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Springfield Thinks Marge is the Worst Simpson

Many of the characters inside the world of The Simpsons are portrayed as casually merciless and even lethal. Even the sweetest of them has doubtlessly killed somebody. But in-universe, the city had an unlikely choose for the worst member of the titular household. Not solely was it a shock, however their hatred was utterly unfounded.

While everything of Springfield as soon as agreed that Marge Simpson was horrible, the matriarch of The Simpsons is arguably the most effective individual in her family. Beyond that, followers could make a case for her being the most effective individual in a morally bankrupt city. How did everybody get it so incorrect about Marge?

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Season 23, Episode 14, “At Long Last Leave” — the five hundredth episode of The Simpsons — targeted in town of Springfield lastly deciding to attempt to kick the Simpsons out as soon as and for all. Discovering the assembly accidentally, the household referred to as out the townsfolk. This led to Mayor Quimby declaring that Homer and Bart’s antics had break the bank through the years, whereas Lisa’s numerous ecological and moral missions had pissed off residents. Even Maggie was criticized as a result of she’s a really creepy child within the eyes of the remainder of the city (which made sense given her talent with firearms, as seen within the artful Simpsons Movie). Marge tried to dissuade everybody, so Quimby admitted Marge forces the city to see her household as individuals and forgive them — nominally making her the worst of all of them.

The argument stems from the notion that Marge is an enabler of the best order, regularly turning a blind eye to her household’s faults. Despite Bart being on the heart of a number of police investigations through the years, Marge has by no means totally dedicated to punishing him long-term. Despite being married to Homer and arguably one of many solely individuals who can pressure him to cease no matter zany scheme he is cooked up subsequent, Marge usually offers up shortly and permits her husband to harm the individuals of Springfield. In idea, the city has a degree: Marge could possibly be arguably doing extra to curtail their antics. But a number of episodes have highlighted the failings with that logic — and the nice influence Marge does have on her household.

Throughout the course of The Simpsons, Marge’s affect that has saved the household from their worst impulses. Without questions of Marge’s approval hanging over him in episodes like Season 7, Episode 11, “Marge Be Not Proud” and Season 26, Episode 18, “Peeping Mom,” Bart would change into the wholly harmful pressure many of the city believes him to be. Marge’s empathy and typically hard-won capacity to vary her views has rubbed off on Lisa, maintaining the sensible younger woman grounded.

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Marge has additionally confirmed to be a unifying pressure for Springfield in episodes like Season 18, Episode 5, “G.I. (Annoyed Grunt),” rallying the remainder of the residents into rebelling towards the military platoon who has taken over the city. She’s hardly ever hostile to anybody who is not Helen Lovejoy, and she or he formally took cost of the city in Season 29, Episode 6, “The Old Blue Mayor She Ain’t What She Used to Be” — turning into mayor and seemingly making historic adjustments. Without Marge, Springfield may need fallen aside.

In reality, Homer’s love for Marge and his devotion to her well-being and happiness is the one factor that introduced Homer again to Springfield in The Simpsons Movie — giving him the chance to save lots of everybody else’s lives. Even in “At Long Last Leave,” the residents are proven regretting their exile of the Simpsons, ensuing within the city relocating to hitch the household. Marge’s easy humanity has saved her extra absurd family members from going too far and has even restrained the city round her. She is not simply the most effective member of the Simpson household; she’s the most effective individual in all of Springfield.

The Simpsons Season 34 premieres Sept. 25 at 8:00 p.m. on Fox.

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