Star Ocean 2 Remake Possibly Leaked On The Official Square Enix Website



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  • A new Star Ocean 2 remake has possibly leaked on the official Square Enix website, as a new banner was accidentally uploaded on the site before being taken down.
  • The logo featured the name, “Star Ocean: The Second Story R,” hinting at the exact remake version. We may receive the remake for the original PS1 release and not the PSP version.
  • Square Enix has already released a remake of Star Ocean: The First Departure back in 2019, which was praised for its overhauls, and it also preserved the aesthetic of the original game.
  • No other official confirmations exist from Square Enix, and we suggest everyone take the rumor with a grain of salt. We may see an official reveal soon because of the logo.

It seems like we may soon be getting a remake of the Star Ocean: The Second Story in the near future. A logo for the remake was reportedly leaked online on the official Square Enix support website, hinting at the awaited prospect. The banner for the unannounced project remained on the site for a while before it was struck down by the site, adding further fuel to the brewing rumors.

RPG Site was able to secure an image for the logo before it was removed from the support center. The situation is reminiscent of the time when Square Enix overhauled the first release back in 2019 under the guise of Star Ocean: The First Departure R for Nintendo and PlayStation 4. The remake included updated character art and crisp gameplay.

Star Ocean: The Second Story R
Star Ocean: The Second Story R || Image Source: RPG Site.

The R in the banner could stand for the word “Remake,” which confirms the new wave of rumors by the Star Ocean 2 fans. Another particular detail that stands out from the title in the banner is the fact that the logo mentions “The Second Story R” and not “The Second Evolution R.” It potentially confirms the remake for the specific version that may release in the future.

If you are unfamiliar, “The Second Story” was used for the initial PlayStation 1 release, while The Second Evolution was a subtitle for the PlayStation Portable version in 2008.

Another point that solidifies Star Ocean: The Second Story remake is that the devs have already produced a re-release of The Second Evolution for PlayStation 4 and Vita, but it only came out for Japan as a digital-only release. The new version was far from a major remake though, and it never received an English translation. It is unclear whether this new remake would arrive to the Western audience, but the new logo seems to suggest so.

As per the banner, Square Enix could be developing the alluring remake; the concept has long dominated the mind of every Star Ocean 2 fan. A modern incarnation of the original entry will ensure encapsulation of the original and heart-stirring story through a modern lens. The giant conglomerate may reveal the new remake in the near future, with the accidental logo hinting at the prospect.

It is worth noting that nothing official has been confirmed by Square Enix, and we suggest everyone take the rumor with a grain of salt. In some related news, the Star Ocean: The Divine Force is available on Steam, now without the lousy DRM anti-tampering feature, for gamers willing to relish in a series’ recent release.

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