish the ammunition for the Blaster. 

  • I was able to deal massive damage with the combo, which also replenished my ammo which I then used to finish off other enemies using the Blaster.

Quick Draw

skills in the game
Quick Draw Skill In Jedi Survivor (Image Captured by Us)
  • Skill Cost: 3 Skill Points

The last skill in the Blaster Stance skill tree is Quick Draw which gives Cal an attack that makes him look like a cowboy from the Wild West. Basically, we will be able quickly to mark multiple enemies, which Cal then shoots using the Blaster, finishing them off in a continuous burst of shots. It is a really good skill that is extremely helpful to clear out ganks in Jedi Survivor.

The Best Blaster Stance Skills

Out of the total seven skills, four Blaster Stance skills are actually a must-buy if you plan on maining this stance in Jedi Survivor. These include the Blaster Cooldown, Efficient Heat Transfer, Point Blank, and Quick Draw skills in Jedi Survivor.

  • Blaster Cooldown and Efficient Heat Transfer will allow players to use the Blaster weapon even more so they can take their enemies out while staying at range.
  • Point Blank adds a really powerful parry to the whole stance, and it is really necessary to get this.
  • Lastly, Quick Draw will help us clear out waves of enemies in a single burst of shots from the Blaster.


Star Wars Jedi Survivor is the direct successor to the Fallen Order and continues the story of Cal Kestis through the world of Star Wars. Even though Jedi Survivor has performance issues currently, it is still fun to explore the new planets while wearing the outfits that have been added. There are also various Star Wars Jedi Survivor editions that come with bonus outfits for Cal.

This concludes our guide on Star Wars Jedi Survivor’s Blaster Stance Skills. We have listed all of the skills in the skill tree of the Blaster Stance and mentioned the best skills in the category. We hope that the guide was helpful in learning everything that you need to know about the Blaster Stance. Let us know what you think about Star Wars Jedi Survivor in the comments below!


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