Spider-Man 2: All the New Features We Know So Far (Top 10)


The new features in Spider-Man 2, shown through trailers and gameplay previews, tell us how Insomniac will change the basics and improve upon what was already perfect from the original title. These features not only bring changes to the core gameplay, but you will also see changes to the swing, suit, quest design, etc.

Key takeaways

  • All are awaiting release. Spider-Man 2 Because of all the new features.
  • From what I know so far, there are 10 major new features introduced in Spider-Man 2 ahead of release.
  • New parrying mechanic and Peter’s symbiote suit.
  • Players can now explore. Two new boroughs New York City, Queens and Brooklyn.
  • The new cast of The villain Especially Venom and Craven.
  • gave performance Spider-Man seems to be highly optimized, as confirmed by the gameplay preview.
  • immediate Character switching Option between Mel and Peter.
  • Overall, I’m excited to experience both Spider-Man’s new and improved combat mechanics in the sequel.

Important: All of the new features mentioned here have been confirmed via trailers, gameplay reveals and blog posts from PlayStation.

All new features in Spider-Man 2

Here’s a list of all the new features that have been shown via trailers or gameplay previews:

Features Explanation
Huge map The map has been doubled in size with the addition of Queens and Brooklyn.
Paring Mechanic The new parrying mechanic adds variety to the gameplay.
Revised traversal Traversal has not only been improved, but a new mode of traversal called Web Wings has been added.
New suits Over 65 suits shared between Peter and Miles with 200 different styles.
New villains The new cast of villains is really interesting, including Kraven, Lizard, and Venom.
correction Ray tracing is available in both performance and fidelity modes with frame rate options of 30, 40 and 60.
Symbiote suit Symbiote Suit for Peter completely changes Peter Parker’s playstyle from Spider-Man 2018.
Quick switching Instantly switch between Peter and Mel as they explore Marvel’s New York.
Access options Different accessibility options besides the ability to turn on fall damage.
Visual cues Visual cues around New York that lead to side activities instead of constantly opening the map.

1. New Map and Borough

Spider-Man 2 map size

Spider-Man 2018’s map size is effectively doubled in Spider-Man 2. Not only have the returning locations been replaced with new material, but there are actually two new locations from New York City, including the queen And Brooklyn, As As shown in this tweet from Insomniac Games. These locations boast a new set of different landmarks that players can additionally explore.

2. Paring Mechanic

According to A gameplay preview from this PlayStation blog post, Stealth is no longer the only defense against enemy attacks. Parrying has been added to Spider-Man 2, which changes the experience considerably by giving additional options. Fight the enemies. Attacks can be parried when Spider-Sense flashes red, or you’re about to hit.

3. Revised traversal

Gliding using web wings

Traversal has not only been improved, but completely new ones have been added. Web wingswhich allows both Peter and Miles to pass through New York City.

  • This Tweet from Insomniac Games Even shows wings in action.
  • From the gameplay preview, it can be inferred that wings can be used to travel great distances using wind speed, and Some wind tunnels Specially designed to promote web wings.
Charging Up Super Slingshot

I remember looking for one. Prototype version of Web Wings Playing Spider-Man PS4. Now, I’m glad that Insomniac has actually developed a full-on traversal system based on wings that is as attractive as the famous and beloved web swinging. Traversal is another nice addition. Super sling shotwhich can be used to map large distances using your web.

4. New suits

A new suit in Spider-Man 2

Spider-Man 2018 and Miles Morales have already shown many suits, but According to this tweet from Insomniac Games, They are going to take customization to the next level.

  • Spider-Man 2 will be featured. 65 different suitswhich is divided into Peter and Miles.
  • But it is not so; Each suit has different styles that can be changed, and the number of styles is confirmed to be around. 200.
Different styles of suits

5. New villains

Crown the Hunter in Spider-Man 2

Numerous blog posts, trailers, and gameplay reveals have teased several new villains in Spider-Man 2. They include Crown the Hunter, lizard, AKA Dr. Curt Connors, and, most importantly, poison Some of the Spider-Man 2018 villains are also returning, viz Martin Lee, As shown in Story trailer from PlayStation.

6. Correction

Insomniac games are known for their very good optimization, especially for first parties PS5 Titles

  • Well, the developers have once again outdone themselves by delivering. Ray tracing Spider-Man 2 in both quality and performance modes.
  • There are only two graphic modes that can be exchanged.
  • Also, you can play Spider-Man 2. 30, 40, and 60 fps.

7. Symbiote suit

The symbiote suit in Spider-Man 2

All of the gameplay shows had one thing in common: expanding new designs Symbiote suit For Peter Parker in Spider-Man 2. It’s not just a visual change, but it brings a whole. Different gameplay styles As shown in SkillUp’s gameplay hands-on impression video, Which is much more aggressive and makes the Symbiote appear slower, making Peter even more powerful.

  • An all-new Symbiote Surge ability activated by pressing both L3 and R3 will allow Peter to go berserk and defeat every enemy. Single takedown
  • This mod is basically Similar to Kratos’ Spartan Rage From Ragnarok, God of War.

8. Smooth character switching

Converting Peter

As you already know, Peter And Mail Both will be playable in Spider-Man 2. Additionally, you can switch between the two Spider-Mans almost instantly and out of the story whenever you want. You’ll even encounter Miles during crimes, helping you when playing as Peter or vice versa.


Spider-Man 2 is full of many accessible options, but one of the most interesting is definitely the fall damage option. Adding a layer of difficulty to your traversal as you swing or glide through Marvel’s New York City. Thankfully, this is only an accessible option, and players can turn it off as they wish.

10. Visual cues and exploration

Visual cues around New York City

Both Spider-Man 2018 and Miles Morales relied heavily on map markers for exploration, at least in my experience. You had to constantly open your map to see the various side activities, especially if you were trying to get going. 100% completion. However, in Spider-Man 2, Insomniac Games added visual clues around New York City, which can guide you to the location of various side activities.

  • I Gameplay revealed trailer, creative director Brian Antehar explained that collectibles such as spider bots would emit shock waves, and the swinging camera would automatically zoom in on the crimes.

My thoughts on these new features

I’m excited to try out Spider-Man 2 when it launches next week. The new Traversal changes really excite me, and I will definitely be using Web Wings to get around New York. The Symbiote suit is also something I’m looking forward to. Also, the new suits look really good, especially in Digital Deluxe Editing. All the new improvements and features will make Spider-Man 2 an exciting sequel.

This concludes my guide to all the new features in Spider-Man 2 that are currently known through gameplay previews and trailers. I’ve listed all the features I could find from PlayStation by watching trailers and reading blog posts. I hope the guide was helpful in learning about everything new coming with Spider-Man 2. Let me know if you’re excited about a sequel to one of the best superhero games of all time in the comments below!


Image credit: PlayStation

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