Spider-Man 2 Review – Another incredible PlayStation exclusive


Spider-Man 2 Review

  • Story and setting
  • Gameplay
  • Visuals and performance


Spider-Man 2 is a cut above its predecessor, with significantly improved gameplay and a narrative that tugs at your heartstrings.

  • Manufacturer: Insomnia games
  • Publisher: Sony Interactive Entertainment
  • Release date: 20 October 2023
  • Platforms: PlayStation 5
  • Tested: PlayStation 5


  • A captivating story
  • Cast of characters
  • Engaged combat
  • Graphical fidelity
  • Accessible features
  • QoL upgrade

Cons of

  • Boring open world activities
  • Least enemy type
  • Half-baked stealth sections

Being massive spider man A fan from a very young age, I was immediately captivated Insomnia The version of the web-swinging hero we saw in 2018. Marvel’s Spider-Manand it quickly became my favorite superhero game of all time. Batman: Arkham City.

And now, after I finish NG+ On a replay of the original game this year The Ultimate Hard, I am extremely happy to share that I have been selected to review. Spider-Man 2a sequel that profoundly improves upon the previous entry’s stellar gameplay foundations while delivering an emotional story to boot.

Story and setting

Story. (Image courtesy of eXputer)

(possible spoilers ahead)

Now, when it comes to the narrative, I strongly suggest you read this section at your own discretion as there are a number of spoilers in here. But with that said, the story of Spider-Man 2 Picks up about 10 months after the events of Mel Morales Spin-off title

From the opening moments of the game we are introduced. Kraven the Hunterwho has come? New York With his underlings to hunt down lizardaka Dr. Curtis Connors.

And while our two Spider-Man, Peter And Mailwork hard to thwart most of his plans, the main charm of the narrative is about the characters and their dynamic relationships.

Peter and Harry. (Photo by eXputer)

Harry Osborne Finally here too, and we see him interacting with her. Peter After so much time has passed between them, it’s interesting and heartbreaking to see how their personal ambitions collide as their hearts connect at different points in the story.

Mail On the other hand, after losing a close friend Art In the previous game, still struggling to accept his duty as a superhero. His arc is focused on what he is trying to confront. Mr. Negative Hoping to finally be able to lay his late father’s memory to rest.

Venom takes center stage as one of Spider-Man 2’s major antagonists, and one whose reveal had me shuddering in disbelief, wondering what was coming next.

Now onto one of the most anticipated new characters in the game, poisonwhich is played by Charismatic. Tony Todd. He takes center stage as one of the major antagonists of Spider-Man 2and one whose revelation made me shudder in disbelief, wondering what was going to happen next.

He’s a character that kept me on the edge of my seat, especially when it came to a certain in-game set piece that alone was one of the best things I’ve experienced in recent memory.

Mel Morales. (Captured by eXputer)

Insomnia games What a phenomenal job creating the version of the web-swinging hero the world knows and loves. It takes the stellar cast of characters from the previous two entries, taking them to even greater heights with absolutely insane character development for both. Spider-Man.

The overall narrative does a wonderful job of showing you, the player, how these two superheroes share the burden of responsibility with each other, while also presenting a highly emotional life intertwined in their personal lives. goes spider man Stories in a long time.


Gameplay (Image courtesy of eXputer)

Spider-Man 2 Both the world design and the combat mechanics greatly improve the gameplay of its previous two installments.

Brawl has been taken a step further with new elements and quality of life enhancements which I personally like. But while there are some highs, there are also some lows that didn’t excite me when I experienced the game myself.

First things first, the actual combat generally remains the same here, and I’d argue that if you wholeheartedly enjoyed the previous title, chances are you’ll want the polish and touch-ups here. Other than that, you won’t notice much difference. And there.

What I personally like is the addition. L1 And R1 Being a gateway to both Spider-Man Gadgets and skills. So I don’t have to manually open Radical Wheel to find out each gadget’s ability or ability cooldown during combat.

Tag Team Attacks. (Image taken by us)

This change is definitely noticeable. Mail Due to his acrobatic poison powers, which will require you to constantly melee during intense encounters. of the Peterthe feature was especially helpful when I equipped it. Symbiote suit, which has its own abilities.

Spider-Man 2 greatly improves on the gameplay of its previous two installments, both in world design and combat mechanics.

