Star Ocean: The Second Story R


Star Ocean: The Second Story R is the remake of the 1998 action RPG game which follows the stories of Claude and Rena, two characters whose fates got intertwined due to an unexplained phenomenon. What was simply a recon mission for Claude was a prophecy beginning to come true for Rena as she mistakes him for the Hero of Light. The two then stumble upon something much more sinister that involves the mysterious meteor that crashed onto the planet and brought upon monsters on Rena’s home planet.

Read ahead as we go through the events of the first chapter of Star Ocean: The Second Story R and share some tips as well as some helpful items that can be found throughout the game.

Character Selection

As a new game is started, players will get to choose between the two main characters, Claude C. Kenny and Rena Lanford. Each character will have different strengths, abilities, and specialties.

As for the story, players will get to play through the same general storyline and events regardless of the chosen character. The main difference will be the experience of playing the game from different perspectives, especially since there are some events that can only be experienced through either Rena or Claude.

For those who are only interested in going through the stories of the two main characters, at least two playthroughs of the entire game are needed. However, completionists will definitely require more than a dozen playthroughs to see every iteration of the story and its endings once the other playable side characters, introduced throughout the game, are included in the equation.

After selecting the main character, more customization options can be done, such as:

  • Renaming the character
  • Voice Language
  • Voice Type (Add’l options only available if Japanese has been selected)
  • Difficulty
    • Earth (Easy)
    • Galaxy (Normal, default)
    • Universe (Hard)
  • BGM Version
  • Display Event Art

Once everything has been settled, the game will then show a cutscene of something landing on the planet, followed by the chosen character’s first cutscene.

Claude’s Story

Claude’s story starts off with the same ship that was shown in the title menu’s cutscene. He then recalls the events that his father, Admiral Ronyx, has gone through; these were events that happened in the prequel games, which gives some short backstories for those who are new to the franchise.

They then land on a planet, following the signal that they have received. Led by Ronyx, the ship’s scouting crew then surveys the area. Ronyx then hands over a Phase Gun to Claude which he can then use in later encounters as a special art.

The crew then arrives at the base of the dome in Milokeenia, and then you get control over Claude. You’ll be shown the basic controls as well as the minimap icon legend that will be helpful for navigation.

Approach the panel on the right side, and it will reveal the control panel for the entrance to the dome. Once the entrance is open, continue through the rubble until you reach the mysterious cylinder at the end of the path. Despite being told not to approach it, Claude gets close to the cylinder, which then activates and transports him to someplace else.

Claude then suddenly finds himself in the Sacred Forest. He tries reaching back out to his crew, but he’s unable to. He then sees someone being followed by a monster in the distance, who just happens to be Rena. Claude then goes in to save Rena, which starts a combat encounter.

Rena’s Story

Rena’s story starts off with Rena going outside their house to go back to the Sorcery Globe, but before she can leave, her mother tries to stop her from going. Despite her mother’s warning, Rena sets off.

You’ll then get to control Rena who starts off in her town of Arlia. You’ll be shown the basic controls as well as the minimap icon legend that will be helpful for navigation.

Make your way to the south path to follow the objective, or you can take some time to explore the town and get some items that will be helpful later on.

You can head to the north side near the shop to find some treasure chests, and opening them up will give you 250 Fol, a Leather Armor, and a Resurrection Elixir.

After following the objective, you’ll arrive at the Sacred Forest. The objective is to the east, but take a short detour to find some Fruit Syrup up north.

At the objective, another cutscene will play where Rena gets followed by a monster, but she then gets saved by Claude who easily defeats the monster.

First Combat Encounter

The first encounter against the monster will only be available through Claude’s story, as he will just instantly defeat the monster through Rena’s story.

During this fight, you’ll get a sense of how the combat works, but some of the combat functions won’t be available yet, such as the ones that deal with the party system.

Claude’s normal attacks won’t deal much damage against the monster, so instead you’ll have to use your Phase Gun Special Arts to deal significant damage.

Sacred Forest

After getting rid of the monster, Claude and Rena finally get to talk to one another, but not before Rena makes Claude chase after her. The two then walk back to Arlia, as Rena wanted to pay Claude back for saving her earlier. From this point, the story merges for the next few parts.


