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Star Trek IV’s Best Character Was Dr. Gillian Taylor

Star Trek IV: The Journey Home remains an unlikely favorite among fans of the star trek saga. It shouldn’t work, reframing the vaunted space epic as a Chaplin-esque comedy, complete with nothing less than time travel and whales. And yet it soars in its celebration of Spock’s return from the dead at the end of Star Trek III: The Search for Spock while letting the veteran cast get up and have some fun. Its status as a franchise classic is unimpeachable.

One of the key ingredients comes not from the established cast but from a newcomer to the franchise. Dr. Gillian Taylor, played by Catherine Hicks, is a 20th century woman who realizes the crew’s true purpose and mission. She provides a brilliant skeptic for the established cast to play and quietly plays a vital role in the humor. She’s also a rare chance to give fans a proper on-screen stand-in without interrupting the story.

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Gillian Taylor is Star Trek’s whale expert

Dr. Gillian Taylor is a marine biologist who works at a fictional aquatic research facility in the 1986 film version of San Francisco. Her focus is whales, specifically a pair of humpback whales named George and Gracie, who reside at the facility. . Whales were hunted to extinction in the 21st century, and when an alien probe in the star trek was threatening to destroy the planet, Kirk and the crew deduce that live humpback whales are the only means of communicating with him. They search for a pair that they can bring back, which leads them to the institute. Taylor traps Spock by mind-merging with one of the whales in his habitat.

Your response is what makes it special. She is neither scared nor enraged by the two strangely dressed strangers who stumble upon her life. In fact, she’s curious enough to keep track of Kirk and Spock, and though she doesn’t believe her story, she’s also intrigued by her sincerity. She eventually leads her to discovering her boat undercover from her in the park, which leads to her invaluable help in securing the whales. And when Kirk tried to leave her behind in the 20th century, she didn’t take “no” for an answer, jumping out of her arms when he smiles and taking advantage of him to take her with them.

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Dr. Taylor is a unique figure in the Star Trek franchise

in a 2012 interview with, Hicks revealed that she had not watched the original series before she was cast and knew nothing about the characters. “I didn’t know what they were talking about. I didn’t know ear jokes. I didn’t know what broadcast meant. And I stuck with it.” It turned out to be a brilliant choice. Taylor reacts to the crew with skepticism and even sarcasm, showing little respect for her positions in a Starfleet that doesn’t yet exist, which sells the truth of the character. She also helps her convincingly share the screen with William Shatner. It’s worth noting that while Taylor and Kirk share some serious sparks, Taylor refuses to consummate, and the two remain friends instead of becoming another of Kirk’s endless lovers.

In the process, she becomes a de facto representative of the fans in general. The franchise has always used time travel as a plot device, making it easy to daydream about some character arriving from an enlightened future only to walk away from a seemingly apocalyptic present. Taylor plays that role perfectly in Star Trek IV, whose light tone and frequent humor easily facilitate such playful fantasies. Audience surrogates are extremely difficult to achieve, especially in science fiction. But Hicks’ performance and careful dialogue make it organic and believable.

Star Trek IV it was Taylor’s only appearance as a character, meaning she may be overshadowed by more prominent figures. But she contrasts the classic team and helps ground their antics without detracting from the film’s lighthearted humor. Without her, it just wouldn’t work as well as she does, and with such a delicate mix, it could have been a disaster. Instead, the film is a classic, and you may have the whale expert in it to thank for all of it.

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