A minor, but welcome, new feature includes the ability to parry during combat, but it will take some time for players to get used to. Perfect dodge Mechanic for so long in previous games.

Map Activities. (Image courtesy of eXputer)

Map of Spider-Man 2 This time was also extended, as you now have access to both. the queen And Brooklyn On the east side of New York City.

While it feels fresh to walk in there for the first time or use your brand new one. Web wings (more on that in a bit), I couldn’t help but feel like it was a copy-paste of Borough and most of their assets. Manhattan either or Upper West Side.

Speaking of the map, where there are a handful of new activities to explore and pursue, the crime and “collectible marathon” aspects that felt weak in the previous two games are still present here. Which is unfortunate because they were the weakest elements of the exploration. I

Web wings. (Photo by eXputer)

new Web wings They are however one of my favorite new gameplay additions, as they not only feel fun, but are a great means of travel throughout the sprawling city, instantly rendering the fast travel system redundant. .

Spider-Man 2 does an exceptional job of delivering a rich gameplay experience, borrowing the foundations of previous entries and kicking them up a notch.

Not to mention when using Web wings, you can also fly through large visual circles in front of you to increase your speed considerably. This is definitely a feature that I appreciate. Insomnia games Continue to try to implement creativity in your games.

The skill tree. (Captured by eXputer)

There is also a revamped customization section with over 60+ outfits for both Spider-Man to choose from. You can also change the color or tone of each individual suit to make them feel truly unique and to your liking.

On the subject of customization, the brand new set of skills is also interesting to look at, especially the team skill tree.

Stealth Sections (Image courtesy of eXputer)

Also, one of the things that was a bummer for me was the return of the stealth sections from the original game. Now, I know you can quickly complete them with no interruptions, but the problem was that they broke the pace of the game in an unconventional way and just felt overly repetitive.

While in MJ’s stealth sections Spider-Man 2 Feels better, I can’t help but shake the feeling that these were somewhat unnecessary here after the initial reaction.

Overall though, Spider-Man 2 The gameplay does an exceptional job of delivering a rich gameplay experience, borrowing the foundations of previous entries and kicking them up a notch. But even so, the open-world activities and other parts feel mostly the same, almost as if the developers wanted to play it safe.

Needless to say, at least the side missions add a ton more depth to the world building, which is great to see.

Visuals and performance

visual. (Image taken by us)

Spider-Man 2 Boasting one of the most refined game engines currently in the industry. Insomnia games has pushed the boundary further by adding Ray-tracing Both abilities performance And sincere Mods this time.

You also have an intermediate option to use. VRR To increase your frame rate to 40 fps at 4K if your monitor supports it HDMI 2.1 with an open Refresh rate. On top of this ground-breaking optimization, loading times are almost negligible, even when seamlessly switching between the two. Spider-Man Halfway through the map.

Spider-Man 2 boasts one of the most refined game engines in the industry right now.

Moreover, the visual differences between the game when compared to 2018, even in its remastered version, are very noticeable. Character models are better and more detailed than before, as well as more detail in the street-level areas of NYC this time around.

I also noticed that the color gradation and animations in this game were much better, as every part of the world felt more natural instead of being dimmed at intervals. Traffic and pedestrian capacity also increase, making the world feel more alive and populated as they prepare to explore or respond to disasters.


Verdict (captured by eXputer)

Insomnia games Spider-Man 2 is a celebration of Marvel’s The most well-known superheroes, as it takes you on a captivating storytelling experience that not only tugs at the heartstrings of every fan. The performances and the way they tug at your heartstrings, only make you more excited for what’s to come.

The game shows the limitations of the game brilliantly. PS5 Through increased visuals and levels of polish, which are most evident when exploring the world or experiencing its cinematic scenes. And despite some hiccups along the way, PlayStation And Insomnia games Truly set the bar for future superhero games.

It has been ours. Spider-Man 2 Review While you’re here, consider checking out some of our other articles.

Why you should play this game.

You should play this game for its great web swinging, better combat systems and stunning visuals. If you’re a big fan of good stroking games, here’s something to look forward to.

Why you should not play this game.

If you’re not a casual fan of superhero games, and if the last Spider-Man title didn’t impress you, then you shouldn’t be playing this game. Because what you will get here is more.

Who is this game for?

This sequel is aimed at Spider-Man fans old and new, and gamers in general who appreciate a well-designed open world and movement mechanics.

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