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Core points of Gamers

Star Wars Has Other Kyber Crystal Weapons Besides Lightsabers

Star Wars He’s always created a satisfying blend of sci-fi and fantasy, and the kyber crystals are a perfect example. This naturally shaped crystal has a deep connection to the Force, often calling out to Force-sensitive beings with a chant. But it’s mostly known for its destructive properties, like the kyber crystals’ energy lightsabers and the superlaser on the Death Star. However, even though those are the two most common examples, there were many more weapons made from kyber.

Kyber crystals only form in a few places in the galaxy. When the Jedi were at the height of their power, young men would travel to these areas and have to feel for the perfect crystal for their saber. Attaching the crystal to a lightsaber was a delicate and dangerous procedure, but the Jedi were always taught to treat crystals with respect. That was unlike the Sith, who would force crystals into devastating war machines to do their bidding.

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Kyber was the key to Star Wars superweapons

the Star wars, the clone wars The animated show expanded on kyber crystals more than any previous medium. It showed the planet Ilum, which contained a large amount of crystals and was the source of the Jedi. And kyber was further explained in “The Big Bang,” an episode that never made it to TV before the show was cancelled. But from the fragments that have come to light, Yoda speaks of kyber, saying: “Long ago, in forgotten times, when the Sith and Jedi fought for control of the galaxy, there were weapons of unimaginable power. Always in her heart, a kyber crystal she was.”

Not only does the Death Star prove this point, but Starkiller Base does as well. This First Order superweapon of Star Wars: The Force Awakens used kyber for power. However, this time, he used the entire crystal core of the planet Ilum to harness the suns, sending lightning across the galaxy to wipe out entire planets.

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The Jedi created smaller weapons based on Kyber

Star Wars Lightsaber — Jocasta Nu

The Jedi understood the properties of kyber better than anyone, so they were open to its potential beyond lightsabers. the star wars 25 The comic, titled “The Lesson”, provided a look into the Jedi archives and their data on kyber crystals. He mentions that people had tried to make kyber bombs and kyber blasters in the past and that the Jedi even had some in their arsenal.

In the Darth Vader comics, Jedi Jocasta Nu wielded a lightsaber rifle, a weapon designed to use a lightsaber as a power source. His saber was slotted into the side and tapped into the kyber crystal to unleash a powerful beam of energy that could melt armor. While powerful, the rifle was also incredibly expensive and could only fire five shots before overheating. But still, it shows the devastating potential of kyber powered blasters. Fortunately, kyber is too rare and unstable to throw at your average blaster, and most Jedi weapons were lost or destroyed in the great purge. But if someone found a way to put kyber power into common weapons it would be a complete game changer for Star Wars battles

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