Spider-Man 2 Could Also Be Featuring Carnage Alongside Venom



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  • The official summary of Spider-Man 2 on the PlayStation Store hints at the possibility of multiple symbiotes in the upcoming game.
  • In addition to Venom, a “dangerous new symbiote threat” will be present in the Insomniac title.
  • Fans are predicting this could be teasing Carnage or one of the many symbiotes in Marvel.

Venom might not be the only symbiote enemy in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, as the game’s official synopsis on the PS Store has hinted that players could get to face off against Carnage. As per the title’s summary, players will encounter “the dangerous new symbiote threat” besides Venom in the PlayStation 5 exclusive. Therefore, one of the 40 known symbiotes of the Marvel universe could be making an appearance in the Insomniac game.

As you can see below, this info comes from the synopsis of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 present on its official listing on the PS Store. Our protagonists Peter Parker and Miles Morales will have their hands full as they protect New York and their loved ones from the notorious Venom and an additional “new symbiote threat.” Due to this phrasing, fans are assuming that one of Venom’s biggest adversaries, Carnage, could be part of the game.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2
Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 synopsis

Obviously, this additional symbiote threat could be Something else and we have no idea right about its nature right now. As one fan says, the synopsis could be hinting at the internal struggle Peter Parker goes through while being bonded to the Venom symbiote. But, there is nothing as of now that suggests fans shouldn’t hope for a Carnage appearance in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

This other symbiote villain could also be any one of the 40+ characters of the species present in Marvel comics. Phage, Anti-Venom, and Riot, who also featured in the 2018 movie, are just some of the alternatives that could appear in the Insomniac game. The Venom symbiote is a whole extraterrestrial species, after all, so any one of the notorious monsters could feature in Spider-Man 2.

Whatever the case, the synopsis has only increased our excitement for the upcoming PlayStation exclusive. As the description reads, players will be able to explore the expanded version of New York in the game with faster web-swinging and brand-new Web Wings. Furthermore, you will be able to switch between Miles and Peter at a moment’s notice in Spider-Man 2 and playthrough both of their epic stories.

The upcoming Insomniac title will let you control Peter in his symbiote form and also utilize Miles’ bio-electric powers. In addition, Spider-Man 2 features an original take on the Venom storyline, with devs confirming Eddie Brock isn’t fused with the symbiote in the game. Other iconic villains like Kraven the Hunter and the Lizard will also face off against Peter and Miles in the Insomniac action-adventure title.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is up for pre-order right now on the PlayStation Store and is available in three forms. The standard edition is retailing for the basic $69.99 price tag while the Digital Deluxe version of the game is purchasable for the slightly higher $79.99 price point. You will be rewarded with five unique suits for both Miles and Peter if you buy this edition alongside other pre-order incentive items and 2 skill points.

Insomniac’s Spider-Man 2 launches on the PlayStation 5 on October 20, 2023, with a $299.99 collector’s edition also available for purchase exclusively at PlayStation Direct.

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