Back in Arlia, Rena wants to show Claude around the town. Check your minimap to see all the “!” markers that you’ll have to visit. Most of these places have valuable items in chests, so be sure to check them out; as Claude, you can also check the chests at the Arlia Goods to get the same items listed under Rena’s story.

Check these areas for the following items:

  • Carpenter’s House – Strawberry Jam
  • Newlywed’s House – Blueberries, Blackberries
  • Velding Church, third floor – Magic Canvas

Check the waterwheel near the river where you’ll find Unique Spot – Rustic Waterwheel and learn about Unique Spots. When there’s a glowing light on the ground next to a special place, you’ll get more information about the location, plus some items and EXP. Make sure to check this out as you’ll get enough EXP to boost your character from level 1 to level 3 and get an Antidote plus some Resurrection Elixirs.

Once all the other locations have been visited, go to Rena’s house to enter another cutscene. If you’re playing as Claude, you’ll be taken on a tour by Rena around the town. If you play as Rena, you will do the town tour first, then meet Rena’s mom, Westa, and then look around the town for Claude after he steps out; Claude can be found just near the entrance to the town.

Once again, head back to Rena’s house where Westa has already prepared a feast for the two. After dinner, Claude rests up in the guest room. As Rena heads to the mayor’s house, she’ll talk to the mayor to tell him that the “Hero” or Claude, has arrived. As Claude, you can check outside the room where Westa will talk to you.

Rena then comes back home with the Mayor to introduce Claude. The Mayor then proceeds to tell the story about the meteor and the cataclysm it caused. Rena insists that Claude must be the prophesized Hero, to which Claude is still unsure of. The night then continues into the next day.

On the following day, the Mayor will give Claude a Longsword as a weapon. Afterwards, he will tell you about the town of Salva up north. But instead of heading to Salva, go south back to the Sacred Forest, where Rena’s next objective will also be marked.

Sacred Forest

Back in the Sacred Forest, you’ll learn more about encounters, such as the enemy symbols and the different ways of approaching one. Additionally, you’ll learn more about counters and break effects in the next encounters. There’s also a chest southeast of the forest that contains 300 Fol.

As Rena, upon reaching the objective, a cutscene will play concerning Rena’s past and her deceased father. Claude will then arrive to meet up with her again before he leaves to let Rena be alone. As Rena leaves the forest, she meets Allen, her suitor, who forcibly takes her to his mansion in Salva.

World Map

As Claude, you can decide to go meet up with Rena at the forest or skip the entire scene and head up north of Arlia. Doing so will take you to the World Map, which gives you an overworld view of the towns.

You can still encounter enemies while on the World Map, as well as find chests; there’s a chest down southeast of where you are that contains x5 Blueberries. Head to the southwest beach and you’ll find a Talisman.

For now, follow the objective to reach the town of Salva.


As Rena, you’ll be taken into Allen’s mansion, and after talking to Allen, he will leave you inside your room. Check the chest nearby to get a Talisman. Head downstairs to find another chest inside the dining area that contains a Fried Egg. Afterwards, you can head towards the main door to find that you can’t use it to escape.

Your objective will then be updated to check the study room. Investigate the statue, and the bookshelf nearby will slide away, revealing a secret passage. Rena then meets Bosman, the town’s carpenter. He then talks about the altar and the mysterious stone that Allen has. Bosman then points Rena to head into the Salva Mines for a way to escape.

As Claude, you’ll have the freedom to explore the town of Salva and check out the stores. You can also look for the chests that contain Portrait B. There’s not much else to do in the town yet other than head to the marker to get to Allen’s Mansion.

At this point, Rena is still on her way to the mansion; you can still check the same chests inside the mansion to get the same items. Talk to the butler, and he will tell you that Allen is supervising in the mines.

Head back out of the mansion, and since Claude has no idea where to go next or what happened to Rena, he’ll decide to go back to Arlia. Once you revisit the World Map, you’ll then learn about fast traveling to the towns or places you have been to. Do so to make it back quickly to Arlia.

Once Claude gets back to Arlia, he will learn about Rena’s kidnapping by Allen. Claude then decides to go back to Salva to go save Rena. Head back to the mansion to find out that it has been locked, which forces him to use his phase gun to get in. In turn, this discharges the gun and disables it in the meantime.

In your second visit to the mansion, head to the study to find Rena’s Hairpin. Then, investigate the statue to reveal the secret passageway. After talking to Bosman, you can then proceed into the Salva Mines.


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