Star Ocean: The Second R Story


Krosse Cave It is one of the dungeons in Star Ocean: The Second R Story. After meeting Celine in Krosse City and agreeing to help her search for her, the two headed to Krosse Cave in search of some treasure.

Read on as we progress through the events at Krosse Cave. Star Ocean: The Second R Story and shares some tips as well as some useful items that can be found throughout the game.

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As you head to the cave from the city, you will find a chest containing x4 Artemis Leaf along the way. It won’t be long until you reach the cave entrance.

Krosse Cave

The enemies in Krosse Cave are noticeably stronger than those you’ve encountered before, but they reward substantial EXP that can give your characters a boost. Take the time to do some work and get your units to level 12 for the boss fight later.

From the entrance, head to the left side of the fork and then turn left to find a chest containing 1000 Fol. Go back to the fork and continue north until you reach the next right turn, where you will find Blackberries.

Return to the main path and follow it to the east, then take the northeast path to find Blueberries. Continue south, then take the east path at the next fork to find Resurrection Mist and Leather Boots.

Follow the main path again until you reach the enemies guarding. Defeat them and then jump over the ledge to reach the central cavern.

Head to the northwest path to find x5 eggs and dairy. Return to the central cavern, then take the northeast path to the next fork; Take the northwest path.

Each of the paths at the next fork will have chests that will spawn more enemies. Defeat them and you’ll get x2 blackberries on one and x5 silver on the other.

Go back to the previous fork and take the northeast path where you will eventually find two more enemies blocking the path.

At the end of the path, there seems to be a strange rock formation and a dead end. After reviewing the map, Celine believes that she could open a passage with the use of magic. After doing so, feel free to use the save point, as you’ll soon head into another boss fight.

The next room is full of treasure chests, but you’ll soon discover that one of them is just part of a trap.

Boss Fight: Gargoyles

You will fight not one, but two gargoyles. These enemies are a bit tricky as they can fly above the ground, requiring you to use ranged attacks or jump high.

However, they are not much of a challenge as long as you have leveled up your party well. It is recommended to play as Claude, since he has the ability to be agile and can easily withstand aggro from bosses. This way, everyone in your party can launch their own attacks while keeping Rena and Celine safe in the rearguard. In case you lose aggro with any of them, do not approach Claude, but instead have the targeted member guide the boss back to Claude.

After defeating the bosses, you will receive 1000 EXP, 850 Fol, +6 SP and +4BP, as well as a sacrificial doll.

Then you can investigate the Unique place: jade green columns to get 500 EXP and x3 Green Beryl. Additionally, you can check the rest of the chests to get the following items:

  • walls of the soul
  • sweet potion
  • wooden shield+
  • ancient text

The Ancient Text is what Celine is looking for, however, she cannot decipher it and decides to take it home. Before leaving, Claude looks inside the chest and finds an AA device and the Laeticia jewel that unlocks Laeticia’s memory from Star Ocean 6.

Then you’ll get a quick introduction to how the assault action works. These jewels, which hold the memories of past heroes, allow you to summon them in battle once you’ve filled your assault gauge.

Return to the cave entrance, but before you leave, you’ll need to decide if you want to keep Celine in your party as a full-time member. If you accept her and keep her in your party, she will take up one slot in your 8-member party, leaving you with only 5 slots remaining. If you decide to let her go, you won’t be able to recruit her again until you complete another match.

Post Krosse Cave

Once you exit the cave, you will be able to head to your next objective, which is the city of Kurik in the north.

Take the time to detour and check back in the previous towns to find more Private Actions.

– Claude: In the Church, choose “And you, Claude?” (+1FP +1RP Claudio)

– Celine: on the east side of the city. (+1FP Celine)

– Celine: After witnessing the previous PAs with Celine and Clyde, choose “I will force you to see Clyde.” (+4FP Celine, unlocks special ending for Celine and Rena)

– Rena and Celine: On the east side of the city, choose Exit, all other options will be negative.

Kurik is further north from the city of Krosse, so once you’re done in the city, set a course for the next objective. You will pass through other areas, such as the city of Marze, which you will visit later, and areas that have high-level enemies near the entrance to the Mountain Palace. You can try your luck a little here to find some cool items like safety shoes, but it may take a while to be able to keep up with the enemies here.

On the way to Kurik, you will find the Unique place: waterfalls illuminated by the dawn, which will give you 500 EXP and a Perk Card. You can then head to the port city of Kurik, which lies further ahead.


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